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Yeah, that’s right.  It’s about time we get naked…chicken nuggets incorporated into our diets.  As a kid, it was a real treat when our parents took my sisters and I to the golden arches.  We mostly looked forward to running around playland, chicken nuggets in hand, and a happy meal toy as the icing on the cake.  Thankfully for me, my parents made more “family meals” than fast food stops, but I will say, those little gems were quite fun to eat.  Nutritionally speaking, they don’t bring much to the table.  Sure, they’ve got some protein, but my idea of wholesome doesn’t include ammonia soaked, mechanically seperated chicken ( 

Does that mean that kids (or adults, really) have to miss out on the fun of chowing down on chicken nuggets?  Not anymore (:  May I introduce, Naked Nuggets and Simple Sliders.

 Made with good-for-you ingredients, they contain ONLY all-natural, white meat chicken without the fillers, gluten, trans fats, and frying.

Because they aren’t breaded, you can save a ton of calories and fat by eating them vs. the typical chicken nugget.  Not only are they super healthy, but they are totally easy to make


You can even microwave them!  Perfect for busy parents or even college students looking for snacks to stash in their dorm freezers.  You can grill them as well.

The best part is, they are just 110 calories + 20g protein for 7 nuggets!  That’s a pretty awesome serving size if you ask me!  They pair wonderfully with some dijon mustard mixed with agave for a “honey mustard” type dressing…orrrr you could try them dipped in plain greek yogurt + ranch seasoning packet for a “ranch dressing” taste.  Another great option for dipping is reduced sugar ketchup or barbeque sauce!

If you miss the crispiness too much, you can always “bread” them yourself!  Just crush up some Fiber One cereal mixed with salt, pepper, and maybe a little garlic powder, coat the chicken in egg whites, and dunk in the cereal mixture.  Bake at 300 degrees and you’ve got yourself some crispy nuggets.

The Simple Sliders make wonderful sandwiches, and the nutrition facts are just slightly different.

Thanks so much to Rob from the company for sending some my way for the review!  Absolutely delicious!  The possibilities are truly endless, too.  They’ve got some sweet recipes on their page = , so check out where you can buy them = STAT! 😉


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  1. DUDE! I LOVE Naked Nuggets 😀 So happy to see em here!

  2. WOAH! I LOVE these. This is so wierd! I was thinking the other day how long it’s been since I’ve even thought about a chicken nugget and you had this review! I didn’t even know these existed! Sweet deal! Thanks, lady!

  3. Your food looks so yummy!

  4. I’ve never heard of these. I love the protein count! 🙂

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