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Coleman Natural Chicken Meatballs!

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You know, I don’t particularly enjoy red meat.  Chicken, however is another story entirely.  If you remember awhile back, Original Bran Hans won me over with their chicken sausages, but they’ve got something as equally delicious that I had the privelage of trying out, thanks to Shaina and the company! 




These are ultimately the most delicious form of a meatball that I have ever tried.  Quite honestly, I’m super pleased that the company doesn’t use any MSG (monosodium glutamate), fillers, nitrites or nitrates, antibiotics or preservatives in their chicken products. These meatballs are fully cooked (easy to throw ontop of a salad or into a bowl of spaghetti squash!) and have a very simple ingredients list, which means everything in them is totally recognizable.  LOVE that.

Although the sodium is a bit high, as with most prepared foods, all the other stats are super impressive.  Realistically, for 14g of protein, and just 150 calories, you don’t get this kind of flavor, let alone convenience!  Not only that, a serving size is FOUR meatballs.  Pretty awesome, if you ask me 😉  The meatballs cook up nice and juicy, even in the microwave and have a flavor that will blow you away.

My favorite flavor was the Spinach, Fontina, & Roasted Garlic meatballs!  They were laced with delicious cheese, wilted green spinach, and a perfectly seasoned garlic taste that I couldn’t get enough of. 

Coleman Natural Chicken Meatballs are sold exclusively at Whole Foods Markets (which I’m extremely jealous of ANY of you who live near one) for only about $4.99 per 12 oz. package.  Check them out on Facebook! Thanks so much, Shaina!


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  1. sounds yummy!

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