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Chocolate Cures Everything.

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Here’s the deal.  You’ll have to forgive me for the lack of consistency in my postings…  With the beginning of basketball season, comes the beginning of an increasingly insane schedule…there’s another catch that I can’t tell you about quite yet…but stay tuned for an exciting adventure taking place in my life right now.

Tuesdays & Wednesdays are especially grueling.  Thankfully, my supervisor at work allowed me to work a 7am-3pm shift, making it possible for me to attend my 3:30-5:30 practice.  Waking up at 5am isn’t terrible…it was only tough, because I then have Anatomy & Phisiology class on Tuesday nights from 6:30-9:45pm. 

We started with a skeletal lab, had that test, and are now moving on to the muscular lab.  Meanwhile, outside of class, we’re supposed to be teaching ourselves 5 chapters of the book.  Thank God it’s an interesting class.  It’s just a TON of info to remember.

Packing up my lunches & dinners both can be quite the task, but I’ve learned a thing or two from Elise when it comes to packing for round-the-clock, healthy eats.  The only difference is, I’m usually having to refuel after workouts like these…

I firmly believe that chocolate can help me settle my frazzled self, when times come that my schedule gets nuts…so, here we go…my favorite products to kick a chocolate craving.

No Sugar Added Fudgsicles

It’s starting to get too cold to enjoy these, but whenever I’m craving ice cream, these hit the spot.  They’re super creamy and perfectly portioned.  Just 40 calories in one!

Doctor’s CarbRite SugarFree Milk Chocolate Bar

I actually LOVED this bar.  I found it at Wegman’s recently and at just 32 calories per square, who’s going to argue?  I like to use them anyway I would Adora Calcium discs.  Likeeee smashing some peanut flour paste mix in between.

Muscle Milk Light Chocolate Shake

This shake is perfect for a sweets fix on the move.  I keep them in my trunk, aka, large refrigerator, for emergency chocolate cravings…they especially come in handy after long practices boasting 20g of muscle building protein.

Deep Chocolate Vitatops

I haven’t ordered these bad boys in awhile, mainly because I used to only do it when I saw specials for free shipping and big bundle packages from Hungry Girl.  They are delicious though…especially warmed in the microwave, so the chocolate chips get all melty…it’s like a warm brownie straight from the oven.

Diet Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Packets

I typically hate anything with “diet” in the title…the ingredients list isn’t fabulous for these guys either, but they’re convenient and portable.  They flavor plain greek yogurt wonderfully, or are great for shaking up in a reuseable bottle with unsweet vanilla almond milk. 

Cookie Dough Luna Protein Bars

Again, these bars are portable and great for a before bed treat.  After a long night of class and basketball, cookie dough covered in chocolate sounds pretty amazing, no?  Plus, 12g of protein which helps my tired muscles heal up and 180 calories for me to lessen the deficit.

How do I plan on making it through the next three months with an A&P lab, working full-time, playing college basketball, taking a computer business class, and maintaining a social life with the boyfriend?  By eating chocolate…lots, and lots of chocolate. (:

PS- Please, VOTE FOR MY BLUEBERRY PANCAKES in the BETTER BREAKFAST challenge on Janetha’s blog!

What’s your favorite guilt-free chocolate product?



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  1. You are one busy girl this fall! But so glad you have B-Ball back in your schedule. I know how much you love it!!


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