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Daily Archives: June 10, 2011

Chocolate For Everyone From Enjoy Life Foods

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Calling all readers! 🙂  My favorite gluten-free company has added MORE impressive (and delicious!) products to their family of Enjoy Life Foods.

May I present to you, Semi-Sweet Mega  Chocolate Chunks

Never again will you have to miss out on the goodness of a homemade chocolate chip cookie, being that these are dairy, nut, and soyfree!  I know it’s hard to imagine, but they taste JUST like the classic version…possibly even better


They’re also yummy to throw into a trail mix in place of m&m’s or simply eat straight from the bag!  You can basically use them any way you would chocolate chips!

Next up, Double Chocolate Granola!  Who in their right mind would pass up something with a name like that? 

This stuff is phenomonal ontop of vanilla or strawberry greek yogurt!  You can also use it as an indulgent topping for banana soft serve! 

Annnnd less than 4g of fat per serving?!  That’s my kinda chocolate 😉 

You won’t find gluten, dairy, or nuts in this bag of goodness, either!

Every single ingredient is recognizable.  Kuddos to you, Enjoy Life Foods!  Thanks for making such awesome, delicious products that EVERYONE can enjoy, and thank YOU Alina for giving me the opportunity to try them!  🙂

 Check them out on Facebook and Twitter!  They’ve even got their own blog!