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In 2011, ShopRite donated 40,000 cans of food to local food banks in commemoration of 40 years of Can Can savings by way of its famous, annual Can Can Sale. Now in its 41st year, the Can Can Sale has become extra special with the “Cans for FansFacebook program, which enables fans to get involved in the fight against hunger. During the 2012 Can Can Sale (1/5 – 1/21), ShopRite will donate one can of food (up to 50,000 cans) to local food banks in the communities it serves, on behalf of every new ShopRite Facebook fan.

MyBlogspark & ShopRite have teamed up to help fight hunger.  From January 1 until January 31, for every “like” on Facebook, ShopRite will donate 1 canned good to a local food bank.  Please participate!  It’s such an EASY way to help someone in need.  It takes literally little to no effort on your part and it could mean the world of difference to someone who may be starving.




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  1. If I had a Facebook account I’d “like” it. This is such a great cause. 🙂

  2. what a great cause! i “liked” them and i’m happy to support local foodbanks! thanks for passing this on!

  3. spoonfulofsugarfree

    This looks great! Definitely will “like” it.

    I just came across your blog, and I love it! I’m going to be a student-athlete next year, so it is nice to know you still have time to blog, study, and train!


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