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Autumn Awhs.

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The weekend continued, and so did the fun.  Saturday night, we took a little road trip to the Coliseum and played some games together.  It was fun to just let loose & be goofy.

Neither of us are very good at Guitar Hero, but we had a blast  trying to rock out.  Ha.


Have I mentioned how completely in love I am with my best friend?

Jarid got me this little squeezy penguin, which we named Fonzy with our tickets as a prize from the arcade.  I totally felt like a teenager.  It was great.

As you can see, we love him as our own 😉 

Sunday morning, we went to church with my parents for a change at my home church, and then came home to make lunch together.

I had a turkey & hummus sammie on whole wheat bread with a bowl of veggies on the side (mini bell peppers, shredded green leaf lettuce, and english cucumber) with Mango Vinaigrette.

Somehow, almost every picture I take of him, his eyes are almost or completely closed.  Haha.  He spotted a turkey & cheese sub at Giant that he wanted so he snatched it up, along with some chocolate milk and cheese puffs.

After lunch, we took a lovely 5 mile walk around the loop close to my house.  You guys have seen it before, but this time of year, the colors are indescribable.

How stinking gorgeous is this place?  The quaint little valley I live in now will always have a special place in my heart.  It was a wonderful area to grow up in.  Safe, scenic, and comforting.

Annnnndd we’re off to watch football…as it should be on a lazy, Sunday afternoon 😉

Bahahaha.  He wasn’t excited AT all 😉



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  1. You guys are seriously too freaking adorable 😉 looks like you had fun!

  2. Girl you were again RIGHT by my house! I live right down the road from The Coliseum! I was in Lititz yesterday and down such a similar path as that. I kept saying how absolutely beautiful it was. 🙂 Love that area.

  3. You two just keep getting cuter and cuter.
    I love it.

  4. Awww, you guys are just so cute!!

  5. You guys are so cute! Looks like a fabulous weekend. I LOVE those autumn leaves!


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