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My littlest sister turned 15 years old on Sunday…which means this coming Sunday, I will be turning 23 years old. Bizzare.

We had a joint birthday party this weekend since we are only 1 week apart.  Before hand, Jarid & I went to play basketball, and afterward, returned home to a house full of family guests.

Burned a whopping 973 caloriesDanggg.

The weather was gorgeous, and we hung out on the deck for most of the day.

Thanks to this goober, I found lots of photos of myself on my phone of me while I was opening gifts.

Along with the presents, came the food.  Of course I ate more than just this to re-fuel (think protein shake, fruit, no sugar-added ice cream, & a chocolate vitatop) but this was all that made it to my camera.

Poppa FF grilled up hotdogs, hamburgers, and of course chicken for those of us who were opposed to pork (rat?) & beef (:  I made a pita out of mine, courtesy of Joseph’s + some roasted red pepper hummus & reduced sugar ketchup along with a salad of iceberg, cukes, and cherry tomatoes with light zesty italian dressing.

With my 23rd  year of life comes several new adventures

A&P starts on Tuesday @ 7pm…right after my first ! HOT YOGA class!

This past weekend, I also trading biking on this:

for biking on this:

I live in a very hilly area, so bike riding isn’t easy.  I just wanted to be outside, and took a 5 mile loop near my house instead of staying in the basement on the stationary.  I appreciated the switch and enjoyed some fresh air after I hit the gym Saturday morning. 

My new sneaks are wonderful.  Completely comfortable and are great for cross training.  Whether I’m playing basketball, running, or biking, they’ve adapted!

Jarid was working, so after my workout that morning, I ate lunch, took a shower, & went to donate some clothing to the consignment store in our area.

I found these cute brown peep toe pumps for just $7! Along with a discounted soup in the grocery section!

I’m happy to report, that I have a new favorite soup.  This stuff was AWESOME.  Impeccable nutrition stats & ingredients, too! 

It came in handy when I was feeling too lazy to actually cook for dinner that night…

For snacking?  My choice was this kashi chocolate turtle roll that I also found at the consignment store.

It was only priced at 25 cents!  Bargain shopper, I am. 190 calories, 12g protein, 6g fiber. It kicked my candy craving for the day.

Finally, Friday night, I made another dinner for the boyfriend & I. This time, turkey burgers were on the menu, using Jeanie-O Lean Ground Turkey.

Here’s the recipe I used:

  • 1.25 lb lean turkey burger
  • 4 T of your favorite flavor hummus (I used roasted red pepper)
  • 2 T worcestershire sauce
  • 1/2 medium onion, diced (i used a red one)
  • 2 t cumin
  • lots of black pepper
  • dash of cayenne for spice factor 

They grilled up nicely on the George Foreman, but they ended up being a little bit dry…I expected a little more flavor, too.  Next time, I’ll add more hummus and spices!

Regardless, the boy really appreciates when I cook for him.  He is probably the most appreciative person I know…he makes me feel like a million bucks…even when I cook up a recipe that’s less than stellar 😉

The spread was healthy, with the exception of the pierogies I made especially for Jarid…I knew steamed green beans and turkey burgers wouldn’t quite cut it for him.  Although, I did put together a nice little toppings plate!

Heirloom tomatoes, avocado, and romaine lettuce.  He tried avocado for the first time…and immediately removed the small bite he had taken from his mouth…haha.  NOT an avocado fan. 

After dinner, we spent the night peroozing the mall in search of gifts for the little sister.  We managed to get finished in time to catch a $2 movie…


Bad Teacher was playing and we thought that it would be a decent flick to see.  It was funny, crude, and overall not bad.  Nothing spectacular, but we made it fun!

So there you have it, my weekend…DRAWKCAB.  Or backward, if you still haven’t caught on 🙂

What was the best recipe you’ve tried recently?
For me, it was Mama Pea’s Mmm Sauce.

What’s the best movie you’ve seen this summer?
I’d have to say Crazy, Stupid Love.



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  1. I love bargain shopping! I always hit up the grocery stores early to see what kind of sales I can find 🙂 Usually there’s tons of bananas for 25 cents except they’re old but hey it’s great for banana bread!
    Those turkey burgers look delicious!

    The best movie I’ve seen this summer is probably harry potter since it’s the only one i’ve seen

  2. Woah, lentil APPLE soup? That sounds so interesting! Good for a canned soup 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I just turned 23 too! YAY! I hope it’s a fantastic year for you 😉

  3. Happy Birthday to you and your sister!!! You’re getting old. lol I’m sure any guy would like a woman who enjoys cooking for them. See you soon I hope.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAAYYY to yo sistah.. and to you soon! and I have to go see bad teacher… did you see I just spent two days at my gym with Justin? 😉 now I reeeaallly need to go see it. 😉

  5. you and your little sister as so adorable! both gorgeous women 🙂 Happy belated birthday to her, and an early happy birthday to you as well my dear!

    oOOoo lentil apple soup- that SOOO reminds me of fall 🙂

    xoxo ❤

  6. Looks like a great weekend! Happy almost birthday, girl!


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