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Things just got crazier.

I woke up with a bump, redness, and pain in my right shin one morning last week.  It almost felt like a bruise, but the pain was more intense while walking.

My Dr. first referred me to a specialist to get an ultrasound, making sure there was no blood clot.

There wasn’t.  My TB time test came back negative as well. 

So, for now, I’m just going to be taking anti-inflammatory medicine, which has really been helping with the pain.

Finals have taken a backseat to all the tests I’ve been having done, but I think I’ll be fine when they come around.  After all, there’s only so much you can study.  It’s more of a test to determine whether you remember anything that you’ve already learned from the course.

On the positive side, the food is still good 🙂  I can always depend on one thing to always make me feel better…nutritious, delicious food.

I made these tasty little treats to snack on, courtesy of Danica, one of my favorite recipe gurus in the healthy living blog community.  You have to check out Danica’s Daily.  This recipe was for “Cinnamon Sugar Wonton Crisps“.  I used non-stick cooking spray rather than butter and Splenda rather than sugar, though.

Steamed broccoli slaw is still one of my go-to lazy dinners, made complete with Light Ragu & Forty Spices hummus sauce.  Sometimes I add some meatless crumbles, but I had just downed a protein shake, so I opted for a plain bowl.

I went to see another house this weekend with my realtor & this sweetheart…He ended up joining me at church on Sunday, too 😉

The night before, Jarid (who didn’t want his picture taken, thus the hiding behind his energy drink) and I went to the driving range and he taught me how to tee off 🙂  Beforehand, we grabbed some Subway subs and afterward, we took a nice little walk on City Island before settling onto a blanket to look at the stars…Unfortunately, there weren’t any, haha, but it was still fun!

Back to the house.

I love the stone exterior…and the inside was cute, too, but I got caught up and forgot about my camera.

And a cute little backyard, too!

After the showing, I made some lunch and left the house again to meet Jarid for basketball & a workout at the YMCA.

Hummus & egg sammie with reduced sugar ketchup on light multi-grain fiber one bread with a side salad in Light Zesty Italian dressing

Other events this weekend consisted of family birthday parties.

And lastly, this weekend there were some phenomonal breakfasts.  One, for example, was this Cherry Oat Bran microwaved cake.

I used lite, sugar-free cherry pie filling (1/3 C. = 35 calories), 1/3 C. oat bran, a pinch of baking soda, and 1 egg white simply popped in the micorwave for about a minute & a half.  Holy yum.

Annnnnd, that’s a rap.

Sorry for the haphazardness of this post, but you get the gist.  I just don’t have time for organization right now 😉 

Tell me something exciting that happened to you this weekend!



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  1. when you make oat cakes do you add any water? And stupid question but does baking soda have any calories? whats the purpose of it?

  2. Sorry about your leg!! Hope it heals up quickly! Ummm really jealous of the house!! I’m not telling my hubby about this it would only make him even more depressed. I don’t think we will ever be able to afford a house in los angeles…waaaay too expensive 😦

  3. ahh sorry about your leg!!!! hope that heals FAST!!! i love THE HOUSE and your eats!

  4. DiningAndDishing

    So sorry about your leg! What a bummer. Wishing you a very speedy recovery! 🙂

    – Beth @

  5. I went to the movies with my Surrogate!!

    • YES! And it was a BLAST. 🙂 I’m sad that the pictures didn’t come out from inside the theatre because I wanted to blog about it! Next time, we have to get a pic together BEFORE we go into the theatre 🙂

  6. Feel better girl!
    I know it must be hard to lay off the exercise, I am glad you have things to keep you occupied.

  7. I LOVE the stone exterior of that house! So much! And girl, I hope your leg feels better soon and that there’s nothing serious wrong!

  8. Oh my gosh, I hope your leg gets better soon! So sorry about that. But yeah, at least the food is good. 🙂 I’m basically in love with the exterior of that house. I think you should get it. 😛 Hahahaha.

  9. when you make oat cakes do you add any water? And stupid question but does baking soda have any calories? whats the purpose of it

    • Yes, I do add water until it looks “about right”. I don’t add a specific amount. Just enough to stir all the ingredients together 🙂 Baking soda just makes the cake puff up like a baked goodie. It doesn’t add anything whatsoever nutritionally, including calories.

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