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Burger & Fries Makeover

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 Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean deprivation.  People ask me all the time, “don’t you ever get hungry for the foods you used to eat before you became so health conscious?”  I say, “no”.  I don’t crave that feeling you get after you down a greasy cheeseburger or a piece of pizza…lethargic, uncomfortable, and down right gross

Sometimes, though, when the mood strikes, I could really just eat a BURGER & FRIES.  A big thank you to Katie and the folks from SeaPak Shrimp Co. & Dominex Eggplant Fries for sending me the goodies that made this post possible 🙂

SeaPak has really outdone themselves with these burgers.  They are seasoned exceptionally well and bursting with flavor.  I even cooked mine in the microwave for convenience, and it tasted delicious. Burger: √ CHECK

And awesome stats to boot! Do you have any idea how many GOOD fats Salmon contains?  There are Omega-3’s 680mg in each of these babies!  No additives or preservatives, either! Winning#!  Ultimately, my FAVORITE SeaPak product to date 😉

And what’s a burger without some fries?

That’s where Dominex comes in 😉

I, for one am not an eggplant person.  I can’t just slice up the vegetable, roast it, and eat it the way I can most.  However, when you give it to me in meatball, french fry, or burger form, like the peeps at Dominex, I can hardly resist.  Incorporate the fact that eggplant is of superstar status, it’s probably a good thing that I managed to find a lovable method of consuming it 🙂

The ingredients list is pretty fab, too!   

eggplant, soybean oil, wheat flour, water, corn starch, spices, garlic powder, dehydrated parsley, onion powder, extracts of paprika and annatto, and natural flavors.”

All-natural and low in sodium, with only 80 milligrams in an 85 gram serving, less than 65% found in the leading brands of traditional French fries and onion rings

Let me tell you something else, if you’re a Mom, trying to look for creative ways to incorporate vegetables into your kids’ diets, these are perfect.  You know how kids love fish sticks and things of that nature that they can eat with their hands?  Well, these fall right in line with that category of foods.  They will never even realize that they’re eating something healthy for them! 

As you know (by my inconsistent posts), my schedule is absolutely nuts, and these are easy to prepare, can be stored in the freezer and popped in the oven, ready to eat in just about 18 minutes!  As for the taste, they were well flavored, but I could’ve used a little more of a crispy exterior.  Other than that, they were delish!

So, there you have it.  A healthy, delicious burger & fries meal for you to gobble up!

Perfect pairing, I tell ya 😉



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  1. OH wow!! those eggplant fries are TOO TOO COOL!!

  2. I am so interested in these veggie fries!!! I’ve never seen them but if I do, I’m definitely trying them.

  3. You are absolutely right! Healthy does NOT have to be bland. I find eating healthy is anything BUT bland! 😀

  4. i bought salmon pattys from TJs but i have no clue how to eat them! do you put mustard in the sammy? soy sauce? ahhh so many options!

  5. DiningAndDishing

    I love how many creative twists there are on traditional burger and fries. I adoooore portobella burgers and sweet potato fries. Your twist on the original looks really delish too!

    – Beth @

  6. Hey Sami! Your a girl after my own heart.. I love finding things that taste like the traditional ‘fast food’ combos that are healthy! 🙂 I will have to try those fries! They look pretty tasty!

  7. Striving for Strides

    I love salmon burgers! 🙂 I usually order them from schwans food service that comes around door to door in our area and they have basically identical nutrition stats! I’ve never heard or seen anything about eggplant fries before but they look delishh!

  8. healthcraved

    I’m gonna have to try both of these products. I LOVE SALMON!! And usually I stick with sweet potato fries, but the eggplant sounds intriguing!


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