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Let’s Trade Bars!

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Okay, girls (and guys?).  So, I ordered three different boxes (Chocolate Covered Banana Nut, Blueberry Cheesecake, & Cinnamon Bun) of these Doctor’s CarbRite Sugar-Free Protein Bars

which I absolutely LOVE.  The thing is, since I have so many of them, I’m lacking variety…maybe some of you with online health food shopping addictions can relate?  😉

  I’m thinking it’d be fun to have a blog swap…If you’d like to participate, shoot me an email (or just comment on this post), letting me know. 

I’ll compile a list of all you lovely ladies, and we’ll start it up! 


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  1. Do these have milk or dairy in them?

    • Hey girl! These bars a little bit of whey & milkfat… Here’s the ingredients list: Ingredients: Isolated soy protein, glycerine, whey protein concentrate (milk), sugar-free white coating (maltitol, lactitol, cocoa butter, calcium carbonate, milkfat, polydextrose, calcium caseinate, soya lecithin, white chocolate flavors), maltitol, water, hydrolyzed protein, polydextrose, and natural flavors. Interested? (:

  2. man i want some!! but i dont have any bars on me right now to swap. crud


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