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The Good Life: Part II

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Sunday morning, I had plans to go for another run, but opted to stay in bed and later walk to Wawa for coffee with the boy.

After we got back, we ate breakfast with Julie & Mike and headed out to the beach for day two. 

We weren’t able to attend church, so we did devotionals together on the sand.  It was so neat.  I love that we met another Christian couple and have decided to meet on a monthly basis for a bible study!

Jarid & I wanted to do something nice for Julie & Mike since they were kind enough to let us stay with them while we were there, which saved us a lot of money, so we took them out to lunch after we were done on the beach, before we headed home. 

Julie has allergies to a lot of different foods, including gluten, so I thought it was cool that this place called Green Cuisine Restaurant had a ton of gluten-free options.  There were about 23947982374 different things on the menu that I wanted to try!  If we ever get to go back to Avalon, I think we will definitely have to go back to this place!


I chose the California Salad, which was a base of mixed greens with marniated artichokes, avocado, tomato, sprouts, mushrooms, and egg which I switched out for turkey. The dressing was a homemade low-fat citrus vinaigrette (I’m pretty sure the main ingredient was orange juice!)

We wandered around the shops for a bit before heading home.  There was so much we put on our possible to-try list if we ever make it back there…in fact, I’m going to document it so we don’t forget 😉

  • Atlantic City – Caesar’s Palace
  • Island Studio Paint Your Own Pottery (
  • Island Watersports
  • Peace A Pizza (


    It was time to say goodbye to the beach, since we had dinner plans with my parents.   They met us in Harrisburg for a low-key meal at Hoss’s which ended up being perfect.  The drive home was a rainy, stormy one, but the boy handled it like a champ.

I ordered the broiled scallops sans butter and a baked sweet potato with the salad bar.

I was pretty pleased at the amount of healthy desserts Hoss’s had available too.  I couldn’t make up my mind and since it was a buffet, I grabbed a little cup of each to try. 

The only one I actually ate was the no sugar added butter pecan.  It was delish!

When we got home, the parents gave me my birthday present & sang happy birthday with a candle in a chocolate Vitatop.  They are the best (: 

A little bit of history behind the gift…when I turned 16, my Daddy took me shopping to buy my first pair of diamond earrings.  It was really special.  Unfortunately, 16 year-olds (at least this one), wasn’t very responsible and somehow lost one of them.  I was absolutely devastated.  More-so because of the sentimental value than the retail.  This birthday, Momma & Poppa FF gave me a replacement pair!  They are absolutely beautiful princess cut studs , and I promise a picture soon!  ❤

I could not possibly feel more blessed.



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  1. Aww that looks like SUCH a fun time!!! That california salad looks delish. I love avocado on salads!

    And that’s so sweet about the diamond earrings 🙂

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