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If you’re a healthy living blogger, odds are, you’ve had your share of run-ins with oat based recipes…from OIAJ to Overnight Oats, I usually look to Kath, the oat queen, for recommendations on how to incorporate them into breakfast and such.  When I saw her love for Coach’s Oats, I knew I had to try them first-hand.  Thank you, Lizzy for sending me some, so I could be a believer! 😉 

You may be saying to yourself, “what’s another oatmeal company? I can find oats anywhere!”  This is true, but Coach’s Oats are a wee bit different than your typical oatmeal.

How so? Since I am by no means an oat guru, I looked to the Coach’s Oats site for guidance 😉

See, the microwavable factor is important to me.  I’m a girl on the move…constantly…so convenience is key.  How do they measure up to good ole’ Quaker and other competitors?

I loved that I could use Coach’s Oats for baking the way I would any other rolled oats, but yet, the texture when I microwaved them for breakfast was thick and volumnous.  The key, is that they are steel cut oats that have been cracked and toasted, thus the quicker cooking time.  



When I cooked them up, they turned totally creamy.   I hate that steel cut don’t get fluffy and fill up my bowl after cooking, so these were just what the doctor ordered 😉

I love products that you can order online in bulk!  Since I eat oatmeal at least 3 days out of the week for breakfast, it’s important that I keep a hefty stash in my pantry….plus, then you’ll save on shipping!  Coach’s also has a great looking Multi-grain Pancake Mix, along with decadent looking cookies for sale on their website!  I’d be curious to see what they’re like!   Make sure to check out the Coach’s Oats blog, too for some awesome recipes!


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  1. Wow those look good! I’ve never seen this kind before. I definitely bake with oats more than I actually eat them. I don’t know if I’ll ever be one of those oatmeal obsessed bloggers! haha I’m more of a yogurt/smoothie breakfast kind of girl!

  2. I want to try these! I hate how my oatmeal gets too mushy sometimes because I just happen to cook it a litttttle bit longer.

  3. I’ve never even seen these! now I’m keeping my eyes open… I wanna experience that steel cut texture.

  4. I saw your comment on Live Laugh Eat and wanted to stop by and let you know that I am also hosting a giveaway for the Take Back Your Health conference.

  5. i have actually never tried steel cut or coach’s oats!! thanks for the review though! it was really helpful and detailed! (I’ve read about the differences before, but for some reason, this post actually made it all come togethA!)

    ill have to try them and see what all of the hype is about soon!

    i’ve also heard of a lot of people making steel cut oats in a rice cooker!! I actually don’t eat oatmeal a ton anymore….(I used to eat it 6 times a week and sometimes twice a day while skating!!)…….but my mom is still in love!! she likes her with lots of nuts and a few raisins!


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