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Sweet & Salty Zone Perfect Bars

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It takes a special kind of bar to make me feel like I’m not missing out on a meal.  There are certain specifications that I always look for.  Being all-natural, containing lots of protein, sustainable carbs, and healthy fats is essential when I’m scouring the shelves for nutritious bars.  Thanks to Zone Perfect, I got to try two new bars, the Sweet & Salty varieties.

They come in two varieties, Cashew Pretzel & Trail Mix.  I simply couldn’t turn down the appealing, salty & sweet combo from the company when I received the email to try them out!  Besides, I knew I was in for a treat if they were anything like the Cookie Dough bars I tried before 😉

Before I agree to review products, I always check out the nutrition stats and ingredients list to make sure they fit my criteria.  They had a great protein to carb ratio, with a healthy balance of fats and a decent amount of sugar.  The calorie content was in range, too.

All of the ingredients were recognizable (although I’m not a huge fan of corn syrups), yet the list was a bit lengthy for my taste. Either way, I firmly believe that balance is key when choosing a healthy lifestyle, and these bars, boasting 10g of soy protein, would be much better for me (and taste just as yummy) as a candy bar. 

Another excellent attribute? Check out the vitamin & mineral count19 vitamins and minerals including antioxidants like Vitamins C & E, and Selenium

Taste-wise, the Cashew Pretzel was probably my favorite.  It was an awesome blend cashews and sweet yogurt bits coupled with the crispy delight of salty pretzels culminating in a satisfying crunch. The trail mix bar was good too, but I’ve had other versions similar to it.  Chewy goodness of raisins and toasted oats with the deliciousness of walnuts, roasted cashews, peanuts, almonds and the smooth sweetness of peanut butter.

Make sure you check out the Facebook page for some awesome opportunities to try out their bars!

Thanks so much, Erin & Zone Perfect for letting me try them out!

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  1. Brittany @ZonePerfect

    Sami, thanks for the great review! We’re glad you enjoyed the Sweet & Salty flavors! ~Brittany @ZonePerfect


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