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Lunch Date.

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Flash flood warnings are all over the place.

Everywhere you turn, stepping in puddles is inevitable, which makes for a quite soggy walk to work.

The latest nail job looks like black lace on my fingertips.  Not a favorite, but they’re alright.

Yesterday, Jarid had an interview (which he nailed :)) and asked me to go to lunch.  We went to Ciervo’s, which is a pizza, subs, and salads place less than a mile from work.

Thank God he saved me from going crazy at work…things are busy to say the least.

I ordered a turkey salad which came with a ton of deli meat ontop a bed of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots, and black olives, which I steered clear of.  It was pretty yummy!

He pretty much had to drag me back to work…Just another day, I suppose!

More details tomorrow 😉



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  1. I think your nails look awesome!! Ive never had anything exciting on mine really, unless you count the time I used white out to make them like dice. Ya, Im classy that way!!

  2. ahh you look so cute! nails look amazing!!!!

  3. Ooh I like these nails too! Sorry work is so crazy right now. Stay sane, sweet girl!

  4. I LOVE your nails! 😀

  5. I’m in love with your nails! They look awesome! Did you do that yourself? If so, you gotta tell me how! 😛

    • hey girly- thanks so much! they’re actually the sally hansen salon effects again…they are super convenient and i love that you don’t have to wait for them to dry! you can find them at rite aid, cvs, etc. but they come in little strips and then you form them to fit your nails! they also come with instructions 🙂 hope you get a chance to try them! kitty kitty is my fave print (cheetah!) xo.


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