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Healthy Chips? True Story.

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Chips have never been my thing.  Even before I started focusing on a healthy lifestyle, chips weren’t one of those “gotta have” foods for me.  I was much more of a sweets kinda gal…chocolate being my biggest demise.  What are the odds that I’d be MORE turned on to chips as I claim to lead a balanced, nutrition fanatic life?

The thing is, Beanitos aren’t your average chip.  In fact, they are probably one of the most unique snack foods I’ve reviewed on the blog, thanks to the company & Lexie for getting some samples sent my way!

Not only are their chips amazing, but they stand for REAL FOOD…and are all about us having the right to know what’s actually in the food we’re buying.  If you’ve ever seen the movie Food Inc. you can totally appreciate this little tid bit.

How awesome is it that they contain absolutely NO corn.  Try to find another chip that doesn’t.  I’ll bet it takes quite awhile.  Almost EVERYTHING consumers purchase at the grocery store has some form of corn product in it.  Better yet?  These chips are MUCH higher in protein & fiber that your typical junk food snack.

Don’t take my word for it, the numbers happen to speak for themselves!  It’s crazy to think that you’d have to eat FIVE servings of Fritos, Pringles, or Popchips to get the same amount of fiber as you’d get in one serving of Beanitos.

Beanitos come in four flavors, Black Bean, Chipotle BBQ (my fave!), Pinto & Flax, and Cheddar Cheese (2nd fave!).  Each 1.25 ounce serving runs from 175-187 calories, 8-10g total fat, 0.75-1g saturated, 6g fiber, & 6g protein.

The best part about them, is that you don’t have to sacrifice any taste whatsoever.  The BBQ ones are a touch of sweet and absolutely delicious and the Cheddar Cheese ones are fabulously nutty and the cheese is lick-your-lips good.  The plain Pinto Bean & Black Bean with Seasalt could use a little fancying up, but they’re terrific with salsa, guacamole, or hummus as dippers!

I am officially a chip aficionado 😉



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  1. Oh wow these sound and look amazing! I love beans 😀

  2. Woah I have to find these!

  3. im not a “chip” fan, but these look pretty good.


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