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Walking For A Cure.

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Friday night, this guy^ was completely amazing.  I don’t know what was wrong with me, but I could hardly stand, my body ached and I felt as though a mac truck ran me over.  My hips hurt, my back hurt, my neck hurt.

I was  shocked to wake up in the morning (after having taken several Advil), that I was able to get myself together enough to do the Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk that I had registered for.  I just thank God that the illness (whatever it was) didn’t last too long.  Instead of going out Friday night after basketball practice, my babe took good care of me, bought me soup & salad for dinner, rubbed my back, and read me a chapter in the book we’ve been studying. 


Anyone ever hear of “Blue Like Jazz“?  It’s excellent, and I highly reccommend it. 

Saturday morning, Jarid & his Mom (who I absolutely love), met me at my house and we headed to City Island together to participate in the walk.  It was already a gorgeous day!

We got there a bit early, so we wandered around, checking out all the merchandise and supporters.  They were giving out Panera Bread special “ribbon” bagels, which I bypassed, having already eating a banana with a cinnamon raisin whole wheat sandwich thin + peanut flour paste.

Jarid’s Momma is a redhead, too 😉  She says she’s hoping for redheaded grandchildren someday…haha.  Before we knew it, the gang we were walking for showed up and we got a few more photos.

Chris’s Crew (from left to right): Coley, the oldest sister, Chris, the Momma & survivor of 11 years, and Mandy, the youngest sister.  They all look a little bit a like if you ask me.  I thought it was really sweet that they do this together every year in celebration of their Mom.

Our walk was very pleasant.  There was good conversation, great company, and we made pretty good time, too!  It was really cool to watch the sea of pink shirts scattered across the riverfront and across the bridge. 

Thanks to those of you out there supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month!  And two special shouts to Momma FF and a wonderful surrogate who made generous donations to our walk! (:  Love you guys!




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