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Flamous Brand Falafel Chips

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I never really considered myself a fan of salty snacks like pretzels or chips.  Give me a black bean brownie, and it’ll be gone before you can blink an eye, but chips? Nah, I can typically pass them up…and do.  That was allll before I tried Flamous Brand Falafel Chips.

These “chips” come in two varieties: Original & Spicy.  These chips are made from quality ingredients, have a thick, crunchy texture, and are seasoned to perfection. 

Literally, they are the ideal accompaniment to any hummus, as with any version of falafel…but they also make great dippers in soup instead of croutons! 

Some of my favorite things about these chips are obviously the ingredients list and the nutritional information:

Just 118 calories per 11 chip serving?!  That is phenomonal…mainly, the ingredients deserve all the credit.  I should’ve expected awesome stats after checking out the label:

Whole corn, whole beans (chickpea, fava, black), organic sunflower oil, and spices!

You may not think 11 chips is very many, but I can assure you, each whole chip is pretty beastly.  It is MUCH thicker than your typical potato chip and the circumference is almost the size of my palm.  With 4g fiber and 4g of protein, you truly cannot argue with the facts 😉


I think I’m officially considering myself a chip fan.  Not just anyy chip, though…It’s gotta be Flamous Brand Falafel! Thanks so much, Melanie for converting me!





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