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G’morning, blog loves. 
I hope this post finds you well-rested, bright-eyed, and bushy tailed this Monday morning.  I certainly didn’t want the weekend to end…
Let’s rewind to Friday, shall we?
After work, I went home and prepared a nice little meal for the boy & I.  He had to work until 6pm and afterward, we had a “date night” planned. 
He likes pasta, and I had an unopened package of Crum Creek Mills soy protein linguini noodles which I cooked up and covered in Vodka sauce.  I threw in some Coleman Natural Italian Parmesan chicken meatballs.  He really liked it!
My choice of carbs was a little bit different (: Roasted Garlic hummus & Fiber One Multigrain bread.
We both enjoyed some salad on the side…
 I threw in some a baby spinach mixed with romaine, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, & purple cabbage and used Fat-free Poppyseed dressing on mine.
After dinner, we went to pick out a birthday gift for BOWMAN!  I can’t believe he is already a year old!  We also went sneaker shopping together.  Both of current pairs are beaten and bruised.
Yeah, yeah.  His are way cooler.
After shopping, we hit the movie theater to see “Crazy Stupid Love” which we both had on our radar since the preview we saw for it.
The cast was pretty awesome: Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone…and the movie was cute.  I was not disappointed.  Plus, everything is fun when we’re together.
Saturday morning, we had breakfast together, too. 
Gosh, I love that cheesy smile.
Nutrition First pancakes were on the menu!
I really need to get my DLSR camera out when events like this happen.  I think the photography would improve x2193408203.
I was too busy having fun to worry about the photo quality…sorry! 😉 Sugar-free syrup is good on anything, just for the record…particularly healthy pancakes.
The boy was off to work and I was off to the gym.
My routine ended up being a little haphazard.  I just kind of did what I wanted to when I felt like it.  I ran a quick two miles on the treadmill at intervals ranging from 6.5-10 mph and then took 45 minutes on the elliptical while I watched “Kindergarten Cop“.
I followed up the cardio sesh with some abs and arms: bicycles, oblique v-ups, pushups, crunches, heels to the heavens, etc.
It only took me about an hour & 1/2 to burn up 583 calories!  Not bad, not bad.  Sometimes I struggle to mix up my routine, so my body gets used to the exercise and it’s more difficult to get my heart rate up.  I’ve found that intervals of high speeds & inclines are key!One snack I’ve been LOVING recently are these cookie dough LUNA protein bars.
They taste like raw chocolate chip cookie dough coated in rich chocolate, but they’re stacked with 12g of protein, folic acid, calcium, vitamin D & iron.
Until Jarid got off work, I studied a bit for my Psychology class…yes, I know I haven’t mentioned it on the blog, but I am taking two summer classes…Psych & English Comp II.
The Development chapter is most definitely my favorite so far.  It is so incredible to me how intricate God’s blue print for our bodies was…especially after reading about the growth of a fetus.


Speaking of development….when JMS got off work, we were headed to Bowman’s FIRST BIRTHDAY party!

I was super proud of him for digging right into his cake like a champ!

The party was “cowboy themed“, so naturally the birthday boy sported a hankercheif around his neck and a straw hat. Cutest cowboy ever.

My Aunt is a pretty talented pastry chef, and she was the artist behind the masterpieces! 

Bo’s first year of life was quite a roller coaster ride…and a complete miracle.  Weighing in at 1 lb. 10 oz. doesn’t exactly seem like a fair shake at a first shot, does it?  Regardless, he is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever seen.  Such a little lover.

At the party, they had a table set up for Bo’s favorite charity organizations. They requested that we not bring gifts, even though we didn’t listen, and instead to give money to a cause of our choice.  Jarid gave to World Vision, and I gave to the Hershey Children’s Hospital where Bo stayed for the first few months of his life.  I loved the idea.

Since it’s back-to-work Monday, I guess I’ll go get some things done…I’ll leave you with the verse of the day to help you get through 😉

Food for thought, definitely.

Hope you all have wonderful Mondays (:




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  1. so much in this post!! nice workout!!!

  2. I love the cookie dough bars. I eat them when I’m craving a candy bar. Works like a charm. And I love that they are giving back. That baby got spectacular treatment at Hershey and I’m so happy he had reached this milestone! Go baby Bo!

  3. Ahhh that’s so cool!! What a fun weekend! I’m keeping an eye out for those Luna bars. That flavor sounds awesome!

  4. What an awesome weekend! Those luna bars sound amazing! I haven’t picked them up yet.
    That cowboy theme is probably the cutest thing ever! I’m in love with those cakes they and his outfit they look amazing

  5. Where did you get your heart-rate watch/moniter? I love Bo’s cowboy theme! He is such a cutie. 🙂

  6. Woah girl! You have so many wonderful things going on here. Love them all!

  7. Enjoyed the verse of the day. Great way to end posts.

  8. Thanks for making my life cheerier. Love you, girlie.

  9. This post is soo cute!! I just adore your freckles too!!

    Love your meals and time spent with the Boy!! how sweet of you to cook him dinner!

    those new kicks are also HAWT. want!

    happy Wed!! 🙂


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