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I’m Here!

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Well, the weekend began with a trip to the Orthopedic Institute of PA for an x-ray on my right leg. 

They are still mystified as to what the pain, redness, and swelling could be stemming from!

The good news is, it’s doing much better since I’ve been on the inti-inflammatory medicine. The doctor who checked out the findings explained that it is probably a stress fracture.

I had a stress fracture once before, and this is NOT the same type of pain.  They’ve got me scheduled for an MRI in the near future, so I’ll keep you all up to date!

The weekend was full of favorites…favorite foods (like Brown Rice Mini California Rolls), favorite guys (like Jarid, who not only took me bowling, but also came to church with me again on Sunday :))

 favorite activities (like basketball!), and favorite babies (like Bowman).  I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking from here on out 😉

On weekends, I try my best to make use of the time I have in the mornings to prepare breakfast like these little oat bran cakes ❤ 

They are my favorite lately.  Simple recipe – 1/3 C. oat bran, 1 egg white, pinch of baking powder, pinch of salt, sugar-free vanilla Torani, a few banana chunks, and topped with peanut flour paste. Mmm.


I picked out some cute tops that I’ll bet you never guess how much I paid for them…The brands consisted of Roxy (pink), Ann Taylor Loft (blue), NY&Co. (lilac)

And these comfy, summery sandals.

I managed to visit Bowman, Bran & Jare twice this weekend, which was a total blessing.  Jarid came with me to visit the crew.  I couldn’t get enough of this little man!

Here’s a picture of lunch take out that we ordered in the office the other day.  Random, but it was time to unload some pictures from my camera, so here they are. 

Oh yeah, and this soup is noteworthy, but mainly because of the dippers!

Health Valley Garden Split Pea Soup with Flamous brand Organic Falafel Chips!

I never considered myself much of a chip person until I tried this brand.  They come in an original and a spicy version, but I highly recommend you try them dipped in hummus.  After all, aren’t hummus and falafel basically married? 🙂

You simply can’t argue with nutritional stats and ingredients like these.  All healthy fats, only 118 calories per serving, and the chips are BIG.  Each chip is exceptionally thick, too, not like those flimsy “baked lay’s” or other “healthy” chips. Not to mention the protein and fiber you get along with it! Super impressed with the flavor as well. (We’ll talk about it more on the product review, though).

Anyway, that was my weekend in a nutshell.

Who watched the first episode of The Bachelorette last night?!  My faves so far are JP and William.  Who are yours?!



Weekend Recap!

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Soooo Friday night when I got home, I almost immediately hopped on the exercise bike so that I could get a good workout in before heading to Harrisburg to meet up with some friends.  I biked for about 2 hours while watching “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” on my laptop. 


My family left for my younger sisters’ basketball tournament around 6PM and would be there overnight into Saturday.  I was meeting my friend Rachael and her buddy Wade at Damon’s where they were having dinner and then we headed to Bourbon Street downtown for a little while.  It didn’t last long, which I was glad for because going to a bar isn’t my thing at all…We decided to go bowling instead and made our way to ABC East.  It was a fun night! I got home around 2 AM and went right to sleep.


I woke up to an empty house, as expected and made some breakfast.  I must’ve been craving protein, so I made some frozen berry cottage cheese with Fiber One topping:

Prior to Fiber One Topping.

I did a lot around the house on Saturday like laundry, paying bills, and tidying up.  I also biked on and off alll day until about 4PM.  I had a big date to get ready for!  I was going ice skating with my cousin, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s buddy.  Names will remain annonymous.  I haven’t exactly told him much about the blog yet, as far as what it entails, but he does know I have one and that I’m a nutrition nut.  He was really sweet and brought me a rose 🙂  Not to mention, he was a perfect gentleman all night.  After skating, we needed something to warm us up so we grabbed some coffee and chatted for a little while longer.  After dropping off my cousin and her boy, we sat in the car and chatted for about 1/2 hour before we headed our separate ways.  He invited me to his church the next morning, and I happily accepted.


As late as I got home the night before, I felt like a nice little workout before I went to meet up with [the boy] for church would wake me up a little, so I biked for about an hour.  Only burned about 300 calories

Then I made breakfast:

Greek yogurt+Fiber One+ SF syrup.

After that, I got a shower, I prettied up for church and headed to Carlisle to meet [the guy] for church.  After the service, we went to Panera for coffee together.  I can already tell this is the start of something good.

Then, I met my family in Harrisburg for lunch at the Jade Buffet.  This place is awesome because, along with a salad bar in addition to all the fried nasty chinese food, they’ve got a bar of raw meat and veggies without sauce, completely plain.  You can make a plate of your own meat  & veggies, hand it to the chef, and ask him not to cook it in oil, just water.  Which is exactly what I did 🙂 Sauce on the side, of course.

Shrimp, chicken, onion, sugar snap peas, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, and bean sprouts!

This was TOTALLY my favorite meal of the weekend.  FOR sure.  The sauce that I sprinkled on was brown and watery, with just enough garlicy flavor to spice up my veggies and protein 🙂

For dessert, I had a plate of cantaloupe from the salad bar that went unpictured.

From there, we went to Wolf’s furniture store so my parents could do some bedroom decor shopping.  They bought a new bed frame and furniture to match, which I absolutely love.

Then, we picked my sister up at Messiah and we went bowling!  I’m not very good, but I had a lot of fun and scored over 100 each game! 🙂  Yay.  After bowling, we had plans to go to Olive Garden for dinner, but the wait was outrageously long, so we opted for Applebee’s instead.

Salad with greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, balsamic vinegar & salt/pepper!

I didn’t want any of the salads on the menu or any of the sandwiches, but the waitress really hooked me up with a basic salad & sandwich.  Everything had some sort of fatty dressing/topping, that I just wasn’t feeling.


Turkey, lettuce, tomato, & onion on swirled toast.

 My family had an awesome time too and they got some finger licking food there too!

Randa & Bek.

Myranda’s friend, Bekah who is home from PSU on Spring Break, came with us too!  She ordered the Shrimp & Broccoli alfredo which came in a humungo bowl! It was so pretty that I had to take a photo.


My sisters ordered the Sampler Appetizer to share and the Wonton Tacos!

Wonton Tacos.


Nachos with spinach dip, boneless buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, and a chicken & cheese quesedilla.

After dropping of Randa back at school, we headed home and ended our weekend perfectly by resting up!