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Red, White & Blue Success!

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After an awesome workout on Friday afternoon with the babe, we decided on Chinese before leaving the house for The Hangover Part II.

He picked up the food, while I ordered our tickets online, to make sure that they didn’t sell out. 

Steamed shrimp with mixed vegetables

Excellent teamwork, right?

The Hangover Part II Poster


It was almost a toss-up between this one and Kung Fu Panda 2.

To my surprise, although we had our tickets, once we got to the theatre, which was packed, there were no two seats together, so we sprawled out on the floor and cuddled up instead 🙂

Saturday was beautiful outside, but pretty warm.  We played basketball on Saturday afternoon, but ended a little bit early because of rain.

Lunch was an egg & hummus sammie on whole grain bread with spinach, tomato, and steamed snap peas on the side. 

Any other Tribe hummus lovers out there?

Momma FF had been shopping for our Memorial Day picnic, which doubled as a graduation party for my cousin and tripled as a birthday party for another cousin.  She picked up this backyard inflatable pool which came in handy on Monday in the scorching heat!

In other news entirely, I’ve been brewing different flavored iced coffees for the past two weeks now.  It’s officially in season!  Perfectly refreshing and caffeinated more than diet soda. This Bananas Foster Float by Boca Java is a recent favorite.

Another favorite these days is peanut flour paste & apples.  I’ve been trying to stay away from eating too many orange things, since usually I eat peanut flour paste with baby carrots 😉  My orange glow is almost gone!  Haha.

Can you believe that Jarid and I helped put this swingset together? Again, let me reiterate how great we work as a team 🙂

While we worked on the swing set, Poppa FF was busy putting together a trellace for a patio that Momma FF requested.

Pretty amazing for a day and 1/2 of work, right?  You can even see the pool in the background.

Parsnip fries & chips roasted with broccoli @ 430 for 15 minutes and dipped in reduced sugar ketchup after being sprinkled with seasalt & pepper

We had a great weekend with beautiful weather.  I think I may have even gotten a tan!  Speaking of which…I just realized…only two more weeks until THE BEACH! 😀

Hope you all had an amazing Memorial Day weekendThank you to all of those service men & women out there!



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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Thats good that you and jarid work well together. How much was that pool? Did she find that at Walmart? Would you reccommend the pool? I would love to have one. lol and a new swing set and trellance.. someone has some spare change. lol

  2. Your weekend sounds wonderful! Glad you enjoyed it girl.

  3. what an awesome weeken!! we dnt have tribe but im eating sabra right now! are they similar!!??

  4. What an amazing time you had!!

  5. that coffee– I NEED IT! yumm! glad u had a great weekend!


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