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The Real Deal.

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 Turns out, you all know me wayyy too well.  Haha.  McDonald’s, Taco Bell & Dairy Queen just were not convincing enough to fool ya 😉 Sooo here’s the real deal:

I’m sure you’ve realize by now, that Tuesday’s and Thursday’s mean boot(Y)camp for this chick and her Momma.  Yesterday’s class, we got paired up and had to do a variety of moves with a partner. 

We all need somebody to lean on, right? 🙂  I know Momma probably get’s annoyed sometimes that I come along…  I know she used to enjoy getting some “her” time in, and I didn’t mean to intrude on that…but to be honest, I’m really glad we get to do something like this together.  My Dad and I always got to go to tournaments for AAU basketball together, leaving Momma with the two girls at home.  I wouldn’t trade that time with my Dad for anything, but my Mom and I never really got that.

 The camera ate my breakfast picture.  It was pretty basic.  Just a green monster + 2 kashi whole grain waffles drizzle in sugar free syrup.

It snowed even MORE last night.  I’m hoping this is just a cruel April Fool’s joke from Mother Nature and that snow isn’t going to be a common occurence this month.  I’m ready for SUNshine.

Lunch was a pretty green salad with tomato, peppers, and cucumbers + balsamic glaze rounded out by some spaghetti squash + Dr. McDougall’s lentil & couscous soup mixed together.

Snack later was this meatless “jerky”

Primal Meatless Vegan Soy Jerky.  Sounds gross, tastes AWESOME.  It’s not super dry like real beef jerky is.  It’s got a ton of flavor and 10g of protein for just 100 calories.  My muscles thanked me.

I figured out that between the trek to my car and the two trips around the capitol that we take everyday on break, I walk about 3 miles in addition to any actual exercise that I do.  Good news!

I threw some frozen pineapple in a little ramekin for an after work snack and by the time I got to eat it, the slush was super refreshing.  Gotta get that Vitamin C in!  I do NOT want to get another cold.

I was invited to work out with the boys’ basketball team from 4:30-6PM, and I couldn’t pass it up.  Their coach was running strength training and agility sessions and I was excited to be part of it! 

It was exhaustinggggg.  676 calories burned in just over an hour.  First, we warmed up with lunges, high knees, army marches, and jogging the length of the court.  Then, we moved on to sprints with pushups on the basketball (way harder than normal pushups…try it!), sit ups dribbling the ball (easy as cake), and pilates with the bball.  The last two moves were simple.  Next, we laid on the baseline on our stomachs and when he blew the whistle, had to get up, sprint to the other end and do the same thing.  Several other similar drills like that were done, too like defensive slides, figure eight sprints, resistance sprints, and high jumps.  We finished with jump rope…at this point, my legs felt like jello.  We totaled 5 minutes with both legs and 3.5 minutes with each our right and left legs by themselves.  HOLY MOLEY.  I think I did myself in by going to bootcamp that morning…and then walking 4 miles in transition at work…and THEN going to do this stuff.

Dinner was totally worth the effort, though. While I had this cookie sheet loaded with fibery foods,

 I had an appetizer of some whole grains.

Toast with sugar free syrup for dipping.  It was like a lazy girl’s french toast, kinda?  The less dirty dishes, the better 🙂

Soon, the entree was served and my belly was content.

Grilled chicken with light Ragu, brussel sprouts roasted in sugar free maple syrup, baby bellas, squash, and broccoli with NutraSalt & pepper along with Cedar’s garlic lover’s hummus and Tzatziki.

Actually, I was rather stuffed.  Water dense vegetables have that effect…especially combined with a high protein food…and since I probably guzzled 2 liters of water on my car ride home from the gym, not two hours before.

What foods combo fills you up the most?  Sharing is caring 🙂



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  1. A big ‘ole plate of vegetables fill me up! 😀

    I love roasting vegetables! 😀

  2. Sounds like my kinf of workout!! I love the on your tummy sprints. Those were my fav 🙂 I also like where you jog across the field and when the coach whistles you hit the ground and pop back up to keep jogging. We used to do that in the mud. Sooo much fun 🙂

  3. ahhh major nostalgia from your bball workouts!! AHH bball pushups are SO SO TOUGH– way way harder than regular ones!

  4. hahaha the booty camp thing cracked me up! That looks like so much fun!!

  5. Haha! Your April Fool’s post cracked me up! So glad you didn’t do quite that much damage all in one day, haha!

    I’m glad you have things you do with each parent. That’s really cool. My mom and I used to cook together when I lived at home and I have lots of great memories from that. 🙂

    Oh my goodness, I cannot believe you are still getting snow. I hope you get some serious sun this week, girl!


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