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Naked Hands.

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First off, thank you all for the incredible amount of congratulations on Jarid & my engagement! 🙂

We are eccstatic and cannot wait to start the rest of our lives together.  For now, my hands are feeling naked, though.

Not only have I neglected to paint my nails for the past week, but I had to send my ring back to be resized. It was a 7 and I need a 5, unfortunately.  Hopefully, I’ll have it back before I know it!

In other news, we are proud to announce that we have officially named Bowman as our ring bearer.  Check out those baby blues!  They get me everytime.  His Momma, Bran, and my childhood BFF (cousin) & matron of honor, has already been a great deal of help with wedding planning.  We are totally going to pump this event out in six months.

I got an awesome email the other day from Kashi, and I really wanted to share it.

I love it when companies make it SO easy to help out people in need.  Seriously, please go “like” their page.  Starving kids will be benefitting from something SO simple that you can do in less than 30 seconds.

Speaking of starving…you’d think I was when I downed this plate of salad topped with roasted vegetables.

Butterleaf lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red peppers, roasted kale, roasted parsnips, with light ragu for dippage.

I offered some to my fiance, but he was busy with his noodles & grilled cheese, courtesy of Momma FF.

To play a little catch up, I’ll show you these beautiful flowers that Jarid sent to my workplace for Valentine’s Day. 

He ALSO gave me a Freckled Foodie customized apron, a memory book that he made, & energy truffles! 🙂  That guy is amazing, I’ll tell ya.

For HIS Valentine’s gift, I made him a scrapbook, too, and had ordered him a pair of awesome looking Sperry’s that he picked out while we were shopping together one time.

Mens Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Casual Shoe - Black


along with baking him this No Sugar Added Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake Mix, which Sans Sucre sent me for review.  For the record, when it was done baking, I totally sampled it…DELICIOUS! (Official review coming soon!)

The directions say that you need water & oil, but I subbed 2 tbsp. of canned pumpkin for the oil and added red food dye to turn it a nice hot pink color…much more festive.

I wish I had taken a picture, but I actually baked it in cake form and then used a heart shaped cookie cutter to make individual little cakes 🙂  They were pretty cute if I say so myself.

Oh yeah, and he LOVES Nebraska (college football), so I snagged him this tee from American Eagle online.

Valentine’s Day was on a Tuesday, but that didn’t stop us from celebrating…after my basketball practice from 3:30-5:30pm, he met me at school (I used the locker room showers – yuck!), we went to the Pita Pit, got dinner for $7 (it was $3 pita Tuesday!), and he took me to see The Vow.


I have wanted to see it since the first time I saw a preview.  Nicholas Sparks is a genius, amen?  I think I almost cried approximately 5 different times throughout the movie.  LOVE Rachel McAdams.


There’s another NS movie in the works that we saw a preview for, too, which I’m excited about called “The Lucky One” with Zac Efron, who is also growing on me as an actor.

Anywho, how was your Valentine’s Day?



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  1. so excited for you!!!

    and hurray for roasted veggies!!

    i am dying to get a pair of Sperry’s! they are adorable!

  2. He is one cute ring bearer!

  3. I’m sure your ring will be back soon 🙂

    oo I want to see the vow. I take it, its a sad movie for sure then?

    I do love Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. oo and I’ll be seeing the Lucky One with Zac Efron for sure! 🙂

    I didn’t care for Dear John but I did like the Notebook.

    I also want to see the movie that just came out with Reese Witherspoon. The one where she is dating two different guys and they are both secret agents or something. looks good.

    Bowman will be a very cute ring bearer! I hope that the wedding planning goes smoothly..

    Can we get together soon? miss you!

    • Thank goodness, I get the ring back on Saturday! It can’t get here soon enough 🙂 haha. It is sad! But definitely good. You have to see it! I didn’t care for Dear John, either. I haven’t seen the Reese Witherspoon one previewed yet! SOunds good, though. MAybe a girls night out we could go see it? I miss you too! Things are just so crazy right now! When would you be free?

      • I’m pretty much free whenever except Monday and Wednesday nights. I’m waiting to hear from Julie to see if we are still doing dinner on Friday. Saturday I’m going to hear Scott’s band play but thats not till the evening. Let me know when you’re free next. and yes please I want to see the Reese Witherspoon movie with you. 🙂 I know you’re busy a lot thats why its easier to plan when I know when you’re free. lol

  4. I am such a nicholas sparks fan! Although I must say that I’m old school though and love a walk to remember the most 🙂
    And that baby is going to be the cutest ring carrier ever!! I was one for my mom and step dads wedding, which I wasn’t too excited about lol but owell!

  5. Aww what a great Valentine’s Day! I’m so glad you got to see the vow! I still need to see it!! And the lucky one looks so good, I read the book and loved it. Nicholas Sparks is rather amazing.


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