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Daily Archives: September 2, 2011

Confessions of a [Foodie] Shopaholic.

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Things have not quite been running smoothly in my world as of lately. That’s not to say that I’m not happy, but there seem to be some bumps in the road, literally and figuratively…

Daddy FF came to my rescue within minutes of this deflated tire, but it still ran me 45 minutes late for work, and cost me $500.00 that I would’ve much rather spent on other things.  Who knew two tires and a realignment would cost so much?

Between paying for tuition and books out of pocket, rent, and this tire malfunction, my spending is going to have to come to a halt pretty immediately.  Granted, I should have been saving money while I was living at home rent free, but I think at one point I could technically classify myself as a shopaholic.  I think it made things worse that I was too busy to actually go shopping, which made me take advantage of every opportunity to buy things online when I saw free shipping deals and huge sales.


Being a fan of nutritious foods, I find myself spending money on groceries from Amazon, too.  The convenience of things like pre-made quinoa and cases of unsweetened almond milk are luxuries that I may have to give up pretty quickly. 

I guess I’m going to have to find the time to become more economical about my food spending.  I can see why people resort to the 99¢ menu at the drive-thru.  So much quicker and cheaper than the time & effort it takes to put together a nutritious meal.  I just can’t bring myself to that, though, and my body appreciates it, I’m sure.

Sometimes it’s even a team effort…like the other day when I text Momma FF asking her to pick me up some organic baby spinach so I had some to add to my protein shakes, along with some frozen veggies that I could quickly steam in the microwave and add to tupperware for some veggie power on the go.

The good news is, I won’t be running out of peanut flour for quite some time, which means you’ll continue to see snacks like these on the blog.  Not that they’re pretty, but they sure are delicious. 

It isn’t always feasible to pack up my lunches AND dinners, but I try to limit myself to ONE bought lunch/dinner per week.  $7.00 for a salad like this isn’t all that impressive.  I can make myself much cheaper meals that I enjoy a whole lot more.

I’ve even been keeping shelf stable things at work like soup, bread, 100 cal kettle corn, and canned meat & fruits at work for those days when it’s just impossible for me to pull together a chopped, fresh salad from home.

On another note, entirely seperate from the things previously mentioned in this post, can I just say that it is completely unfair to be staring at this for 3 straight hours, while your boyfriend gets to enjoy a baseball game with your family?

Do you see who Jarid is holding?!  YES, it’s Bowman and YES, I was really jealous when I got the picture 😉  Just kidding…kind of.  I’m thrilled that J got to go to the Senator’s game to watch Steven Strausburg, a major leaguer from the Washington Nationals, who was there as a step back into the game from an injury.

The whole night I was getting texts from the family.  Talk about rubbing it in! 😉  I almost wish I had skipped class to go.  I suppose there will be other games!

Who is ready to get this weekend started?!

The Labor Day Monday off is  MUCH needed for this chick.  I can’t wait.

Are you a shopaholic?  Foodie or otherwise?