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Philly’s More Fun When You Sleepover

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Hi there, strangers 🙂 Long time, no see.  I’ve got LOTS to fill you in on…but first, a little recap of Jarid & my weekend.

I had an away basketball game @ Lehigh Carbon Community College on Saturday starting at 1pm…Jarid made it there by 1/2 time…apparently, there is more than one school with that name? 

The game was super physical, and there was bloodshed.  Mine, to be exact.  I only came out of the game long enough to get taped up, which is just the way I like it.  We came out ontop, victorious, with a score of 58-55!

Straight from the game, Jarid & I took a roadtrip to meet up with friends of ours for the 76ers game!  They gave us the tickets as a Christmas gift!  You remember Mike & Julie?

Check out that blue, Philadelphia skyline! 🙂  We actually checked into our hotel room so I could shower & get cleaned up first thing. 

Hotel Exterior

We were staying in the Sheraton @ Society Hill & it was absolutely beautiful…I had never been to a hotel with valet parking before!

How gorgeous is the lobby?  I especially loved the hanging lights and the water wall…There was even Starbie’s available!  Our room had a king sized bed and Starbie’s in the room, too!

I felt SO lucky…Not only did I get to spend a weekend in a big city with the sweetest, most handsome guy in the world, but we got a great rate on our hotel room, because his Momma works for the accounts payable dept. of a hotel management company!

Next stop, dinner.  I was starving from the game!


Say hello to my very first Whole Foods experience.   Yes, it’s expensive for a hot bar at a food market, yes it’s completely worth it.  I tried a little bit of everything that looked yummy, starting with a base of veggies (sprouts, shredded zucchini, peas, red peppers, cucumbers, and spring mix) and piled on things like buckwheat noodles, seafood & black bean paella, baked tofu, and tofu meatloaf. Mmmm.

By the time we found parking, got our dinners, ate together, and walked back to the car, we were pushing it to make it for tip-off.  We got to the gate (after being backed into by some goober at a red-light – no damage, thankfully) and realized neither of us had enough cash for parking. 

Jarid ran in to the Wells Fargo center, escourted by a cop, and came out to pay the parking attendant.

 PHEW.  Finally, we got to our seats shortly after the game started.

Polish ice for him, coffee for me. 

At this point it had only been the second day that I was the proud new owner of my iphone, and I couldn’t stop playing with it. 

Camwow gave us some interesting shots…

It was a great time with wonderful friends. 


The Sixers kicked the Pistons’ butts!!!  Personally, my favorite play of the game, which we actually missed but saw later on instant replays, was Iguodala’s pass off the backboard to himself for a dunk over the defense on a fast break. STINKING amazing.

Afterward, we were both pretty beat, so we headed back to the hotel.  We had a lot we wanted to do the next day!

Philly, day II coming tomorrow!



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  1. Glad you had a great time! I stayed at that hotel when I stayed over in philly. It was gorgeous!! And not having enough cash for parking is something that happens to KJ and I quite often.


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