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Daily Archives: March 7, 2012

House Hunting & 1-Month Engagement Anniversary

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I can’t believe it’s already been a whole month since my best friend asked me to spend the rest of our lives together (:  I only mentioned it, because Jarid surprised me at work with a bouquet of flowers.  When I asked what the occasion was, that was his reply.

Last night, we actually went to walk through a potential home for the two of us!

The realtor was very friendly and knowledgable, which made the experience much more pleasant. 

31 Lauren Lane, Halifax, PA

He definitely came prepared.

This one was built in 1988 but just got a new roof in 2006, along with many other recent rennovations. 

31 Lauren Lane, Halifax, PA

It had a fireplaces, which I absolutely adored, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and was on about 3 acres of land in a nice development in my hometown.

See the woodstove in the corner? 

31 Lauren Lane, Halifax, PA

It was one of my favorite attributes, along with the flooring and the closet space in the master bedroom. 

31 Lauren Lane, Halifax, PA

I know sometimes with wood stoves, you have to be careful about carbon dioxide, but the family who previously lived there was always very conscious of it and had detectors placed throughout the entire house.

The kitchen was great, too. 

I love the stainless steel fridge and the appliances had been recently replaced. 

31 Lauren Lane, Halifax, PA

Excellent cabinet space and well cared for surfaces.  It just fit us.

The dining room was a little bit small, but room enough for a little family, which is all we need right now. 

31 Lauren Lane, Halifax, PA

The paint color in there created a soft, warm vibe that I was diggin’. 

31 Lauren Lane, Halifax, PA

This is where we sat to go over the financing, closing costs, and all that good stuff.

The downstairs bathroom was pretty updated, with tile flooring, a modern looking sink, and new style light fixtures. 

31 Lauren Lane, Halifax, PA

This bathroom wasn’t huge, but again, I like the wall color.  Many of the muted tones throughout the house were earthy, which I liked.

Not such great lighting, but again, we were a fan of the bedrooms (this is the only one I took photographs of). 

I LOVE that we would each have our own huge closet (Lord knows, I’d need one).  I even like the doors on each…along with the wall color, again. 

31 Lauren Lane, Halifax, PA

That deep green is one of my favorites!

The second bathroom, upstairs, was much larger than the first.  Pros?  The two sinks.  I think I’d like his and hers 🙂  Cons?  The carpet flooring. 

31 Lauren Lane, Halifax, PA

I think I would be worried about the carpet getting moldy from any potential water getting out of the bathtub/shower.  Easy fix, though!  The realtor said we could put vinyl in for a few hundred bucks.

Bedroom #2 (from the website)

31 Lauren Lane, Halifax, PA

Again, the colors were fresh and inviting.  I could easily see one of our future children taking over this space 🙂

Outside, there is a nice little patio, where I envisioned us having get-togethers and grilling in the summertime. 

31 Lauren Lane, Halifax, PA

IT’s got a gorgeous view of the mountain!

31 Lauren Lane, Halifax, PA

Overall, I really loved it.  The house was out of our price range, but we’ll see what happens!  We are putting our best foot forward and not discounting any of our options!  Please say a prayer for us if you think of it that God would show us the perfect place for us! 🙂  WE know it’s all in His hands.