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Daily Archives: June 24, 2011


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Healthy Living Summit has been something I’ve always wanted to attend.  This year, being that it was in Philly which is so close to me, I was SURE I would be going. 

Being that it’s my birthday weekend, which I didn’t realize at first, I bought a ticket and now can’t go 😦 I was lucky enough to snag a ticket before they sold out, but my loss is your gain since I won’t be able to use it!

For anyone out there interested in purchasing my ticket for $100.00 (the price of the conference), you can email me at  We would have to simply change my registration information online, and it’s all yours! 

Here are a few speakers that will be at the conference, which I was totally excited to meet:

For details, you can check out the website, but I do know that you would get a discounted hotel rate at the Marriot downtown for the weekend!

This will be a first come, first serve kind of thing, and I know many of you were hoping to get a ticket, so just email me and we’ll get things rolling!