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I know that many of you guys, like me, are taking college classes while trying to maintain an active lifestyle along with working full-time jobs.  It isn’t easy keeping balanced and preparing meals, especially when you want to fuel a good workout without having your tummy rumble throughout your entire class afterward.  I need quick and easy fuel to keep me satisfied, my energy levels even, and help my muscles repair themselves. 



That being said, Solo Bars have come to the rescue on numerous occasions, when I haven’t had time to pick up take out, or pack up some nutritious eats.  They’re so convenient, yet contain the perfect ratios of protein to carbohydrate…not to mention a low glycemic index score (23-29).

See, here’s how it works…The company uses Controlled Energy Response Technology (slow-burning carbs, protein, dietary fat and fiber) making them ideal for me to use before a big basketball game, or an intense training session :

They come in five flavors: Lemon Lift, Berry Bliss, Peanut Power, Chocolate Charger, and Mint Mania.

All of which, I would vouch for being absolutely delicious.

The Chocolate Charger was probably my favorite, with Peanut Power coming in a close second. 

When it comes to bars like these, I prefer chocolate rather than fruit flavor…which is why I ranked the Mania Mint my #3 choice.

Yeah.  I think the pictures says it all as far as the taste.  It was like a fudgy, rich brownie with a touch of crunch from the soy crisps. 

The protein blend is made up of whey & soy, as you can see in the ingredients list:

ALLLL recognizable and approved 😉

Which leads me to the nutrition facts.  Lately, I’ve been much more concerned with ingredients than calories, because if you choose the right foods and serving sizes, the nutrition facts even out.

Like I said, the ingredients are winners, so the nutrition facts obviously follow their lead. 200 calories, 7g of fat (3 sat.), 11g protein, 4g fiber.  The 17g of sugar really isn’t bad considering they’re made for energizing, and they contain dates, dried plums, and grape juice concentrate , which undoubtedly supply a lot of natural sugars.

 If you’d like to try them, you can order them online here: (wordpress won’t let me link the word?!)

A big thanks goes out to Jeff from the company for being so patient with this review and for sending me a few of the bars to try out!



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  1. YOOOOO those look delicious.. I’ve got my eye on that brownie mother!

    and 7g of fat isn’t too bad for an energy bar! I’m totally the same way.. need that energy to keep me goin’ and to keep me full!

  2. These look awesome…anything chocolately/peanut buttery = heaven 😉


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