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Easter Saturday…

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…is the new Easter Sunday 🙂  This year, my Uncle didn’t have his kids on Sunday, so we improvised and had our Easter festivities the day before.  It actually worked out because then, we got to spend the day with my Dad’s side of the family on the actual holiday.  But don’t let me get ahead of myself…

Saturday morning began with a yummy breakfast, courtesy of Baker Street Bread!

Raisin Walnut Whole Wheat bread warmed in the microwave and drizzled with sugar free maple syrup ❤  This stuff was fresh, and tasted as if it had just been baked in the oven!

Plus a mint chocolate chip green monster bowl for protein! 1/2 C. fat free milk, 5 ice cubes, handfuls of baby spinach, 1 tbsp. unsweet dark cocoa powder, sugar-free vanilla Torani, 2 drops peppermint extract, a pinch xanthan gum, and 1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein powder.

I went to another ZUMBA class with the beautiful Toni, and had a good time.  I’m still not completely caught on to all the dances, but it was only my second time, so I’m okay with that.  After Zumba, it was straight for basketball!  Both the class and basketball were at the YMCA, so I just wasted time between the two. I packed a peanut flour & sugar-free blueberry jam sammie on whole grain bread for in between + some baby carrots [unpictured]

When I got home, the family had already arrived and the Easter shtuff began. 

There were eggs to be hunted and a pinata to be broken.  There were kids of all ages and sizes…we even had some first timers on our hands!

Doesn’t Bo make the CUTEST little bunny that you ever saw?!  If you look closely, you can see his little tail on the back of the outfit!  Haha.

It was a gorgeous day, too, unlike what the weather folks predicted, we didn’t have a spot of rain all day!

I just love Spring in general…it’s such a cool thing to see all the “new life” coming about around you!

Poppa FF, the charmer that he is, brought home a seasonal potted bunch of tulips for the Momma.  Isn’t he sweet? 

When the party came began to wind down, I started getting ready to go out.  One of the guys I play basketball with on Mondays and Wednesdays invited me to a movie


We decided on Scream 4, which turned out to be pretty good!  An unexpected twist at the end was something I definitely didn’t see coming!  We had an awesome time 🙂



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  1. AWWWWHHH! Bo is too cute! 😀 He’s cuter than any bunny I’ve ever seen! 😀

  2. What a sweetie pie!! Glad he’s out of the hospital and healthy 🙂
    Looks like you had an awesome Easter!

  3. Those eggs are flipping amazing. So pretty! I am mesmerized by colors…

  4. scream 4 was good- freaky yet WEIRD! it also had like every single teen star in it!

  5. happy easter girl (actually happy late easter!)

  6. Um, Bo is flippin’ adorable! I love that little bunny suit. Note to self: buy one of those for my kid’s first Easter. 😉 Looks like you had lotsa fun, Sami! 🙂 Happy (very belated) Easter!

  7. Why do you have comments off in your Easter Part III? I was going to comment on something.


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