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A few weeks ago, I tried a “detox” with one of these products from It WorksThe Ultimate Body Applicator is a wrap that you put on any section of your body, wait 45 mins (for your first time), and it completely targets your fat cells, getting rid of any and all toxins.  I was super skeptical, but was asked to write the review for my blog.  I’m a pretty open minded person, so I decided I would judge the products for myself after trying them first-hand…

We measured, marked on my skin, and used a tape measure so that the results weren’t skewed.  The girl who wrapped me said that she had never seen such dramatic results in such a “small girl”.  In just 45 minutes, I had lost a total of 7 ½ inches and my torso felt tight and defined.  The crazy thing is, the complete results aren’t apparent until 3 days later…after that time, I lost an additional 2 inches.   Needless to say, I became a quick believer in the products…I’ve used the Thermofit, the Fat Fighter, and the Greens and absolutely am in love with the company…which led me to become a distributor.  What I liked best was that all of the ingredients (trust me, I did my research ;)) are all-natural.  It isn’t one of those phony claims to make you “lose weight” either…like I said, it’s a detox system from the outside in…inch loss is simply a SWEET side effect. 

Check out more of my experience here or go to my store at

Unlike salon treatments, where you go in, they wrap you up in saran wrap, and make you sweat out water weight, which you gain back in about 2 days, the effects cause fat cells to actually shrink and shrivel up.  They’re much more affordable than spa treatments, too, and for your first time, I’ll let you try one for $25.00, which is the price that the distributors pay for them.  I’m trying to build my business and want to give you the opportunity to see how amazing they are.  

Please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email @ if you’re interested or have any questions whatsoever!  I’d be happy to help!



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  4. Hey did you send this? I am not in a hurry, BUT I just wanted to make sure it didn’t get stolen off my porch. It’s happened with packages before!!


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