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Sometimes I feel like God is whispering when he talks to me.  Other times, it’s like he’s using a megaphone to YELL something at me.  It’s like one of those “thank you, God” moments…He knows EXACTLY what we need, when we need it.  With that, I’d like to share my daily devotional with you:

My wounds fester and are loathsome because of my sinful folly.”
-Psalm 38:5 (NIV)

“It was just a little thing. A small stone or piece of shell I’d stepped on at some point during my walk on the beach. I figured I didn’t need to worry about it. Eventually it would work its way out. So I ignored it and went on with life. But weeks later my plan wasn’t working. The little thing hadn’t gone away. It had only worked its way deeper into my foot. I was having more and more trouble walking. And my little thing had become harder to ignore.

At my husband’s insistence, I finally visited the doctor, who told me that something that could’ve been handled easily at the beginning had now turned into a much bigger problem. What could’ve been as simple as removing a splinter now involved cutting into my foot. I thought of the little things in my life I’ve ignored, letting them work their way deeper instead of plucking them out while they were still easy to get to. Resentment, anger, jealousy, gossip, unforgiveness and unkind thoughts can be plucked out the moment we realize they’re there. But leave them untended and they go deeper. What could be a matter of prayer and accountability becomes a full blown life issue that controls us and causes pain—not just for us, but for others as well. Ignore the little things and they become big problems; plucking becomes carving.

Like our verse today, our sinful folly causes wounds that fester instead of heal. I didn’t take the time to go to the doctor. I didn’t want to mess with the inconvenience or the pain of having my little thing dealt with. I thought I could handle it on my own. But I couldn’t. I needed a physician to do what I could not. It is the same for those little things in my thought life as well. I need the Great Physician to remove what I can’t reach — and do it before it becomes so deep that it’s part of who I am. When I’m struggling with little things, I’ve learned to ask God to help me see what is going on through His Word and prayer. Then I listen to the Holy Spirit’s convictions and seek honesty from friends and family. As a friend of mine says, “The truth might hurt, but the truth also heals.” We must be intentional about being honest with ourselves and do whatever it takes to identify and remove the potentially damaging little things in our hearts and in our thought lives.”


See, last year during basketball season, I was spoiled.  The team that I was playing with was not only exceptional, but they were TOTALLY TEAM ORIENTED.  This year, many times, I feel like we’re just five individuals out on the court together who occasionally pass the ball, but mostly are motivated by self-successes rather than team ones.  If you’ve ever played on a team like this, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  I’m not sure whether it stems from selfishness or the fact that players try too much to take things into their own hands, but in my opinion, teamwork is the most obvious way to be victorious.  After our game last night, which we DID win, I was really torn.  I feel like I’m giving my all to benefit the good of the team.  I can honestly say, I am constantly looking to help my teammates be successful.  I guess I just don’t feel like everyone is there for the same reasons.  It kills me because I’m literally doing everything I know to do to build camaraderie among us, but nothing seems to work.  Don’t get me wrong, we get along.  Alot of the girls consider themselves friends…it’s just that on the court, our chemistry is lacking.  We all work hard, but it’s for ourselves rather than our team, it feels like. 

Regardless of how I feel about the situation, I need to recognize that my attitude about it is the only thing I can control.  If I choose not to, it could turn into a bigger problem than it already is.  I was resentful.  I was angry. I was unforgiving…so much so, that I cried last night while I was venting to my Dad & Jarid about it.  This message was just God’s way of reinforcing what He was trying to tell me last night.  NIP THIS IN THE BUD BEFORE IT OVERWHELMS YOU.  I know I can’t do it on my own, so instead, I’m giving it to God.  He is the only one who can help me through it and feel at peace.

Thank you God for being exactly what I need, each and everyday ❤

Have you ever found yourself trying to ignore problems instead of dealing with them?  Do you need to ask God for help letting go of something that seems to be consuming you?


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  1. I love you Bo! And I am so very proud of everything you are doing and who you have become! Keep the faith and everything else is just things! 🙂

  2. I have a really hard time giving things to God. I get frustrated pretty easily, and I tend to hold on to things. Because of the fact that I have been hurt by so many people, as soon as someone wrongs me now I immediately try to cut them out. Its really bad, and I dont want to do it, but it’s like Satan has just hardened my heart. I pray daily for strength and for God to just soften my heart and take away the burdens, but the truth is I have to LET THEM GO for Him to be able to take them!! I keep holding onto my past, but I really need to let it be just that, my past

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