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Three For Thursday

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1. The only good thing about the fact that summer is coming to a close is the fact that I turned in my very last summer semester assignment last night!  Buh bye, English Comp II & Psychology classesNice knowin’ ya.

I thought it was a little odd that I had the exact same grade in each class prior to turning in my last paper.  I mean, what are the odds? Granted, I’m not complaining, seeing as how I made a 4.0 (my goal)! 🙂 Six more credits under my belt.

2. Produce is totally peaking right now and I’ve found ways at each meal to incorporate it in some way.  These tomatoes were sun-ripened, perfect, and juicy.

2 slices light whole wheat bread + reduced fat veggie cream cheese, spinach, & heirloom tomato + salt & pepper

And I am taking full advantage of every piece I get.  I even roast meals the night before and pack them away in the fridge for my lunch the next day! 

1 egg + 3 whites with hummus lava in the center, atop a roasted veggie feast of zucchini, baby peppers, cauliflower, and onions all seasoned with salt & pepper

There’s no excuse for not eating your vegetables when they taste that delicious.  Something about roasting them brings to life all the flavors that I know and love in veggies.

3. I ordered a new fitness watch, but may be sending it back…sure it tracks mileage (my polar doesn’t), but the only reason I ordered it in the first place was because I thought mine was lost…I found it in a couch cushion the very next day…decisions, decisions…

Okay, I lied…there are four things for Thursday.

4.  Jarid is the best.  He brought me flowers last night to cheer me up.  My entire family went to Knobel’s Amusement Resort yesterday for Bo’s birthday…I wasn’t invited.  I know they didn’t exclude me on purpose…they probably just figured I had to work…He came over to visit last night after basketball, and suddenly, I forgot about all the bad feelings I had about it.   Funny how love does that, huh?


What’s one thing/person that can cheer you up no matter what?
For me, it’s Jarid…and, or sugar-free ice cream/froyo.  Win-win.

What are your favorite flowers?
I think mine are either lilies, gerber daisies, or roses…I like mini sunflowers, too, though!  Indecisive much?



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  1. PRETTY GARMIN! I say keep it. if you forget to charge one, you’ve got a backup at the ready? 😉

    aaand 4.0, you go girl!!

  2. Ahh, gerber daisies are my fav too! And that is so sweet that he brought you flowers! 🙂 You got a keeper!

  3. DEF gerbers!! I loved them so much they were my wedding flower 🙂

  4. Awww your boyfriend is so sweet!!! You’re a lucky one 😉 hold on to him!

  5. He’s a keeper.
    But, again, maybe you should say a little somethin’ somethin’ to the fam?

    I know stuff comes across weird on the interweb though…but they should know you would have liked to go. Maybe. I don’t know. (0:

    • He definitely is a keeper. (:

      And you’re right! I did make it known that I was hurt by it. My Mom felt really bad and said that she was probably supposed to invite me. Not only that, but she text me throughout the day to see how it was going (:

  6. um yea thats rude that they didn’t at least invite you.. maybe you would have taken the day off work to go? I’m sorry! That was sweet of Jarid to bring you flowers!

  7. flowers are always so sweeeeeeet!!

    that cream cheese and veggie lunch looks soo simple and delicious too! I need to make myself one !!

    i’ll have to try mama pea’s mmm sauce too! sounds pretty delish


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