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Enjoy Life Foods – NEW Crunchy Cookies

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Yet another successful newbie in the Enjoy Life Foods family…I present to you, CRUNCHY COOKIES.

In four different varieties, ranging from 110-120 calories per two-cookie serving, I’d say that these cookies will do the least amount of damage to your diet as possible.  Not to mention, they’re safe for those of you leading the dairy, nut, or gluten-free lifestyles.

Now, how do they measure up, tastewise, you might ask?

If you’re expecting a dense, doughy cookie, you may be disappointed.  I realized going into the taste test that obviously, judging by the name, these were not going to be your typical, warm from the oven, gooey cookies.  Rather, they are light, crispy and delicious.

Each of these cookies was yummy all on their own, but if you need to spruce them up a bit, I decided to get creative and list some other ways you can enjoy them each!

If you haven’t realized it yet, I do play favorites.  Of course, my sweet tooth spoke, and the Double Chocolate Crunchy cookies won me over at first bite.  More often than not, I’ve experienced the sad story of a disappointing 100-calorie cookie…about the size of my thumb nail…not these!  They didn’t skimp on the mini chocolate chips, either, which I loved. 

Try them
Layer the following in order: Vanilla greek yogurt, sugar-free chocolate pudding, and 2 crumbled Double Chocolate Crunchy cookies.  Top with Cool Whip free and sugar-free chocolate syrup.  (Dirt pudding, anyone?!)


Second fave was the Vanilla Honey Graham.  Anyone remember those Nabisco Teddy Grahams?  I personally, used to eat them like they were going out of style.  I couldn’t get enough!  These remind me a lot of those, flavor-wise.  The cookies do tend to crumble a little bit easier than your typical cookie, but the well-packaged goodies arrived in the mail fully in-tact!  I was impressed.

Try them: Use a sugar-free hot chocolate packet, thinned with just enough water to make a paste, sandwich it between two Vanilla Honey Graham cookies with a few mini marshmallows! (Guilt-free s’mores!)

The Sugar Crisp variety reminded me of a snickerdoodle, more-so than a sugar cookie.  Probably because of the texture, mainly. Have you guys been checking out the ingredients lists below the nutrition facts?  I love that they’re made with a mix of white rice flour, millet flour, and buckwheat flour.  The wholesome ingredients list is such a turn on 😉

Try them: Sandwich style, with peanut flour paste (1/4 C. peanut flour, 1 packet Truvia/Splenda, salt to taste, water to thin)  in the middle.  The salty peanut combined with the sugary cookie is an AWESOME combination.  You can add some sugar-free strawberry jam if you’re feeling frisky.

Last but certainly not least, is the classic Chocolate Chip Crunchy cookie.  Personally, these were last on my list, only because I enjoy the texture of the original chocolate chip cookies…toll house style…ya feel me?  You know what I’m talking about. Dough. Goo. Warmth.  But hey, they’re still tasty…Heck, my sisters had a hayday with this box (and they’re pretty tough critics, considering they buy frozen chocolate chip cookie dough and eat it straight up!)

Try them: Freeze them with sugar-free vanilla ice cream in the middle! A simple, refreshing, fun-to-eat snack for only about 200 calories (if you use 1/2 C. sugar-free ice cream)

I can’t say thank you enough to the company who sent them to me for the review.  Alina is one of the sweetest PR people I’ve ever worked with & Enjoy Life Foods is incredibly generous as a company overall.



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  1. These look amazing! I saw them the other day on someone else’s blog but haven’t been able to come across them in grocery stores yet. The closest whole foods to us is the one on south street in Philly (i’m assuming that’s maybe where I would find them).. and that’s not exactly ideal but maybe next time I get up there I’ll look for them!

  2. These look so good. I wish we had them in the UK, I may have to have them shipped haha xxx

  3. I loved thesee!!! Esp the chocolate chip and vanilla!! great serving idea with the ice cream sandwich!! 😀


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