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I know, I knowwhere the heck have I been?!  Well, I have a perfectly good explanation.  LIFE has been happening…so I’m just rolling with the punches.

Here are some bits and pieces:

Saturday I got to sport my Kopali Organics tank, that the company sent me, for the first time.   

I had to give a persuasive speech for my communications class and my topic of choice was eating organic!

Afterward, the class was required to “heckle” us while the prof judge dictated.  It was actually kind of fun.  I’m a fan of debate.

There were several visits to my Insanity DVD collection over the past few days, too.

I’ve been mixing and matching between these cardio workouts and P90X ab ripper sessions.

After the workout on Sunday, I showered up and went to church

The sermon was all about the time that Jesus healed the blind man.  🙂

Lunches have been pretty lame, to be honest.  I haven’t had time to get creative lately, so a hugh jass salad with some kind of protein has been my saving grace. 

One of my two sponsored children, Cristopher, from Nicaragua, sent me another picture that he drew and a sweet letter that the agency translated for me.  Through these dreary, rainy days in PA, these really cheer me up!

Know what else cheers me up?  Fresh steamed shrimp and vegetables…that I didn’t have to cook myself.  It’s always a treat when Momma & Poppa FF think of me at dinner time and decide to treat me to my favorite Chinese dinner when I get home 🙂

This duo has been a go-to treat as of late, too.  Chocolate milk seems like such a simple, childhood comfort, but it’s been tasting just as good at age 22 as it did at age 10 🙂

I’ve still been finding time to hit the yoga studio at 5am on Tuesdays and Thursdays for booty camp

Ladders were on the agenda on Tuesday…We did weighted lunges, walking planks, weighted bunny hops, and even got a “penalty round” at the end. 

By the time I walked out, my HR monitor had a 300 calorie burn reading.

Basketball on Mondays and Wednesdays has been great, too!  I get to play for a full two hours!  As you may remember from the season, nights like this are sure to get my heart rate up!

When I leave, I’ve usually burned from 700-800 calories. I’m a sweaty, happy mess.

And rewarding myself with peanut flour & jelly cheesecake (1/8 c. peanut flour mixed into 1/2 C. fat free cottage cheese + sugar free blackberry jam and sprinkled with fiber one cereal) is a common occurrance afterward.  It helps my muscles repair while I sleep, since we aren’t finished until about 10 PM 😀

Since you guys were loving my SALLY HANSEN SALON EFFECTS nail polish, last week, I figured I would show you the polish change that I did this past weekend 😉  Houndstooth has always been a fave of mine!

This post was written totally haphazardly with absolutely no continuous train of thought.  Maybe I should make that a disclaimer at the BEGINNING?  Nahh 😉



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  1. I have that same hummus and am so obsessed with it! I bought it a week ago and its already gone. Oops 🙂 love the nails as well!! Super cool!

  2. I have been wanting to get that houndstooth nail art since I saw it on another blog!

  3. healthcraved

    does that watch track how many calories you burn?? whoa! where do you get one of those? and is it waterproof? i’d be interested to wear one of those during a swim practice!

    and I like the haphazard non-continuous train of was easy for me to follow 😀

  4. Cute tank top! haha I loved my speech class. I like presentations! (Maybe I just like attention hahaha)

  5. DANG! i never had a cal burn monitor when playing bball but thats a lot o cals! WOW!!> look so cute in that photo!

  6. almond breeze milk is the best! and your nail polish is super cute!!

  7. Love the Houndstooth nails! 🙂 Your eats look delish, girl! And I love that you keep in touch with your sponsored children. That is so sweet!

  8. That letter is priceless! I used to sponsor a little girl in Malawi, and I still have all the beautiful pictures and letters she sent! I often wonder what she is doing now! GREAT picture of you ! SO PRETTY! Love ya!
    that pb/cereal/jam musli type parfait looks amazing


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