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Kim’s Light Bagels!

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Any other carb queens out there? I, for one, LOVE my bagels.  Chewy, carby delicousness.  I could eat one every morning and be a satisfied gal.  Unfortunately, with stats like these:


(that I found on the Dunkin Donuts website), making them a daily part of  my nutrition conscious eats, wasn’t realistic…


All thanks to this lovely lady and her 110 calorie line of fabulous bagels including: Wheat, Onion, Blueberry, Cinnamon, Everything, and Plain varieties.

Kim Benson has an amazing weight loss story to share, which she does, in her book, “Finally Thin“.

Anyway, back to the bagels…In order to maintain such an incredible weight loss, Kim wanted to incorporate some of her favorite foods into her diet without splurging too much…some of which included bagels (:

She is such a sweetheart that she even sent me one of each package so I could see for myself how great they were.  I honestly thought they may be too good to be true (I’ve see “100 calorie” versions of bagels before, and they were dissappointly tiny).

HOLY YUM.  They were out-of-this would.  Especially the Blueberry & Everything.  Only .5g of fat and 5g of fiber! Pretty incredible if you ask me! 

Here are some combos I really enjoyed:

Everything bagel with smoked salmon & a laughing cow cheese wedge + tomato.

Blueberry bagel with fat-free strawberry cream cheese.

Wheat bagel topped with plain greek yogurt mixed with pumpkin/apple butter.

Onion bagel with a microwaved egg white + hummus, lettuce, and tomato.


Kim didn’t stop with JUST the bagels, though.  Her line is complete with bagel chips, light pita bread, light flat breads, and much more!  Check out her site for more info, where you can shop online, too!


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  1. Oh my gosh!! I want some of these bagels!!! 😀 I love bagels but none of the good light versions are sold anywhere near me! 😦 Wah. Maybe one day….

  2. Oh my gosh I really really hope there are some sold near me!!!! I want one!

  3. You can buy them online if they aren’t sold near you… and they are delish! : )


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