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Before I started this blog, I had never tried a protein shake, nor did I know that there were so many different varieities…From casein to whey, I’ve learned a lot through reading, from supplement companies, and just by browsing the blogworld.  Now, it’s my turn to help you 😉  Or should I say, AtLarge Nutrition’s turn to help you.  I know everyone has different taste as far as which protein powders they prefer, but in my opinion, protein powder should result in nothing less than a delicious, thick, chalkless shake. 

AtLarge’s proteins are scientifically backed, which appeals to me even more.  I’m a girl who is all about the facts.  Trying something for myself is important for me as far as reviews go, because without a first-hand experience, I don’t feel comfortable advocating a products…Regardless of the fact it was Award Winning by Men’s Health Magazine for 2008, 2009, 2010😉

AtLarge Nutrition was super generous and sent me three huge tubs of Nitrean and Nitrean+ proteins to try in Dutch Chocolate, Chocolate, and Vanilla.  They also sent one of their coolest products for fat loss and optimal workout performance, Axcel.  Thank you so much to Chris and the company for the samples!  I literally use them almost every single day because I enjoy them so much!

The difference between these products and other protein powders on the market today is the fact that they’ve got the perfectly balanced formula of whey & casein together for a dynamic duo our muscles LOVE.

Just the facts, guys!

I appreciated that the website put things into lingo that the average joe can understand.  It’s easy to see why it ranks so much higher than other protein powders! 

23g of protein in just 110 calorie serving.  There is only 1g of sugar!  You wouldn’t believe how awesome they taste, too.  Personally, if I’m going to buy a protein powder, I want it to be one that you can simply mix with water and still be able to down it.  If you have to mix a whole bunch of other stuff with it for it to be edible, it isn’t worth the money.  Granted, you can still dress up this brand with fruit, almond milk, or nut butter, for a more dessert-like treat, but it’s not necessary.  They’re yummy all on their own!  Texture is another big thing for me.  These didn’t come out too icy or watery, which is important.

Axcel is a pre-workout, thermogenic supplement that helps you maintain your energy and focus while working out.  It also may inhibit the production of adipocytes (or new fat cells) !  I love my muscles, but that fat can stay away 😉 I was a little hasty about trying this because I’ve heard bad rumors about pills making similar claims, but this was different.  It didn’t give me the shakes or anything like that, it simply gave me a clear mind and I felt super focused while I was going through my workout routine. 

Right now, AtLarge Nutrition is having a HUGE sale where you can save $12 per 4.6lb jug of the Nitrean+ protein! 

Make sure to check out their website (  where you can order your own!



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  1. AGREED. More modern nutrition companies need to make their verbiage easier to understand for those of us who aren’t crazy nutritionist foodies 😉 I have too many friends calling me asking me what it all needs.


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