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One year ago today, hundreds and hundreds of prayers were being sent up for Bowman. 

Being born three months premature is no easy feat, but we knew from the beginning he was a fighter!

  I remember going into the NICU so many times to visit Bran & Jare before I could even see Bowman. 

Each and every one of the nurses absolutely adored him.  He was the “most handsome” baby in the unit.

We celebrated when he turned 100 days old, and we celebrated when he was able to come home from the hospital.

I remember everything from the first time I got to see him to the first time I got to hold him!

As he grew, he developed such a personality!

His little smiles and giggles are enough to melt your heart.

Everytime I visited, it was made clear to me over and over that he is SUCH a miracle and a blessing for our family.

I can’t wait to see what other things God has in store for his life!

I can see so much of his Mom in him, it isn’t even funny.

Those baby blues are easily going to mesmerize the ladies!

His little chin dimple is simply adorable, too. 

Watching my cousin’s motherly instincts take over and seeing the joy that he brings to her life makes me really excited to have a family of my own someday.

He’s such a spunky little guy, yet so well-behaved, too!

It seems like he grows, he only gets cuter….if that’s possible?

He’s got a healthy appetite for life…

…and cake 🙂

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little man. 

SOOO many people love you SO incredibly much…I guess it’s not hard to see why 😉


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  1. AW! Happy Birthday Bowman!


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