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Excuses, Excuses.

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I know I haven’t blogged since Thursday…but I promise, I have some good excuses…

Excuse #1: Christmas play with the boy, the surrogates, and the middle sister.

Every year, Christian Life Assemby puts on a Winter Wonderland play around Christmas time…Last year, A Little Boy’s Christmas Prayer, this year…The Gospel According to Scrooge.

I begged Jarid to get his picture with the characters posing at intermission…they were actually singing as I took it!

Don’t worry, we got a nice one together, too 😉

The set was beautiful…just like you’d imagine the streets of London.

They did a nice job with the production…we were impressed!

 Excuse #2:  Absolute Wellness Group’s Jingle Bell Jam

My friend, Toni invited me to this event, and I’m so glad she did!  I had no idea this little studio existed!

The event was free!  All that they asked was that you bring a toy to donate for a needy child. 

The place was stocked full of goodies (mats, weights, kettleballs, etc.) and for two hours (10am-12pm), we did 20 minute classes of each kickboxing, abs, cardio jam, body sculpt, & pilates)

It was a great workout, and as you can see, we were sweaty messes when we were finished…but we had a lunch date, so we headed downtown (just 2 minutes away).  I promised to introduce her to the goodness of the Pita Pit.

This place seriously puts Subway to shame…they’ve got sprouts, roasted red peppers, black beans, hummus, avocado, you name it!

I always end up with the same thing because I love it SOOO DARN much.  It makes my mouth water.

Another reason I love it so much, is that they actually grill the deli turkey, so it’s nice, warm, and moist when you chomp into it.  

They even wrap it up all nice and neatly for you, too, which is definitely a feat in itself when it comes to mine.  I get turkey, black olives, spinach, lettuce, tomato, onion, sprouts, cucumbers, mushroom, green pepper, pickles, banana peppers, oregano and roasted red pepper hummus on the side for dippage. PHENOM.

Excuse #3Jarid’s Company Christmas Party

When we arrived on Saturday night, we were greeted by the owners of the company, me with a kiss, Jarid with a handshake.

The crowd was quite diverse, to say the least, but everyone was very warm and welcoming.  They had a DJ and a high school chorus group for entertainment, followed by a buffet dinner.

I was pleased to find a pretty decent looking salad bar, grilled chicken, and green beans!  I told Jarid I would split a baked potato with him, too, but was full by the time I got around to it…I think I filled up on too much coffee!

He’s pretty new to the company, but it’s clear that everyone loves working with him…who wouldn’t? 

Excuse #4:  Sunday Festivities

First, there was church…they still had two more products left, so the set was still up!

I think you can see more of the detail from this angle, anyway!

We changed outfits in the car, to be more comfortable and got our weekly Wegman’s fix for lunch.

This was my favorite box by FAR.  It had alllll of my favorites:  Kung Pao Shrimp over wokery seared vegetables (squash, mushrooms, onion, and red peppers w/ a simple balsamic marinade), blanched broccoli florets, and baby spinach.  On the side, some three bean chickpea salad (mmmm!).  I could eat this everyday, all day.  Again, we shared fruit & Jarid gave me some of his roasted butternut squash medley

After lunch, we went to a sports bar to watch the football games with some of Jarid’s friends.  We came home from lunch and Momma FF wanted to do Christmas pictures… aka Excuse #5.

Take One

As you can see, this year’s theme was a comfy, cozy Christmas.  Normally, we get all dolled up, but my idea this year (after being asked to get creative by Moma FF), was to sport PJs & bean bags.

Take Two

Help us decide which one will go on the Christmas card by voting, please!

Take Three

Take Four

Take Five


So, whatcha think?  Take One, Two, Three, Four, or Five? Let me know in the comments section!  Thanks for your help! 😉





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  1. You’re so cute! That play sounds so fun!

    I’ve NEVER been to pita pit. Clearly, this needs to change. That looks delicious!

  2. 1, 4, or 5. lol In 2 your eye looks a little funny and 3 is a little awkward. 🙂 Your Wegman’s salad looks delish. So will I see you on either Tuesday?

  3. i just introduced my bf to pita pit and i think he cried a little in happiness! he loves the spreads and meat & i love the huge array of veggies – especially the artichoke hearts! so much better than subway!

  4. take four! adorable!
    i have two little sisters, so this totally resonates with me! 🙂 x

  5. seriously jealous of all the reasons you HAVENT blogged! Especially the free fitness class you got! And all those pictures are adorable. I wish my family took pictures together like that!

  6. Your three are absolutely gorgeous!!! I say take #2! 🙂


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