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Party Yourself Into Shape.

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Fast Food Beliefs 

Wait for the LORD; be courageous and let your heart be strong. Wait for the LORD.”
Psalm 27:14


Every time I hear about a coach who has been fired after a year or two at a school, it breaks my heart. I once told an athletic director that it would take four years to turn a program around to contend for a league championship. That was not what he wanted to hear, so I did not get the job.

 In our society we want everything right now. Actually, we wanted it yesterday. A great example is in the fact that we actually drive through places to get our food. At most fast food places they don’t even hold the cup to fill your drink anymore; they put it on a belt, it goes under a fountain, they push a button, and the drink comes out. I suppose it’s faster. I’m not sure it’s better, but it’s faster.

Sports are no different. It’s almost rare to watch one morning of SportsCenter without hearing about performance-enhancing substances or some other method an athlete or a coach has tried in order to get to the top faster. But, that is not what sports were meant to be.

A few years ago I read Coach John Heisman’s book on football. You might know Coach Heisman by the little award named after him. In his book, Coach Heisman never once uses the word “win.” He talks about character and building young men into quality men. Isn’t that what sports should be about?

When we compare sports to our walk with God, the same is true. There are no short cuts. We can’t take a shot or a pill and grow closer to God faster. We have to put in the time and the effort. It doesn’t happen overnight, and there are tests and trials, but, in the end, those hard times are what make the good times that much sweeter. They also build our faith and make us stronger.

Today, I challenge you to invest more time and effort into your relationship with Jesus. After all, that’s the most important relationship you have. If you’re married, think about what your marriage would look like if you were always looking for short cuts. What would your friendships look like if you never invested any time in them? Athletically, what would your skill level be if you never practiced? Our relationship with Jesus is the same way. We have to grow it like any other relationship or pursuit, and that takes time. Be willing to dig in with Him and watch Him transform your life day by day.

1/3 C. oat bran + 1 mashed banana, water to thin, 1 Splenda +fiber packet, and 1.5 tbsp. unsweet Hershey’s dark chocolate cocoa powder

Even more than my chocolate-covered banana oat bran, I love the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ devotional that arrives in my inbox every morning.

The other night, Toni invited me to join her at my first ever ZUMBA class.  She actually held the position that I’m currently in, before she got promoted.   She is a sweetheart, and was kind enough to offer me her guest pass for the night! Since it was my first time, it took me awhile to get into the swing of things…I felt like each time I got the hang of the booty shaking in a particular song, it was time to move on.  Haha. 

It was a blast, though!  I only burnt about 200 calories, but it felt effortless!  Not the hardcore workouts I’m used to, which was a really nice change for once.  I got a little impatient with myself, wishing that I could’ve picked up on it more quickly, but Toni reassured me that I did great and that it’s even more fun if you go on a regular basis, because you start to remember the steps!


Anyway, back to bring things back into focus, I had a quite colorful lunch consisting of a green leaf lettuce salad sprinkled with purple cabbage, cherry tomatoes, yellow peppers, and 1 Tyson grilled chicken breast.  Of course the entire thing was covered in a balsamic glaze for dressing.

 Have I ever showed you guys this cute bracelet I got while in Disney?

I pointed them out while we were there, and my sisters pointed out that they would be cute for us to all get!  Each of us chose a different color…Mine, black

Also!  I know it’s been awhile since you’ve seen peanut flour on the blog…such a shame!  Don’t worry, I was out of it for a little while, but I just received my shipment of 4-2lb. bags in the mail yesterday 😀

I have discovered the most brilliant use of it to date…

Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

1 serving: 130 calories, 5g fat (.5g saturated), 17 g protein

-1/4 C. Peanut flour

-2 Tbsp. Unsweet Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa powder

-1 Splenda packet (or other sweetener)

-Water to thin

Combine all of the ingredients in a container, mix well, and freeze! Simple as that!  It makes a HUGE bar, too.

  After snacktime, there was a brief sweat sesh.

Complete with a nice, easy calorie burn of about 400 🙂

Then, I got started on dinner.  I made a lazy girl’s grilled cheese sammie with faux tomato soup.

2 slices Nature’s Own high fiber bread toasted with fat-free swiss cheese and dipped in Light Ragu (since I didn’t have any tomato soup!)

Plus a bigggg batch of kale chips roasted and sprinkled with nutritional yeast powder.

 I’ve got to address something, now.  I’ve done it before on the blog, but some of the newer readers may not be aware.  I got a comment the other day concerning my calorie intake vs. calorie burn.  The reader was genuinely worried that I was not eating nearly enough calories in a day to maintain my body’s structure.  As much as I appreciate her caring nature, I feel the need to tell you all that there is no way I photograph EVERYthing I eat, therefore not everything is posted. 

For example, here’s a list of things that you DIDN’T see from today:

1 handful cocoa roasted almonds
-1 HUGE fuji apple
-1 big glass of unsweet almond milk
-1 peach Chobani

among other things, probably…Being a Nutrition major, I’m very aware of my body’s needs and requirements.  Please understand, if I’m hungry, I eat.  Restrictive eating is not my thing 😉


Anything exciting on your agendas this weekend?!



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  1. You truly did a great job and I was glad you gave it a shot. Most people don’t even attempt it because it is a series of tricky dance moves in fast progressions and that just sounds scary.

    I also want to emphasize to your readers that your cals would INCREASE signficantly if you kept coming to classes, learned the moves, and increased your intensity. There is not a class that I don’t leave completely drenched in sweat. I have my heartrate going at it’s max for a solid hour, I’m 100% certain of that. It’s just like every other workout, you get out what you put in. And of course your first time trying something new isn’t going to be a core shaker 🙂

    Okay…Zumba rant over 🙂

    You did a great job, I’d love to take you again sometime! Just say when!

    • Thanks, Toni! I was a little intimidated, but I made a decision awhile back that I would NEVER let a fear prevent me from doing something I wanted to try. I agree with you! Had I known the dance moves a little better, I would’ve definitely had a higher burn. I didn’t mean to make it sound like it wasn’t as good of a workout, because it is! I just meant that it wasn’t as “PAINFUL” as some of the other workouts I had been doing…it was FUN 😀

  2. Can you tell me where you get your devotional from? Can it be sent to my inbox? I really really like it and want to get in on that 🙂
    P.s. TOTALLY making that chocolate bar right now!

  3. that workout sounds great!!! and i love your bars– peanut flour is theBEST!

  4. You’re so amazing!!! Way to face fear in the.. .face! haha

    ps that peanut four bar sounds delish!

  5. Those forzen bars reminded me of my favorite frozen food treat, chocolate vitatop YUM!

  6. I love Zumba; there’s no place where I can do it at school, but I always take classes when I’m home. I’m even thinking of getting instructor certified after I graduate so I can earn some money before grad school! Dancing is my favorite way to sweat 😉

  7. Great devotional! I have done Zumba twice- I loved it! My gym is starting it next week so I am going to try it again!

  8. DiningAndDishing

    Where do you get your peanut flour from?? I have been missing it since Trader Joe’s discontinued their brand! I didn’t know anyone else made it!

    – Beth @


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