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Twinkling Of An Eye…

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I say it every year, but this year especially, Christmas and New Years seem to have come and gone in the twinkling of an eye.

So quickly, that I hadn’t even had time to do a proper post!  Sooo, let’s relive the memories of Christmas 2011 and New Years for 2012! 🙂

This year, I had my own personal, handsome santa.  He did WAY too much for me this year…I thought I was excited to give him his gifts, but he was just as excited to give me mine.

I’m pretty sure, I got on his “nice list” by taking him out to dinner courtesy of a sweet Living Social deal I got for Theo’s in Camp Hill.   He talked about the fact that he could really go for a good steak one day, so I thought it’d be perfect, especially since he’s always compromising what he likes to eat for my healthy favorites.

Per usual, he surprised me and ordered baby back ribs.  Might I add, he is the CUTEST guy ever?  It takes talent to drink your soda while managing sauce-covered fingers.  That night, we finished up most of our Christmas shopping and had a blast doing it.

Other than a few morning basketball practices, I’ve been sticking with my elliptical workouts for the most part.

More specifically while watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition on hulu, and after having already done the Insane Abs DVD and some stationary biking. 

Not a bad calorie burn if I do say so myself!

After cleaning up, Jarid met me at our house for a trip to Lancaster to spend most of Christmas Eve with my Dad’s side of the family.

This side of the family is where I get my freckles and red hair!  They always make sure I have options for meals, too, which I really appreciate.

I brought a sweet potato to “bake” in the microwave (1/2 for lunch, 1/2 for dinner), some massaged kale (in Lite Gazebo Room dressing), ate some white meat turkey, some salad with chickpeas, canned, sliced beets, and some blanched green beans and corn.  It was a fabulous Christmas meal.

Afterward, we got to work on this gingerbread house

It was really tough, because the 5tbsp. of water that the confectioner’s sugar icing mix called for was WAY too much.  Luckily, Grammie saved the day and had some on hand so we could turn it into more of a paste.  As you can see, the gingerbread house was caught up in quite the snow storm.  The decorations were blown all over the place by the high speed winds! 😉  Not quite as impressive as last year’s

Christmas Day rolled around, and instead of going to church looking like this:

 We went in our PJ’s!  No joke.  It was PJ Sunday, since a lot of families wanted to go to church (after all, Christ is the reason for the season), the church made it possible for them to come and enjoy it in a relaxed, comfortable setting.  It was a double meaning, too because they used it as Praise Jesus Sunday.  Great idea, right?!  They provided coffee, hot cocoa, and tea for us to enjoy in fellowship together.  It was awesome.  Momma Snyder, joined us, too, which made it extra special for me.

We had an amazing first Christmas together…

Stay tuned for the New Year’s post next! 




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  1. What a great Christmas!!! 🙂


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