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Two Winners & Game To Recap

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Did I forget to mention that in the midst of all the madness schedule-wise, Momma FF & I found time to get to the Phillies Game 2 against the Cardinals on Oct. 2? 

This picture was taken before it decided to drop in temperature about 30 degrees.  Okay, that’s a little dramatic…but it was FREEZING…and I had a wool winter jacket on with gloves and a blanket.   

St. Louis Cardinals First Baseman Albert Pujols (5) Fields On-the-hop A Single Hit By Philadelphia Phillies' Chase

  Cliff Lee #33 Of The Philadelphia Phillies Throws


It was a fun game to watch, but it was a late one (start time 8pm), so I was one exhausted chica by the end of it.  Totally worth it.

Previously, that day, I had worked out starting at 7:30am, gotten a shower & went to church with Jarid @ 10am, went to lunch at Wegman’s at about 12:45pm.

We looooooove Wegman’s and have decided that it’s going to be a weekly thing after church.  The boy & I can each get something we LOVE, and it’s usually different everytime.

This box was stuffed with a similar mix as last week.  Actually, almost identical.  On the left, is a salad of shredded romaine lettuce, blanched broccoli & green beans, taco seasoned chicken, raw mushrooms & cukes, cherry tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar.  On the right, is three types of bean & grain salads.  Blueberry quinoa, cranberry pumpkin seed quinoa, and three bean chickpea salad

Post lunch, we went to the Spirit Halloween store in hopes of snagging some costumes…we had full intentions of going with Mario & Princess Peach (thanks for voting, by the way!), but the women’s costume was super skanky.  Not my style.  Anyway, I found one online that I’m hoping works out!  It was much cheaper and homemade, so I’m thinking it’ll work out.  We also found the boy’s costume on Ebay, which I highly recommend…$60 is outrageous for the cheaply made material that is the essence of costume world.

Sooo, I’ll bet you’re wondering who won the Girard’s Giveaway & the Flackers Giveaway, huh? 

Well, I figured I’d wrap up with the winners‘ info.  Both of you, please email me at with your shipping information so I can get your winnings distributed 😉

Erin @, you’ve won yourself some Flackers, and Lisa @, you’ve won yourself some Girard’s dressings!  Congrats 😉 

IT’s almost Friday!  Hallelujah.



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  1. oh my, i totally did a double take when i saw blueberry quinoa – that sounds so good! is it sweet or savory?

  2. for Mario you wouldn’t even need to buy a costume… wear a red hat, suspenders with a white teeshirt, and a mustace of course. 🙂
    miss you dear!

  3. Did you see my facebook message about not buying each other Christmas gifts? Save your money. I’m looking forward to the holidays. We need a girl’s night again soon. We have Monday off, yipee.

  4. WAIT. did i already know you were a phils phan?! did i forget this?! shame on me!

    GO PHILS! 😀 so jeal you got to go to the game. I miss them so much!


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