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Daily Archives: June 29, 2011

Eat. Think. Smile. Winner!

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Seems to me, I’ve forgotten to show you who won the goodies from Eat. Think. Smile!

Congrats, Liz @ I ❤ Vegetables!

Liz, please email me your shipping address so I can get you your goodies!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

Paradise Part 3

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Vacations every year are obviously something I look forward to.  Who doesn’t?  Basking in the sun, eating great seafood, leisurely time to do whatever we please, etc.

I couldn’t tell you the last time I got so much relaxation time in one week.  To be honest, it was just nice not to have to be sitting at my desk at work for a whole day.

But rather, I could spend my day with people that I love, and I could take my time working out & preparing meals, which was also a treat.

light whole wheat english muffin with fresh salsa, baby spinach, and pinto bean dip

There was no set “lunch break” that I had to take, and no amount of time that I had to be finished eating.

shredded romaine, broccoli, tomato, cucumbers, cauliflower, & homemade honey mustard

I felt like Ms. GC (who I really need to get back in touch with!) with the amount of large salads that I ate throughout the week!  She was the brilliant lady who introduced me to the wonderful world of eating plain tofu. Anyway, another adventure we took while in the Outer Banks was the annual trip to Professor Hackett’s mini golf course.

Complete with water falls, caves, and gold mines.Our family is a bit on the competitive side (-that’s a BIT of an understatement-), so it’s not out of the ordinary to see tears, frustration, and thrown golf clubs…all in good fun, of course 😉 

In the end, we mended our broken and bruised egos with some frozen yogurt, which in my opinion, makes everything better.


Andd thenn, there was the all-you-can-eat seafood buffet

Remember Captain George’s last year?  It’s become a go-to restaurant for us, since the family loved it so much.  I’m totally fine with it, because they’ve got some of the best steamed seafood & salad bar I’ve seen at the Outer Banks!

I started with a plate of greens and some fresh fruit, but slowly made my way to the main course…

Yes, perfection on a plate.  The claw meat was definitely the sweetest, and I don’t think I even wasted my time on anything but the snow crab legs, with the exception of maybe a few spiced, steamed shrimp.

The company wasn’t too shabby at the restaurant, either.  We thoroughly enjoyed the meal together & had a blast talking with our Polish waitress, who got a kick out of our family and their shenanigans.

 Last year, my sisters and I got matching bracelets…but this year, we got matching sweatshirts off of a $7.00 rack at Sunsations. 

please, forgive the was an early morning...haha.


They were kind of lame when we bought them, but they were super cheap, and I had a vision in mind of cutting the crew neck to make an 80’s (off-the-shoulder)look, which we later discovered seemed to be the trend down there!  We still have yet to get a group shot with them on…

Anywho, that’s all for now!  Recap #4, comin’ atcha soon!