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New Zealand Natural Goods is more than just a source for a carefully selected, best quality and unique New Zealand goodies.  They are a family owned, customer accomodating company based in Los Angeles, California since 2003. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve got a heart for family owned businesses in today’s world. 

One of my favorite products made available through the website is RJ’s Licorice.  As a kid, Twizzlers were always packed up in Momma FF’s snack bag and stored in a sealed tight container on my great-grandma’s “candy table”, which is something we always looked forward to visiting.

RJ’s brought my love of licorice to a whole new level.  With an ingredients list that is completely all natural, the texture and flavor of the Raspberry soft chews was awesome, but topping the list were definitely the Raspberry chocolate licorice logs.

Yeah, yeah.  It’s candy.  It’s not a fruit or a vegetable, but it’s a wholesome treat, and the nutrition facts aren’t bad either!

Considering the fact that each piece of licorice in the soft chews bag, is about the size of 1/2 my palm, I’d say the serving size is pretty generous, and cannot complain about 140 calories, and 0g of fat.  I couldn’t believe they actually contained calcium & iron, too!  I’m assuming that comes from the sweetener, molasses!


Another great product find through NZNG is this Antipodes Water

Antipodes is recognized as the deepest, highest quality groundwater in New Zealand and named the FIRST premium water brand to be certified Carbon Neutral.

They make a version of sparkling water along with the classic still water.  I was a huge fan of using the sparkling versions to create my own healthy & pure mocktails with sugar-free mixes!

You would never believe the difference in the crisp, clean taste of this stuff.  It even comes in the coolest glass bottles ever 😉

Lastly, the company sent me some of this new-to-me Kaitaia Fire Waha Wera Kiwifruit & Habanero Chili Sauce.

“Where an inspired genius has blended those peppers with the tang of kiwifruit and the medicinal benefits of manuka honey. And from where you can participate in the spirit that sent those ancient people across vast tracts of ocean.Unsurpassed for marinades, or simply used as a table sauce, Waha Wera will transport you to another place. To gentler, greener pastures where fierce warriors will shriek with laughter at those foolish enough to underestimate the power of the world?s hottest peppers.”


This little green bottle of spunk was something I highly underestimated.  I anticipated a sweet, savory blend of kiwi tasting salsa, almost, rather than HOT sauce.  Boy, was I mistaken!  For those of you who like it hot and a bit sweet, this sauce will drive you wild.  Try it on egg whites! 

Thanks so much to NZNG for sending these premium New Zealand goods my way!  Check out their site!  Right now they’re having a special (through July) for RJ’s licorice, buy one-get one free!  You can also find things like AIRBORNE honey, Manuka Boosta Energy Bars, EasiYo Yogurt, and Rutherford & Meyer gourmet wafers and fruit pastes!



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