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I don’t take the “L” word around lightly.  LOVE is not a word that I use often, with exception to my family members, but as you may know, I’ve professed my love for Chobani in the past.  This time, they’ve reached a whole new level with the first ever 100% natural kids’ greek yogurt.

I can tell you from experience, those Mom’s out there who buy it for their kids are going to have a tough time keeping their paws off of it 😉  ESPECIALLY the Honey-Nana flavor.  Dessert in a yogurt cup.  It’s got the same great, thick consistency as the regular Chobani’s.  The container is a tad bit smaller (170g vs. 100g.) but there are only 100 delcious calories in each one, too.

8g protein, 1.5g of fat (1 saturated), and 20% of the daily Vitamin D!  It’s also really important that kids are getting the most out of their dairy products because so many of them are lacking Calcium, causing weak brittle bones with age. 

The other flavor, Verry Berry, is equally yummy.  Creamy, mixed berry flavors and vanilla together reminded me of a cream saver!  Anyone else used to be obsessed with those?! 

In the world of the ORIGINAL Chobani’s, there are THREE new kids on the block, too!;) Please, allow me to introduce you to…

LEMON 0%!  This one is probably my faveeee of the newbies.  Lemon meringue pie, I’m telling you.  It was light and you could taste the little hints of lemon zest!  I’m a huge fan of pulp, and this variety reminded me of that.  ❤

BLACK CHERRY 0%MMMmmm. Sweet, dark cherries in a rich, creamy greek yogurt tang was a genius idea by ChobaniCherries jubilee, anyone?

&& MANGO 2%! Just like the other 2%’s by Chobs, this one was exceptionally creamy.  That little bit of extra fat really goes a long way.  This one was like summer in a cup!  I’d imagine this would make a kick-butt smoothie!  (Pineapple still has my heart, though ;))

 Thanks for sharing the Chobani wealth with me, yet again, Emily & Michelle, along with the rest of the Chobani family!  You all are the sweetest for sending me such an amazing package of yogurty goodness <33



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  1. YUMMY! Greek yogurt is the BEST!! i want me some of that Black Cherry! 😀

  2. I LOVE Chobani. So delicious. Probably my favorite brand of greek yogurt. Yum yum.

  3. I”m a HUGE Chobani fan! LOVE lvoe love their greek yogurt

  4. M loves those little yogurts! And I am obsessed with the new flavors as well. SO good!


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