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Sometimes I feel like God is whispering when he talks to me.  Other times, it’s like he’s using a megaphone to YELL something at me.  It’s like one of those “thank you, God” moments…He knows EXACTLY what we need, when we need it.  With that, I’d like to share my daily devotional with you:

My wounds fester and are loathsome because of my sinful folly.”
-Psalm 38:5 (NIV)

“It was just a little thing. A small stone or piece of shell I’d stepped on at some point during my walk on the beach. I figured I didn’t need to worry about it. Eventually it would work its way out. So I ignored it and went on with life. But weeks later my plan wasn’t working. The little thing hadn’t gone away. It had only worked its way deeper into my foot. I was having more and more trouble walking. And my little thing had become harder to ignore.

At my husband’s insistence, I finally visited the doctor, who told me that something that could’ve been handled easily at the beginning had now turned into a much bigger problem. What could’ve been as simple as removing a splinter now involved cutting into my foot. I thought of the little things in my life I’ve ignored, letting them work their way deeper instead of plucking them out while they were still easy to get to. Resentment, anger, jealousy, gossip, unforgiveness and unkind thoughts can be plucked out the moment we realize they’re there. But leave them untended and they go deeper. What could be a matter of prayer and accountability becomes a full blown life issue that controls us and causes pain—not just for us, but for others as well. Ignore the little things and they become big problems; plucking becomes carving.

Like our verse today, our sinful folly causes wounds that fester instead of heal. I didn’t take the time to go to the doctor. I didn’t want to mess with the inconvenience or the pain of having my little thing dealt with. I thought I could handle it on my own. But I couldn’t. I needed a physician to do what I could not. It is the same for those little things in my thought life as well. I need the Great Physician to remove what I can’t reach — and do it before it becomes so deep that it’s part of who I am. When I’m struggling with little things, I’ve learned to ask God to help me see what is going on through His Word and prayer. Then I listen to the Holy Spirit’s convictions and seek honesty from friends and family. As a friend of mine says, “The truth might hurt, but the truth also heals.” We must be intentional about being honest with ourselves and do whatever it takes to identify and remove the potentially damaging little things in our hearts and in our thought lives.”


See, last year during basketball season, I was spoiled.  The team that I was playing with was not only exceptional, but they were TOTALLY TEAM ORIENTED.  This year, many times, I feel like we’re just five individuals out on the court together who occasionally pass the ball, but mostly are motivated by self-successes rather than team ones.  If you’ve ever played on a team like this, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  I’m not sure whether it stems from selfishness or the fact that players try too much to take things into their own hands, but in my opinion, teamwork is the most obvious way to be victorious.  After our game last night, which we DID win, I was really torn.  I feel like I’m giving my all to benefit the good of the team.  I can honestly say, I am constantly looking to help my teammates be successful.  I guess I just don’t feel like everyone is there for the same reasons.  It kills me because I’m literally doing everything I know to do to build camaraderie among us, but nothing seems to work.  Don’t get me wrong, we get along.  Alot of the girls consider themselves friends…it’s just that on the court, our chemistry is lacking.  We all work hard, but it’s for ourselves rather than our team, it feels like. 

Regardless of how I feel about the situation, I need to recognize that my attitude about it is the only thing I can control.  If I choose not to, it could turn into a bigger problem than it already is.  I was resentful.  I was angry. I was unforgiving…so much so, that I cried last night while I was venting to my Dad & Jarid about it.  This message was just God’s way of reinforcing what He was trying to tell me last night.  NIP THIS IN THE BUD BEFORE IT OVERWHELMS YOU.  I know I can’t do it on my own, so instead, I’m giving it to God.  He is the only one who can help me through it and feel at peace.

Thank you God for being exactly what I need, each and everyday ❤

Have you ever found yourself trying to ignore problems instead of dealing with them?  Do you need to ask God for help letting go of something that seems to be consuming you?



Stirred Up.

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 Daily Devotional:

“[For] it is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose.” Philippians 2:13 (NIV 1984)


“I took a sip of coffee and grimaced as I peered into the cup. Everything looked like it should, but the coffee wasn’t sweet. Yet I remembered tearing open the little yellow packets and sprinkling the sweet crystals over the surface of the caramel colored liquid. Then I realized that—while I had added the sugar—I had never stirred it into the coffee. Without that stirring action, the sugar couldn’t work all the way through.

I do this with my faith as well. I add all the necessary ingredients. I’ve got my Bible, my devotion subscription, my godly girlfriends, my church, my special quiet time journal, my praise and worship songs, my verses memorized. If you looked at me, you’d say it’s all there.

But I’d rather avoid the stirring up part, truth be told. I’d tell you that I know it’s good for me. I’d tell you that it’s not good to stay in one place. I’d tell you that you should submit to God and let Him stir you up and that I’d be glad to pray for you during that process.

But me? No. Just leave me alone. Let me sit. I’d rather look okay and be comfortable than be stirred up and reach my full potential.

Have you ever had those feelings?

Maybe today you’re feeling stirred up. Your finances or your job or your marriage or your children or your friendships or your dreams feel like a cyclone is swirling through them, leaving you unsettled and unstable. You might be wondering why God is letting this happen, why He’s forgotten you. Not thinking that it just might be His hand doing the stirring. He’s using those swirling forces to reach all the parts of you that He wants to get to. As today’s verse reminds us, He works in you to accomplish His purpose for you.

 Years ago a friend and I were making a big pot of spaghetti sauce. We left the pot on the stove and went off to join our families outside. But when we returned we smelled something burning. We pulled the lid off the pot to peer at the sauce. The sauce looked fine. All the elements were there: the red color, the thickness of the liquid, the chunks of meat and slivers of onions and spices. It was only as we took a long spoon and dug deep into the pot that we discovered that the sauce at the very bottom had become stuck because we hadn’t been inside stirring it up, keeping it moving, not letting it settle. When things get settled, they become stuck.

As you are stirred up in life, thank God that He loves you enough to not let you get stuck, to not leave you bitter. The elements are there—and that’s important—but it’s in the stirring that we become all that He has in mind.”


Breakfast: Sliced pear + Laughing Cow Light Swiss & Cinnamon on a whole wheat cinnamon raisin sandwich thin.

Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty lousy about the fact that it seems like I have to do everything half-assed.  You don’ t have to tell me that writing on my blog recently has been less than stellar.  I’m aware.  My team doesn’t feel like we’re meshing at all during practice.  I’m supposed to be a leader.  My A&P grade is no where close to where I need it to be.  To add to the mix, I’m teaching my first nutrition class this Saturday morning, and I’m not the least bit prepared.  At work, I feel stacks of paperwork piling up.   At home, I’m stressed about everything that I’m not completing…Jarid has been totally gracious and helpful in keeping my attitude stay in check.  I feel bad though, because when we’re together, I want to be the best girlfriend I can be for him…Not one aspect of my life, do I feel like I’m fulfilling to the best of my ability.

This devotional made me realize, that although I feel as though I’m being pulled in 1920348039468 different directions, God is the one who’s doing the pulling.  He made these opportunities possible for me for a reason.  There’s a greater purpose that maybe I can’t see in the moment, but He’s in control.   

Baby spinach salad with shredded cabbage, sliced baby bell peppers, cucumber, roasted parsnips, jicama, roasted turkey breast & Annie’s Lite Honey Mustard

He might even be using these things in my life to touch and shape me in the areas that are unreachable in any other way.  He’s using me for His purpose, and I can find joy in that.

Anytime I can spend with this guy is a blessing counted.

This weekend, I made him chicken fajitas with some simple frozen veggies (red & green peppers and onions), chicken strips, Mrs. Dash fiesta lime, and 8 Grain tortillas.  He loves when I cook “healthy meals” for us to enjoy together.  I would’ve typically eaten them with him, but I was craving a big plate of veggies, so the salad you see above is what I ate.

It was the least I could do.  After all, he bit the bullet and tried ice skating with me.

He was a first timer, so I felt bad when he got frustrated….there’s not really any way I could’ve helped him, but we made a couple rounds holding hands…the rest of the time, he was kind of glued to the wall, which is exactly the way I was my first time.

Probably not the best time to take a picture, I realize…but it’s moments like this that I never want to forget…besides, he says he wants to go back.  I mentioned once that I would love to skate in the Rockerfeller center in NYC at Christmas time…he’s determined to be there holding my hand (:

What’s something God is teaching you right now?

What’s something you’ve got on the “bucket list”?


Great Intentions

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Great Intentions


“…for, the training of the body has a limited benefit, but godliness is beneficial in every way, since it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.” – 1 Timothy 4:8

Breakfast: Rudi’s Organic Multi-grain English Muffins with Flax, 1 Sonoma Jack’s light pepperjack cheese wedge, and two spoonfuls of sugar-free lite cherry pie filling


I recently had breakfast with one of my good friends, Dave Jenkins, and we were talking about the show “The Biggest Loser” and how so many people buy fitness equipment and then never use it. He shared this quote with me: ”The world has all these great intentions. Too bad most end up in the basement unused.” How true. Even in my own life, I’d started to workout, lose weight and get back in shape many times only to stop way too soon. All those efforts fall into the “great intentions” pile.

In 1 Timothy, Paul urges Timothy (who might have been a good athlete) to teach others to focus on spiritual training because it will reap more benefits than physical training in the end of this life and in the life to come. Many young believers start out on fire and growing in the ways of Christ, but as each day passes, like our physical training routines, we get lazy and complacent and stray from our initial desire to get one day better. In this case, to get one day better in Him and closer to Him.

Since our physical life is paralleled by our spiritual life, it begs the question of where we should turn. How many times do we start to read our Bible daily, do our devotions, pray with our families, pray with our spouses, etc., but we fall short and are left with nothing more than great intentions?

What do you want to do about all these great intentions? I know what my desire is: to turn them into great accomplishments for God’s glory. Undone intentions really don’t mean a thing and will not get you where you want to go in life. Start today to turn these intentions into action plans that, with accountability, will become a part of your regular day-to-day life. You can do it, and you can honor God in the process!

Lunch: Katie’s Miscellaneous Quinoa Salad atop a bed of baby spinach


1. Have you ever purchased fitness equipment that you intended to use, but wound up casting aside?
2. How does your spiritual life compare to your physical life?
3. What do you need to do today in order to turn your great intentions to amazing accomplishments with God’s help?

Snackage: 1 fuji apple + peanut flour paste (1/4 C. peanut flour, sea salt, & splenda)


Psalm 33:11
1 Corinthians 9:24-27
Galatians 5:17

Dinnerrr time

A vegetable peeler comes in handy

Creating pretty little ribbon-like zucchini noodles

Which can be bulked up with some cherry tomatoes, snap peas, and anything else you want to throw in the mix.  I think chickpeas or grilled chicken is my favorite protein in this dish!  Tofu might be yummy, too 🙂

Finish off the dish with a light, summery dressing like Kraft Free Zesty Italian

Just 15 calories in 2 tbsp!

Not the most fabulous ingredients list, considering high fructose corn syrup is the second ingredient, but you win some, you lose some 🙂 



Another Day In The Life.

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Getting in the Game 


So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed Him, ‘If you continue in My word, you really are My disciples.’”- John 8:21

SET:  In playing sports or just in normal life, we often hear it said that we need to “get in the game,” meaning that we need to mentally focus on whatever task we’re doing. I grew up playing sports and was quite a hyper child. My coaches constantly had to tell me to slow down and focus on what I was doing. Even today, that is difficult for me and for many of us as our minds tend to wander, and we get distracted by the constant activity of things that are going on around us.

Focusing—or, getting in the game mentally—takes discipline, and it is an important practice for us if our goal is to be at our best mentally and physically. The sport or task really doesn’t even matter. It’s true for normal life and work as much as it is for sports, and it’s so important if we want to do our tasks well and with as few mistakes as possible.

If focusing is so important in life and sports, why do we believe that it is any different when it comes to following Christ? According to many polls, the average Christian today spends little to no time reading the Bible and even less time actually meditating on it as we are told to do in Scripture (see some of the referenced verses below). Is it any wonder why we have such a sin problem, even in the church?

If we want to follow Christ, then we need to follow Him—to seek Him out daily as we’re told, and then take Him with us throughout our day by meditating on His Word. We can’t give our best for Him if our minds are constantly elsewhere. Remember, it’s those who discipline their minds to abide or live in the Word of God that really experience true freedom through Jesus Christ. Read it for yourself in John 8:31-36, and, as your coach would say, “get your head in the game.”

1. Do you spend time alone with Christ daily?
2. How much time do you spend thinking about or meditating on God’s Word?
3. Do you really want to follow Christ? If so, how are you seeking Him out?


Joshua 1:8
Psalm 1
Psalm 119:11, 105
John 8:31-36
James 1:25

It’s been crazy hot lately, as you can see from the picture.  96º is nothing to mess with. 

By the time I arrived at work yesterday, I was pretty warm, and when lunchtime rolled around I was glad to have packed something light and refreshing.

Ribboned zucchini, diced tomatoes, and grilled chicken breast with fat-free lime basil dressing drizzled overtop.

I felt like the workday was here and gone in the blink of an eye, which I’m definitely not complaining about.  It was a good day.

I tried a new-to-me afternoon snack today!

Eat. Think. Smile. Bars which were given to Momma FF to pass down to me, by one of her AWESOME clients for review on the blog! In Gear Cycling & Fitness has two locations, one in Hummelstown and one in Cleona!  The bars weren’t my favorite (a bit dry, but with good flavor/ingredients!), but I also got some of the Crispy Thins & Granola Clusters which are DELICIOUS.  The full review is coming soon 😉

Next stop: YMCA!

Haha.  Cheesin’.

No makeup.  Ha.

We did 30 minutes of cardio (each on the elliptical), and then a circuit of ab work and some pushups.  Note:  Side planks are much more difficult and efficient when you have a partner to literally try to push you over.  Maintaining balance takes more corework!  Haha.  I finished up with another 30 minutes on the Cross Ramp and then went home to shower, grub, and relax.

Spinach salad with diced tomatoes, chickpeas, and light balsamic vinaigrette

For some reason, on hot days nothing tastes better than a refreshing, light salad.  Accompanied by a protein shake made with another newbie product that I heard about from Julie.

ABOUT TIME whey protein shakes

I may or may not have also eaten the rest of the chickpea can contents sprinkled with cinnamon & splenda.  Don’t knock cinnamon sugar splenda chickpeas til you’ve tried them.  Those Auntie Anne’s cinna sugar pretzels have NOTHING on them 😉


The rest of the night was spent watching the Dallas vs. Heat basketball game curled up on the couch together.  We actually flipped back and forth between that and John Q. (which is an excellent movie!).  Guys have come and gone, but I reallly like this one 😉

Happy Hump Day! 😀


That’s What You’re Here For.

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Let’s start things out with a daily devotional, shall we?

My parents have been strong spiritual leaders since I can remember.  When I was a kid, they always took us to church on Sunday mornings, encouraged us to stay involved in youth group, and to grown in our faith.  I can’t imagine growing up any other way, and it baffles me that some kids just don’t get that from their parents.  I heard a quote this past Sunday at church that keeps ringing in my ears…

“Don’t say, “Why doesn’t God do anything about all the suffering in the world?”, unless you’re ready to hear God say, “That’s what YOU’RE here for”.

It’s our JOBS to be the people in the world bringing others to Christ. That’s our purpose!

My day began with a lovely bootcamp session with Miss Jessie.  The focus was mainly on ARMS, which I despise…but it was good for me, so I won’t complain too much. 

Almost 290 calories burned by 6:30AM!  Not too shabby 😉 Max HR 143.

By the time I was finished in the shower, my belly was telling me it needed some fuel.  Breakfast was served!

In the fridge, overnight, I left 1/4 C. oat bran, 3/4 huge baked sweet potato, 1 tbsp. chia seeds, and 3/4 C. unsweet vanilla almond breeze with Splenda mixed in.  By the time I got to eat it, it was like sweet potato cookie dough<3

For just a minute, let’s talk about this ridiculous amount of COLD WEATHER that our area has been “blessed” with.  I have to call it that, because for some reason, God must think we need the snow just a little bit longer 😉  Oh well!  His ways are greater than ours, so…

Onto lunch.

It was basicall a mish-mosh of any and every vegetable I had on hand.  Among these, were steamed broccoli, butternut squash chunks, and little bit of yellow pepper.  For protein, some seasoned black beans and a Light Ragu bath.

This is my “I-don’t-have-time-for-anything-but-the-blowdryer” hairstyle.  Literally, I put Aussie sprunch spray in my hair, or Granier Fructis  spray gel, blow it dry, scrunching it up with my hands, and run out the door.  Bootcamp mornings are typically like that.

A little while later, after our walk break around the captiol complex, I had a snack.

Since I missed out on whole grains at lunch, I compensated by having a Light Flat Out spread with sugar-free peach jam + 1 Sonoma Jack’s pepperjack cheese wedge.  A fruit roll up, if you will.

After work, I came home and planned to do AB Ripper X and some more cardio, but after the first few moves, I literally just laid there and took a nap. I burned uh…71 calories. HA.

When I woke up, I mosied upstairs and decided to put some effort into a healthy dinner

I put the goodies I grabbed at the Broad Street Market to good use in this bowl!  Steamed kale, baby bellas, zucchini, squash, and purple cabbage with a mix of a teeeensy bit of black beans, quorn ground crumbles, and garlic lovers hummus topping.

Mmmm.  YUM.  A food baby was born ❤

Dessert was low-cal light wheat toast dipped in sugar-free Log Cabin syrup.  Like french toast, except without the egg and frying part 🙂

Some of you have been wondering how the nail effects stickons are coming along, so here’s an update:

Going strong!  I’m hoping they stay until Easter. 

I can’t even imagine Easter in these temperatures.  Here’s to hoping it warms up by then!  What are your Easter traditions?  Do you have any?  We hunt Easter eggs with my ENTIRE extended family!  Hopefully it won’t be a snowy hunt, this year.



Wow, God.

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Daily Devotional:

Yet another peanut flour & banana breakfast was on the menu this morning.  This time, Kashi took part in the meal, providing seven whole grains from these waffles 🙂

23g of whole grains, 6g fiber and 560mg of beneficial ALA Omega-3

Wafflewich, anyone?  Common, I know Holly and I aren’t the only ones obsessed with this combo. 

When I went outside to leave for work, I had a “WOW, God” moment.  Sometimes, His creations just astound me and stop me dead in my tracks.  Don’t you love moments like that?  From this second, I knew today was going to be a good day.  I was going to MAKE it one.  Life is too short not to be joyous 🙂

I did forget my gloves for the walk to work, so my fingers were icicles by the time I arrived at my building, but they thawed quickly.  *Note to self: Paint your fingernails.

Around 10am on our morning break, a girl at my office and I decided that the sun was shining enough to take a walk.  We took a lap around the Capitol building into downtown Strawberry Square and headed back.  It was great to get some fresh air.  Spring is soon here!

Not sure what exactly inspired this lunch today, but it was good, never-the-less.

Of course, the mix of greens was fabulous, but my favorite part was the spaghetti squash that I topped the romaine with!  It meshed well with the Balsamic Glaze that I used for dressing.

Shredded romaine, cucumbers, snap peas, lima beans, sketti squash, and orange pepper drizzled with raspberry balsamic glaze

For protein and carbs, I incorporated a new-to-me snack.

They’re kind of like rice cakes, only lighter.  I got the “Apple Cinnamon” flavor and crumbled a few up.  Into my bowl of fat-free cottage cheese & cinnamon they went. 

3/4 C. fat free cottage cheese + cinnamon & 3 crumbled Crispy Wheats

Again, the sunshine through the windows teased Amber and I all afternoon, so guess what we did on our 3PM break?

Yep, another lap around the Capitol building.

When I got back to my desk, I had a note from my “work hubby” haha.  One of my guy friends that actually started working for the State at the same time I did, always jokes that “if he wasn’t married”…

Completely innocent, I can assure you.  But it was a nice little pick-me-up to get a note from a friend.  The only person I really look forward to hearing from during the day is D, though.  When he first got to Germany, I heard from him about twice a day, which was awesome.  Lately, I feel like I’m lucky to get a message.  I know it should be expected…and it is, it’s just hard because I’m constantly wondering what he’s doing and how he is.  Funny how one of D’s messages can make or break my day…I don’t know that it’s such a good thing

 I had a juicy, fuji apple for an afternoon snack.

Work stayed busy, and at 4pm, I hurried out the door to get to a basketball meeting that coach had called.  It was really good to see all the girls again.  We haven’t gotten together since our State Championship game, and I’ve missed them.  I found out lots of things: A- There is going to be a formal awards banquet in May; B- We are going to start having open gyms again (thank God!); C- We get to participate in a summer league!; and D- At the request of someone at Fort Indian Town Gap, we will be scrimmaging an Army team of girls from all around the country on March 19th!

When I got home, I had a taco-themed sandwich for dinner.

2 slices whole wheat bread, 1/4 smashed avocado, 1/4 C. fat free refried beans and 2 tbsp. Pace salsa

I’m not a fan of “light” breads, like this stuff which was only 45 calories per slice, but it was on its last leg, so I used it up…toasted, of course, to avoid the staleness. 

The rest of dinner was a veggie feast.  Roasted broccoli, squash, zucchini, mushrooms, and parsnips with light Ragu and Cedar’s tzatiki dippers.

After dinner, I got to working on my fitness in the comfort of my basement.  First up, Shaun T and insane abs and then some biking and elliptical.  I guess I should probably change up my routine.  Any suggestions?


Biggest Loser was the entertainment of choice on this particular night.  Totally inspirational the frame of mind changes that these people go through.  On this episode, the contestants got to go home for 2 weeks and when they came back, they had to run a 5k.  Hulu rocks, by the way.

346 calories, 1:36:10, max HR 155

I cut it kinda short tonight.  I was just tired and wasn’t feeling it, so I stopped, got a shower, ate an orange, and watched American Idol with my Dad.  I only saw one person sing, but she was definitely the best. 

She was given a standing ovation and completely deserved it.  I knew bootcamp at 5am would come early, so I got to bed at a reasonable hour…probably around 11ish, but beforehand, I had a green monster.

3/4 C. Unsweetend Vanilla Almond Breeze, sugar-free vanilla syrup, huge handful baby spinach, 1/4 C. canned pumpkin and a dash of peanut flour

It was a good, good day.  I hate that I feel like I’m on a constant emotional roller coaster, even though I’m pretty good at hiding it and acting like I’ve got it all together when I interact with people.  I get frustrated with the fact that I don’t always feel appreciative for the hand I’ve been dealt and for the people I love in life.  Maybe it’s a fault of mine that I keep myself so busy in order to avoid dealing with those feelings?  Can anyone relate?

In other news, check out Blyss’s awesome SHOT GLASS giveaway!  She’s got an ETSY shop, too! 🙂



Pet Peeves.

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Morning folks. 

It’s only 10:30am and I’ll admit, I’m already in need of an attitude adjustment.  I was an hour late to work this morning due to idiot drivers who don’t know how to merge.  GRRRRRRR.  I get SO frustrated by that.  Seriously.  You should have to retake your drivers test at least once every ten years, in my opinion.  Either people are totally oblivious or just don’t care!  THEN to top it off, I get to work and someone parked in my spot.  I have a parking pass.  They don’t.  Talk about a snowball effect…Okay. Done being negative.  On to the positive!

Anyway, last night was a lot of fun.  When I got home from work, I was excited to see some new products for review!  So stay tuned to find out which ones I loved!  After tearing open all the boxes, I decided on some s’mores soy crisps + a Jonagold for some stationary bike fuel:  

Cheating With Chocolate - Click to enlarge

Sensible Portions S'mores Soy Crisps




I found “Super Size Me” on Hulu and decided to use it as entertainment while biking last night.  I had seen the movie before, but forgot just how ridiculous it made McDonald’s look.   


Granted, I don’t agree with suing fast food companies for lack of self control in Americans, but it is truly amazing how harmful processed fast foods can really be to our bodies!  

 It almost grossed me out to the point of nausea a little bit.  Makes me proud to say that I haven’t eaten fast food in over two years (nor do I have any desire to).  

Anyway, after the movie, I decided to make some dinner.  I bought some lite tofu at the store the other day and ate the entire container (biking 50 miles makes a girl hangry!) Gliding Calm style (uncooked) with Tribal Moose Cranberry Barbeque sauce.  

Raw Tofu & Tribal Moose

 Then I treated myself to one of these yummmmmmy RUSH bowls for dessert (stay tuned for reviews once I’ve tried them all!):


After I showered, I organized the jewelry box that I got for Christmas, since it finally got attached to my wall, and then played cards with the little sister the rest of the night.  I got a craving later for the weirdest food ever.  Canelli beans!  I seriously ate them straight from the can after sprinkling in some splenda.  I know I’m a weirdo, but I’ve learned to give in to cravings.  Maybe it was my body telling me I needed some iron? Who knows.

Breakfast this morning was a no fail combo of:


Fiber One + Strawberry Oikos

On tonight’s agenda we’ve got a sibling basketball game & biking! Tomorrow is Friday, so there’s your silver lining!  I think I’m also going to start posting a daily Bible verse from my Daily Devotionals.  A little positive encouragement for the day 😉  Here you go!:
“Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for your brothers, love one another deeply, from the heart (1 Peter 1:22).”
Challenge for Today: Love without reserve.
Wow.  Attitude adjustment = CHECK! 🙂
OH! And here is an awesome giveaway you should definitely check out for Barney Butter!  But please don’t win, because I’d really like to 🙂