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Wedding Season.

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Friday night, I worked out before Jarid got off work, and then we headed out for a date night at the movies.

At church the previous Sunday, the pastor mentioned how great the newest movie by the creators of Fireproof was.  It’s called “Courageous” and is about a group of guys making a committment to stand up for being stronger men of God in their families.

I was really impressed with the storyline…not so much with the acting.  We had a wonderful time, and I was beat by the time we got home.  I knew I wanted to get up for a workout, so I went to bed pretty directly. 


The next day after a nice Insane Abs & elliptical session (of course, it didn’t actually last 16 hours, I just forgot to hit the “stop” button, so time continued), I showered, packed up, and met Jarid to leave town for the weekend!  A friend of his from college was getting married, so we were going on a road trip to Bloomsburg.

Central PA is actually pretty beautiful. 

We stopped for fuel <–body, not car.

Sheetz: shredded romaine, pickles, banana peppers, tomato, onion.

I had already eaten a Doctor’s Carbrite protein bar which was pretty fab.

Toasted Coconut…YUM.

We were meeting up with his friends from school at the hotel.

Hotels near Bloomsburg University

It was a really nice stay and our room was beautiful.

The reception didn’t start until 8pm, so beforehand, we all went out to the boys’ favorite spot to get a bite to eat…Applebee’s.


I wasn’t that hungry, but knew I should eat something so I chose the Paradise Grilled Chicken salad.  I googled the menu item since I didn’t take a shot of it while we were there.  I was enjoying myself and forgot about food photography for the night. 

We got dressed up and had a nice little pre-reception photoshoot.

Most handsome guy in the world ❤  I love him so much.

The reception, we found out, was in a tent which meant I froze my butt off most of the night…barely 50 degree weather + a strapless dress = one chilly chica. I’ll be honest, though, the night was such a blast, I wouldn’t have  changed a thing.

It was a awesome meeting all of his college buddies and busting moves with him on the dance floor.  He brings out a goofy side of me that I really like (:

Thank GOD there was also an outdoor fireplace at the venue…it was not only beautiful, it was useful!

The next morning, I planned on getting up and hitting the hotel’s gym, but I slept in since we were out late and wanted a nice, relaxing morning for the boy and I…besides, there’s something to be said for “rest days”, right?

After three cups of coffee, a pear, some cereal, and a muscle milk later,  Jarid wanted to show me all around Bloomsburg’s campus and check out all the new additions made to it.  We were also eating lunch with his friends before we left.

The weekend was one of the best I’ve had in a long time ❤  Hope all of yours were just as wonderful!



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  1. Aww yay for weddings!

    And I really would love to see Courageous!

  2. I seriously love reading a blog of someone living in the same area as me. Cracks me up to see pictures and say, I know where that is! Most other blogs I read are spread across the country in places I’ve never been! Just thought I’d share my enjoyment. 🙂

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Is that Cinema Center? I live SOO close to there. I wish I would have known you were here. 😉

    Hope you are having a great week girl.

  4. you two look great 🙂
    Hubs and I had 3 weddings this summer and I loved them!

  5. You look stunning! What a fun weekend!! Ah I have a cinema center by me! I was just in bloomsburg two weeks ago, if only it was at the same time!


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