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Ten Things For Tuesday.

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#1.  Christmas is in FIVE, yes, five days.  I’m sure you’re well aware, but I felt the need to announce it.

 This beautiful tree was up at a Christmas party that Jarid & I attended last weekend.  We had a blast playing Catch Phrase, ping pong, and socializing.

#2.  I’m NOT a fan of this crackle nail polish

I tried it out, in hopes of a festive, Christmasy manicure, but unfortunately, the result was more of a graveyard-esque feel.  I bought the Sally Hansen antique gold…not recommended.

#3. If I had to choose one vegetable to eat everyday for the rest of my life, it’d be a toss up between roasted butternut squash & parsnip fries… only if they were acommpanied by a side of Light Ragu, though.

The cooked squash & zucchini that I ate with them were delicious drizzled in Light Gazebo Room dressing, I might add.

#4.  Props to the boyfriend for matching my Christmas dress without even having to coordinate.  He’s even colorblind!  Impressive, no?

We enjoyed the kids’ Christmas play at my parent’s home church this weekend.  I had several cousins in the production and I’m so glad we didn’t miss it!

#5. While at church, this old woman beside us was relentless on trying to get us engaged.  I swear, she was on us like white on rice.

#6. I don’t want to sound like the grinch, but this week is the FIRST I’ve listened to Christmas music and not felt the need to change the station as soon as it came on.  One week of Christmas music per year is plenty for me.

#7. Since #2 was a fail, I’ve been dying to get ahold of some of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Holiday Collection!


I especially like the candy cane striped version!

#8.  I am getting SO excited to give Jarid his gifts.  I would totally spill what I got him on the blog, but sometimes he reads it…and I don’t want to ruin any surprises!

#9.  I just realized I did a whole bunch of veggie roasts this weekend, as per the photographic evidence.

This salad beast was delicious, thinking back.  Roasted beets, roasted broccoli, roasted brussels, roasted shroomies, and roasted squash atop a bed of baby spinach and drizzled with the last of my Annie’s  Lite Honey Mustard dressing.

* Note to self: order more Annie’s from

#10.  Banana Chocolate Chip Vitatops.



Vitalicious sent me a generous sampling package of these and the Pumpkin Spice variety since I hadn’t had the chance to try them!  Typically, I buy the Deep Chocolate and Golden Corn, which are two of my favorites, but these just may take the cake – pun intended. 🙂

I ate mine slightly thawed but still kinda frozen.  It’s totally dessert worthy.  Try them out of the toaster, too, or microwave them in the plastic for about 45 seconds (which locks in the moisture, so they don’t taste dry).

Tomorrow is hump day!  For once, I’m not ready for the week to be over.  There’s far too much to do and too little time to do it!

What’s one thing you’re diggin’ about this Christmas season?  Anything in particular on your wish list?



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  1. although i’ve just enjoyed lunch, i think that i’m set on a dinner of roasted veggies because yours looks so good! i will add ketchup to mine! i should own stock in heinz. seriously! x

  2. First of all, if you find the Sally Hensen Christmas nail thingies-please let me know where! I have tried two giants, three rite aids, a walmart, target, AND Ulta and I cannot find them ANYWHERE. GRRRR. I wanted the candy cane stripes on my nails SO bad….AND…secondly, WHERE CAN YOU GET THOSE VITATOPS?!?!?!? I LOVE vitatops and I love BANANAS AND CHOCOLATE CHIPS! Pumpkin sounds to die for too!!! I’m super duper jealous right now. Sigh. Are they in any stores locally that you know of? Yeah, I know not in our local Giant but I mean Harrisburg Giant’s or Wegmans.


    • Hey, Toni! I actually DID find the salon effects Christmas strips at Rite Aid on Market Street, just downtown! They are on the little section of all the “new” goodies in the cosemetic area. I think I might try to pick some up this afternoon on my walk. The vitatops I haven’t seen in ANY store yet. Hopefully that will change soon!!!! (: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!


  3. i’m enjoying my first christmas with the boy and free from my ED – so it’s extra special! i get to enjoy him AND some holiday treats! 🙂

  4. I’ve had the banana nut vitatops and the chocolate vitatops but not banana chocolate chip! I want this NOW!

    You and the boy are SO cute. I think we all want you to get engaged 😉 hehe

    Can’t wait to see what you got him!!

    • Oh, you MUST try themmmm. Chocolate & banana were made for each other…this vitatop is proof. haha.

      Thanks, Liz!!! (: We’ve already looked at rings and know we want to be together forever…holidays are off limits for proposals, though 😉 We both think it’s a little cliche. Although….if he asked me, I would never say no! Hehe. Hope you had an amazing CHRISTmas! xo.

  5. hope you had a great holiday, girlie! cant wait to read about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    all of the veggie action looks delish!


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