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The Good Life: Part II

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Sunday morning, I had plans to go for another run, but opted to stay in bed and later walk to Wawa for coffee with the boy.

After we got back, we ate breakfast with Julie & Mike and headed out to the beach for day two. 

We weren’t able to attend church, so we did devotionals together on the sand.  It was so neat.  I love that we met another Christian couple and have decided to meet on a monthly basis for a bible study!

Jarid & I wanted to do something nice for Julie & Mike since they were kind enough to let us stay with them while we were there, which saved us a lot of money, so we took them out to lunch after we were done on the beach, before we headed home. 

Julie has allergies to a lot of different foods, including gluten, so I thought it was cool that this place called Green Cuisine Restaurant had a ton of gluten-free options.  There were about 23947982374 different things on the menu that I wanted to try!  If we ever get to go back to Avalon, I think we will definitely have to go back to this place!


I chose the California Salad, which was a base of mixed greens with marniated artichokes, avocado, tomato, sprouts, mushrooms, and egg which I switched out for turkey. The dressing was a homemade low-fat citrus vinaigrette (I’m pretty sure the main ingredient was orange juice!)

We wandered around the shops for a bit before heading home.  There was so much we put on our possible to-try list if we ever make it back there…in fact, I’m going to document it so we don’t forget 😉

  • Atlantic City – Caesar’s Palace
  • Island Studio Paint Your Own Pottery (
  • Island Watersports
  • Peace A Pizza (


    It was time to say goodbye to the beach, since we had dinner plans with my parents.   They met us in Harrisburg for a low-key meal at Hoss’s which ended up being perfect.  The drive home was a rainy, stormy one, but the boy handled it like a champ.

I ordered the broiled scallops sans butter and a baked sweet potato with the salad bar.

I was pretty pleased at the amount of healthy desserts Hoss’s had available too.  I couldn’t make up my mind and since it was a buffet, I grabbed a little cup of each to try. 

The only one I actually ate was the no sugar added butter pecan.  It was delish!

When we got home, the parents gave me my birthday present & sang happy birthday with a candle in a chocolate Vitatop.  They are the best (: 

A little bit of history behind the gift…when I turned 16, my Daddy took me shopping to buy my first pair of diamond earrings.  It was really special.  Unfortunately, 16 year-olds (at least this one), wasn’t very responsible and somehow lost one of them.  I was absolutely devastated.  More-so because of the sentimental value than the retail.  This birthday, Momma & Poppa FF gave me a replacement pair!  They are absolutely beautiful princess cut studs , and I promise a picture soon!  ❤

I could not possibly feel more blessed.


Beach Bums, OCNJ Style.

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We may not always have the picture perfect family relationships, but when it comes down to it, we would do anything for each other

When you live with people, there are bound to be confrontations, especially when you throw family dynamics into the mix.  Fortunately, we have beach trips like the one this weekend to give us a little break from reality and just allow us to enjoy each others’ company for a little while.

We rented a room for a night at the Tahiti Inn, just off of the Boardwalk at 9th street.

The room was decent, but I was a little disappointed that it didn’t include a microwave.  I brought along some Coach’s Oats to make for breakfasts

Basic, but clean, which in my opinion, is most important. 

The place had a few weird rules, like the fact that the pool closed at 6pm, but in the end, we didn’t spend much time there anyway.

Before we went, I did a little research to get an idea of some boardwalk food that I could cope with.  Unlike my sisters, I couldn’t stomach eating HUGE greasy pieces of pizza (although somedays it looked good!) with cheese fries everyday for lunch.

The Bashful Banana was my saving grace while we were there.  I never thought in a million years that I would be so excited for meals over the course of our stay.  Usually I’m stuck eating the same boring meal, steamed shrimp or grilled chicken & side salads.

See what I mean?  Homemade veggie burgers & hummus, turkey cheese steaks, peanut noodles, and whole grain options?  Heaven sent.

You haven’t even seen their breakfast menu!

Not to mention their delicious case of wholesome baked goods!  No worries about the microwave, because it gave me an excuse to try out their Blueberry Oat Bran, Raisin Carrot Walnut, and Banana Oat Whole Grain muffins made with no refined sugars, and low in calories & carbohydrates.  They had vegan options, too! (<–Can’t wait to go back next year and try the vegan brown rice pudding!)

One day for lunch, Momma FF even came with me!  I was excited to share the experience with her.  Out of all the yummy things SHE would’ve enjoyed on the boardwalk, she chose to try something I liked.  It really meant a lot to me (:

She chose the Mexican pizzaa white tortilla with salsa, onion, black olives, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese under the broiler with some vegetable bean soup.

 While I went with the naked veggie burger (brown rice based) served on mixed greens with tomatoes, homemade hummus, carrots, cucumbers & sprouts with watermelon & honeydew.

With chilled gazpacho soup as an appetizer, complete with celery stick & multi-grain bread (which I skipped because I wanted to save room).  I wish we had been there for more than just the weekend, so I could’ve tried more of their dishes!  Especially breakfast 😉Other highlights during the course of the trip included nights on the boardwalk.Poppa FF, Morgy, & I hit the arcade and had a blast while the kids were doing the rides in the amusement park area. We did some shopping, too.I think this may have been the first trip to the beach that I didn’t purchase a tie-dye t-shirt! Don’t ask me why, but I seem to be drawn to them.

I know, I’m kind of working backward, but I guess I posted the most exciting stuff first, but to rewind a bit, each morning began with a run & a bike ride.

I woke up at my leisure with no alarm and no schedule, which was AMAZING in itself, around 8/8:30am. The boardwalk usually wasn’t TOO busy until I was on my way back to the hotel.

One morning after my 5.5 mile run, the family decided to go on a bideride together.

We went the entire length of the boardwalk (which wasn’t too far – only about 2.5 miles) to a restaurant that Momma FF was a huge fan of.  I think my Godfather introduced her to it, so it was special.

Oves makes their very own apple cider donuts, which are apparently pretty popular.  We got to sit outside and enjoy some iced coffee together while the waitress took care of our meal orders.

Other than the iced coffee, they didn’t have much that appealed to me, and I was really craving peanut flour paste.  Knowing that restaurants don’t always have things you want to eat, you always go prepared (: 

I brought along an empty plastic tub (the little tiny ones that trident white gum comes in!), filled it with one serving of peanut flour, and mixed some at the table.  All I ordered was a banana and I whipped out a La Tortilla Factory whole wheat, low carb wrap to insert the fillings.  Everyone is used to this kind of behavior, so it was more of a joke than anything.

More important than the food was the company.  The sisters loved their cheesy omelette and chocolate chip pancakes! It was a breezy morning, so eating outside on the deck was perfectly relaxing. 

After breakfast & the bike ride back to our place, it was BEACH TIME.

Momma & Poppa FF got to spend some quality time with their goddaughter, too.  They were jumping waves and oblivious to the fact that I was snapping pictures.  Although, it’s kind of expected with the blog and all.

You can bet I wasn’t going to miss out on photo opps with Bowman, either!  His first OC, NJ experience would be fully documented 😉

Momma & baby ❤

Before I knew it, lunchtime rolled around.  It was actually more like 1:30PM when I ventured out to The Bashful Banana for this divine spread.

Homemade hummus with 2 slices of whole grain toast, pita chips (which I nixed- I’d rather have the BREAD), red peppers, green peppers, cucumbers, carrots, & celery (underneath).

I’m pleased to say, my tan from the Outer Banks has FINALLY returned 😀  and more than that, we had a wonderful time together overall.  I love my family and am very grateful that they included me in their trip, regardless of the frustrating posts where I vent about our disagreements, I am extremely blessed to have the family that I do.

With that, Happy Monday, bloggies ❤




Face It Friday

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It’s time to face the facts

…not many of my co-workers would have any idea what peanut flour is, and would probably look at me like I’m a weirdo if they came into my cubicle and saw me snacking on this…not that it’ll stop me 🙂

…my black bean, carrot, baby corn, snap pea, tomato salad on a bed of romaine probably wouldn’t be the most appealing lunch to a typical 22-year old…they don’t know what they’re missing.  Besides, who likes to be “typical“? 

…my La Tortilla Factory whole wheat, low carb wrap spread with Sonoma Jack’s pepperjack cheese & sugar-free strawberry Smucker’s is going to trump answering a phone call while I’m on my afternoon break at work.  It’s a “break” for a reason!

…the gym peeps at the YMCA where Jarid & I workout are probably getting so tired of witnessing our shenanigans while we’re there.  We have too much fun giggling and challenging each other that it probably gets annoying.

…but don’t think that their opinion is going to stop us from PDA while we’re hot, sweaty messes…or taking photo documentation for that matter 😉 

 Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


Heat Wave.

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Oat bran is easily my go-to breakfast when I have time to actually cook  something up.  1/3 C. oat bran + 1 egg white + cinnamon + 1 splenda packet + pinch of each baking soda & salt with fat-free milk and sugar-free maple syrup drizzled on top

And yes, I consider microwaving, cooking 😀

I mean who cares if I wasn’t slaving away over a hot oven to get a result like this, right?

There is a heat wave warning in our area for the next two days, which meant a mandatory sundress for this chick to wear to work.

The boots were probably a dumb idea, since it was so warm, but I promised a lady from work (who is really into western stuff and rides horses) that I would sport them for her before she retires 🙂

For lunch, we went out for our division chief’s birthday.

Any of you locals ever try The Firehouse Restaurant on 2nd Street?  It’s actually an old firehouse converted!  They use an old fire hydrant as the beer tap if you can see it behind the bartender’s head.

My selection was a large firehouse salad which came with chickpeas, onion, tomato, mushrooms, cucumbers, and mixed greens.  I nixed the roasted sunflower seeds.

I was in a toss up between this and the Fresh Seared Tuna Tower which came over a bed of seaweed salad, but it was so warm outside that I was just craving cold, crisp veggies.

1 slice Rudi’s 14 Grain bread with Tribe 40 Spices hummus ontop

When I got home, I had a snack before the boy and I went to the gym.  I did a brief 35 minutes on the elliptical before deciding that it was too beautiful of a day to be wasted indoor exercising, so I grabbed Jarid and we went for a little jog around a nearby development. 

Afterward, we did some abs and headed home to whip up some dinner

Spaghetti squash, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, light Ragu, and fat-free cottage cheese

I was thankful when I got home that I had done a bunch of prepwork this weekend, because I basically threw some veggies in a bowl, threw it in the microwave, and topped it with some sauce and protein and called it a meal.

Dessert?  Mandatory.

Sweet Delites Philly Swirl popsicles

14 calories, 0 sugar

Simple refreshment.  The rest of the night J and I spent watching “500 Days Of Summer” and hanging around in comfy clothes relaxing.  Winding down is my favorite part of the day, lately. 

Before bed, I also had a little bowl of Fiber One cereal with the last of my light soymilk.  It helped me sleep!




The Real Deal.

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 Turns out, you all know me wayyy too well.  Haha.  McDonald’s, Taco Bell & Dairy Queen just were not convincing enough to fool ya 😉 Sooo here’s the real deal:

I’m sure you’ve realize by now, that Tuesday’s and Thursday’s mean boot(Y)camp for this chick and her Momma.  Yesterday’s class, we got paired up and had to do a variety of moves with a partner. 

We all need somebody to lean on, right? 🙂  I know Momma probably get’s annoyed sometimes that I come along…  I know she used to enjoy getting some “her” time in, and I didn’t mean to intrude on that…but to be honest, I’m really glad we get to do something like this together.  My Dad and I always got to go to tournaments for AAU basketball together, leaving Momma with the two girls at home.  I wouldn’t trade that time with my Dad for anything, but my Mom and I never really got that.

 The camera ate my breakfast picture.  It was pretty basic.  Just a green monster + 2 kashi whole grain waffles drizzle in sugar free syrup.

It snowed even MORE last night.  I’m hoping this is just a cruel April Fool’s joke from Mother Nature and that snow isn’t going to be a common occurence this month.  I’m ready for SUNshine.

Lunch was a pretty green salad with tomato, peppers, and cucumbers + balsamic glaze rounded out by some spaghetti squash + Dr. McDougall’s lentil & couscous soup mixed together.

Snack later was this meatless “jerky”

Primal Meatless Vegan Soy Jerky.  Sounds gross, tastes AWESOME.  It’s not super dry like real beef jerky is.  It’s got a ton of flavor and 10g of protein for just 100 calories.  My muscles thanked me.

I figured out that between the trek to my car and the two trips around the capitol that we take everyday on break, I walk about 3 miles in addition to any actual exercise that I do.  Good news!

I threw some frozen pineapple in a little ramekin for an after work snack and by the time I got to eat it, the slush was super refreshing.  Gotta get that Vitamin C in!  I do NOT want to get another cold.

I was invited to work out with the boys’ basketball team from 4:30-6PM, and I couldn’t pass it up.  Their coach was running strength training and agility sessions and I was excited to be part of it! 

It was exhaustinggggg.  676 calories burned in just over an hour.  First, we warmed up with lunges, high knees, army marches, and jogging the length of the court.  Then, we moved on to sprints with pushups on the basketball (way harder than normal pushups…try it!), sit ups dribbling the ball (easy as cake), and pilates with the bball.  The last two moves were simple.  Next, we laid on the baseline on our stomachs and when he blew the whistle, had to get up, sprint to the other end and do the same thing.  Several other similar drills like that were done, too like defensive slides, figure eight sprints, resistance sprints, and high jumps.  We finished with jump rope…at this point, my legs felt like jello.  We totaled 5 minutes with both legs and 3.5 minutes with each our right and left legs by themselves.  HOLY MOLEY.  I think I did myself in by going to bootcamp that morning…and then walking 4 miles in transition at work…and THEN going to do this stuff.

Dinner was totally worth the effort, though. While I had this cookie sheet loaded with fibery foods,

 I had an appetizer of some whole grains.

Toast with sugar free syrup for dipping.  It was like a lazy girl’s french toast, kinda?  The less dirty dishes, the better 🙂

Soon, the entree was served and my belly was content.

Grilled chicken with light Ragu, brussel sprouts roasted in sugar free maple syrup, baby bellas, squash, and broccoli with NutraSalt & pepper along with Cedar’s garlic lover’s hummus and Tzatziki.

Actually, I was rather stuffed.  Water dense vegetables have that effect…especially combined with a high protein food…and since I probably guzzled 2 liters of water on my car ride home from the gym, not two hours before.

What foods combo fills you up the most?  Sharing is caring 🙂


Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures!

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I was running super late for work this morning.  Not because I got up to workout, but because I couldn’t pull myself out of bed after the crazy night I had last night.  I decided to go out with a few friends from the guys’ basketball team and things got a little nuts!  Before I knew it, I was passed out and woke up with an insane hangover, so I just picked up a random breakfast on my way to work.  McDonald’s saved the day!

MMmmm.  Sometimes all you need is a big greasy meal to make those headaches and bloodshot eyes go away.

Since I was out until 3am and had to get up at 6am for work, I obviously didn’t have time to pack a lunch.  Hey, I eat healthy 95% of the time, so I figured a HUGE burger from Mickey D’s couldn’t hurt just once, right?

I went with a double decker, too ! Seems all the binge drinking the night before left me with a tapeworm in my stomach.  After this, I was feeling pretty satisfied and stayed full the entire rest of the day at work.

I had planned on going to the gym after work, but seeing as how I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before, I wasn’t really feeling it.  Instead, I stopped for a snack and went home to sleep for awhile.

Like I always say…GO BIG OR GO HOME, right?  A peanut butter cup blizzard was just what the doctor ordered and put me into a sugar coma that helped me regain a little bit of rest.

For dinner, Momma FF brought home Taco Bell, and since I was in no mood to cook or clean up, I decided I would take part in the grease fest with this spread:

There were nachos, burritos, quesedillas, and tacos.  I was in a carb coma, so I pretty much sat around watching TV the rest of the night…

So there you have it.  An entire day of fast food.  Hope my body doesn’t hate me too much!

Oh, and PS…





Real post coming later 😉




Isn’t It Supposed To Be Spring?

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So, a TON of you ladies have commented on the Salon Effects nail polish!  🙂  Glad you all like it!  I’m not sure exactly how long it will last, but so far we’re still going strong!  I’ll keep you updated!  I found mine at Giant, but they have it at Walmart, Rite Aid, and CVS stores, too!

Is anyone else super disappointed that Puxatony Phil was obviously mistaken about an early Spring?  Because, this 30° weather just isn’t doing it for me.  SO over it.

The workout before church was an Insanity Cardio workout, and burned up 366 calories in just 50 minutes!

Breakfast on Sunday consisted of a huge chunk of banana bread smeared with peanut flour paste mixed with cocoa powder.  No photo, though. 

When I arrived at church for the first time in awhile, since I had missed while in Florida, I was surprised to find that they had already set up for the Easter play!  Check out the crazy intricate scene they’ve got in place!  I’ll be honest…stuff like that bothers me sometimes…going over the top with costly decorations, when they could be helping SO many people with the money they spent on it.

Lunch was quick and easy when I got home from church around 1PM.  I microwaved an egg + 1 egg white and served it on a high fiber, 100 calorie whole wheat english muffin with reduced sugar ketchup.

For veggie power, I had a snack plate of steamed sugar snap peas, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes with forty spices hummus for dipping. 

I decided that in spite of the chill factor, the sun was shining, which meant I needed to be outside. 

Since my workout in the morning was fast-paced, I opted for a leisurely walk.  I planned on hiking up the mountain, but after getting part-way, was forced to turn back because of the wind.

I still managed to get a nice loop of about 5 miles in, though, and although the air was crisp, I couldn’t get enough of the sunshine!

On the way back, I pass my Godparents’ house, and decided to stop and visit a little while, since they had just gotten back from Florida!

It ended up being an excellent decision to stop, because I got to see Bo while I was there, too!  My cousin and her hubs had stopped to visit the Godparents as well.  My bestie and I are godsisters 🙂

Finally, I tore myself away from being a baby hog, and went home.  A bunch of family members were coming over for dinner, so when I got there, Momma was getting the food ready, and a few of us played Scattegories.  LOVE this game…and any word game for that matter.  I wasn’t on my game, though.  I was probably too focused on the apple I knawed on while the timer was ticking away.

I threw together a nice big bowl of salad and microwaved some frozen, pre-cooked chicken breast meat.  My balsamic glazes are dwindling down, and all I’m left with is the plain.  I’m totally ordering more…no doubt.

I had a nice little Skype date, yet again 🙂 

Hiii Caseeyyyy (If you’re reading this).

To me, Sundays are all about family & friends.  I also studied a bit for my Nutrition test, which is tonight, while I had dessert aka Strawberry Chobani! *PLEASE SAY A PRAYER


Here are a few questions to test your knowledge 🙂  There will be a prize for the person to answer the most correctly!

1. Three categories for lipids are:

a. Triglyceride, sterols, and phospholipids

b. Short-chain, medium-chain, and long-chain

c. Saturated, unsaturated, triglycerides

2. The difference between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is the placement of the bond.

a.  Linolenic acid has a double bond that is placed on the 3 carbon

b.  Linolenic acid has a double bond that is placed on the 6 carbon

c. Linoleic acid has a double bond that is placed on hte 6 carbon

d. A & C

e. B & C

3. Which of the following amino acids are considered essential?

a. Leucine, valine, histidine

b. Glutamine, glycine, proline

c. Cysteine, alanine, serine

 4. Anomalies occur during protein synthesis.  One of the most commonly inherited blood disorders is sickle-cell anemia.  This occurs because of a:

a. Deletion in protein synthesis

b. Shift in protein synthesis

c. Switch between amino acids

5. Glucose to glycogen and glycogen to glucose are examples of what type of reaction, respectively?

a. anaerobic, aerobic

b. aerobic, anaerobic

c. anabolic, catabolic

d. catabolic, anabolic

6. Flavoproteins are protein complexes that movie electrons down the electron transport chain; they contain which B vitamin?

a. Riboflavin

b. Thiamin

c. Panothenic acid

d. Niacin

7. The TCA cycle takes place in the:

a. Cytosol

b. Endoplasmic reticulum

c. Mitochondrial membrane

d. Nucleus

8. The type of energy expenditure obtained by measuring the amount of oxygen consumed and carbon dioxide produced is called:

a. direct calorimetry

b. indirect calorimetry

c. estimate energy requirement

d. Harris-Benedict



Surrender Sin.

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Is anyone else completely dumbfounded by the fact that God can totally and completely change our hearts if we surrender it all to Him? Just another amazing way that He proves his love to us. Sure, it feels like we’re losing control…because we are.  Giving everything over to Him means that we fully understand that we AREN’T in control.  Why would we want to be when HE knows what’s best for us, after all?

I had a new bar for breakfast on Sunday!

They’re called Solo Bars and they are delicious.  As you long-time readers are well aware, I don’t care for much that is lemon flavored, but this sweet, yogurt-covered bar was an exception.

The company sent me a few flavors to try out, and I’ll be elaborating more when I do the official review, but for now, let’s just say they’re fabulous.  They’ve got a very low glycemic index, which is awesome for an energy bar, because it means you won’t have to deal with blood sugar spikes!

For my workout today, I did the typical 15 minute Insane Abs video, some biking and then ellipticalling.  “Secret Millionaire” kept me entertained for a little while, but I got bored kind quickly, since I do the same routine just about everyday.  I really wanted to focus on my core, so I seeked out an old fave…Windsor Pilates

I only burned about 400 calories, but I forgot to capture the HR monitor screen on my camera.  Afterward, I just wanted something cold and refreshing with a little bit of protein for my muscles!

Greeeen monster to the rescuee.  Hugee handful of baby spinach, 3 ice cubes, 3/4 C. unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, Splenda, 1/4 C. canned pumpkin, and 1/8 C. peanut flour.  JUST like a peanut butter milkshake, I’m telling you.

I got a shower, did some school work, and hung out.  Before I knew it, lunchtime rolled around.

No, that’s not spaghetti…it’s Shiritaki Noodles 🙂  And I piled on the steamed broccoli, canned mushrooms, and light ragu mixed with garlic lovers’ hummus to make a lunch bowl fit for a queen.

We had a birthday party to get to in Lancaster, and on the car ride there, I snacked on a Coconut Cream Pie Larabar…my FAVE!  Around 5, Momma FF, the sister, and I met some of our favorite ladies at Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner!  We were all headed to an Amy Grant/Michael W. Smith concert at 7!

Table #1 left to right: Randa, Momma, Lin, & Kimmie!

Table #2 was Susan (who adopted me for the night, since her daughter couldn’t come along) & I

Along with mother/daughter couple #2, Jan & Bek.

Incase you’re a newbie, Ruby Tuesday’s is one of the only chain restaurants that I actually enjoy, because they’ve got such a ridiculous salad bar.  Sometimes I even imitate their salads at home!

Baby spinach & mixed greens for a base, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, peas, tomatoes, mushrooms, cottage cheese, chickpeas, grapes, and balsamic vinegar

When we left, I had a happy belly.  The only thing that could have made it better was the next stop on our itinerary! Can you guess?!

If you said Starbucks, you would be correct 😉  I got a tall coffee with sugar-free vanilla & sugar-free caramel flavor shots.  Just like at home!

Randa got a caramel frapp & bek got a mocha latte. It’s funny how different all of our tastes are. 

The weather was nothing but rain, so we got to the venue looking like drowned rats, but didn’t care.  It was a blast to be there all together!

For any of you readers who have had the privilege of seeing a show at the American Music Theatre in Lancaster, you know that it is beautiful inside!

This picture doesn’t even come close to doing that chandelier justice!  It was exquisite!

Our seats were pretty high up, but there isn’t a bad seat in the house!  Unfortunately, my stupid battery eating droid died before the music started, or I planned on doing my first VLOG :-/

The two together were awe-inspiring.  I didn’t even know many of the songs they played, being that a lot of it was from their older albums, but it was enjoyable, none-the-less.

When it was over, after ten, we left and hit a HUGE blizzard in Harrisburg.  Cars in ditches, accidents all over the place, and a car full of scared-to-death girls trying to soothe themselves by singing to the CDs we bought at the concert.  God brought us home safe and sound.  He is always faithful!


Saturday Stats

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Breakfast of champions for a game day!

(1/4 C. peanut flour, pinch of salt, mashed banana, 1/3 C. raw oats, sugar free vanilla Torani to taste)

If it’s not broken, why fix it? 🙂

I had Speech Communications in the morning from 9:00-11:50 and then I ventured home to make some lunch.  Tip-off was at 4PM, so I wanted to get a nice, balanced lunch in before I left for the gym!

(Grilled chicken sammie on Arnold 10 grain bread with 1 tbsp. Cedar’s garlic lovers hummus, reduced sugar ketchup, lettuce & tomato)

On the side, I had about 1/2 of this container of steamed snap peas.  Dontcha love the vibrant green?!  My droid takes some great snapshots sometimes!

I left the house much earlier than I needed to for my game because I wanted to get my passport taken care of and my parking ticket paid.  

Unfortunately, the passport center was closed, but I did manage to hand in my $14 ticket!  I’m not really sure how I earned this, either…  It was a day that I came in to work later because I had the sniffles.

My normal spot had been taken, so I snagged another one that I had seen cars parked in before.  Apparently, they were illegal, too!  On a positive note, I paid it in time, so they couldn’t tack on an $11 fee.

After paying, I headed straight for the gym.  The two teams that played before our game, the 2nd and 3rd seed teams started at 2PM and I wanted to be prepared to play either of them the next day, so I went to watch.

Since we were 1st seed, everyone in the Conference came to our court to play, which was really cool.  Also, we each got “support the cure” t’s to wear instead of our oversided warm ups, along with pink laces to replace the ones on our sneaks.

4PM rolled around rather quickly, and the game started out a little bit slow.  We took a few minutes to get warmed up, but in the second half we really played tough.   It is so neat to see your team get pumped up and come together to win a big game!  Nothing like it in the world.

Feb. 12th- For the second time in the history of the Women’s Basketball program, HACC is host to the EPCC Women’s Basketball Tournament, which they earned with being the first place team in the EPCC Conference for Women’s Basketball, with an overall season record of 14-1. MIchele Kieff was named Women’s Basketball Coach of the Year for the 2010-11 season.

The first seeded HACC Lady Hawks secured their spot in the 2011 EPCC Women’s Basketball Tournament Championship Game, with a tough win over fourth seed Lehigh Carbon CC Cougars on Saturday, February 12th. The Lady Hawks were tied 33-33 at halftime with the Cougars, as they both fought for a win in their first round game of the EPCC Women’s Basketball Tournament. The Lady Hawks regrouped at halftime, and came back full steam ahead, pulling ahead of the Cougars, to finish the game 80-56. Sami Cox lead the team with 25 points on the scoreboard, and was assisted by Lakisha Lemon with 12 points. Ashlan Clark, Julie Shumate, and Eryn Spangler each contributed 10 points to the final score.

The Lady Hawks advance to the Championship Game, which is scheduled for Sunday, February 13th at 2:00 pm at the Evans Center Gymnasium on the HACC-Harrisburg Campus. They are slated to play CC of Philadelphia, who defeated Montgomery CCC 51-43 earlier in the day to advance. 

I love the look on this man’s face!  HA.

After the game, we decided some Chinese buffet was in order for dinner.

Momma FF

Plate #1 – the whitest celery I could find, steamed shrimp & cocktail sauce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and imitation crab (white rice omitted because it was hard and nasty)

Plate #2– The place we went to had a “build-your-own” section, which was obviously what I went for.  They even cook it at your request!  I got mine steamed and then added some low sodium soy sauce.  It was SO good.  Imagine this x2.  Steamed broccoli, snap peas, onion, mushroom, bean sprouts, and chicken!  Perfection.

Last, I had some fruit including orange slices and cantaloupe.

Oh yeah, and then there was ice cream 🙂

Reduced fat, no sugar added vanilla.  ❤

I couldn’t have imagined this day going any more perfectly.  Stay tuned for the championship post next!

On a more fun note, check out this sweetheart’s giveaway of some Peeled goodies!


More Recapping From The Weekend!

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This message hit me in the head like a ton of bricks.  It’s so funny how sometimes God talks to us in a whisper, and sometimes he uses a megaphone.  This was a megaphone moment for sure! There has been a lot of wondering lately why God can’t just make things easy.  Tell me where He wants me, give me the kind of relationships I need, and when I need it.  How selfish does that sound?!  I mean, my reliance on Him would probably unintentionally fly out the window if He gave me everything I needed now. For some reason, I had been reluctant to run outside for awhile now.  I’m not sure why, but the fact that my sciatic nerve being damaged really left a bitter taste in my mouth, and subconsciously, I’m pretty sure I blamed it on outdoor running.

This weekend, we reunited and it felt so good 🙂  I wore a neon orange headband so that no hunters would mistake me for a deer. Ha. 

But rewind a second, because I forgot to show you my breakfast!

Baked Banana Bread Oats With Peanut Butter Vanilla Icing

  • 1/3 C. oats
  • 1 banana (1/2 mashed in, 1/2 sliced ontop)
  • 1/3 C. fat free milk (I ran out of unsweet almond breeze)
  • cinnamon
  • sugar free vanilla Torani
  • 1 eggwhite

I simply mixed together all of the ingredients and microwaved them on low for about 5 minutes.  You could bake it in the oven, but I didn’t want to use all that electricity just for one little ramekin.  Energy efficiency, people.

For the icing, I mixed together:

  • 1/2 scoop vanilla Optimum Nutrition protein powder
  • 1 tbsp. Justin’s maple almond butter
  • and thinned it with water before pouring over the oats.

    Mmmm.  I order you to try it.  😀  You’ll thank me, I promise.

    Afterward, I downed a Chobani, which the kind folks over at the company sent me as a Christmas gift!  I’m pretty sure pineapple and strawberry are deemed my faves.  I do love the plain though, as well!  Thank you CHOBANI!  You rock 😉

    After the run, I did a little core work on my Ab Circle and got a shower to start getting ready for church.

    We’re starting a new series for 2011 at CLA!  I’m really excited about it.  It’s all based around HEALTHY LIVING…It’s even been named “Live Well“.

    After church, I went home and made a delicious lunch.

    Forty Spices Tribe hummus wrap with avocado mash, alfalfa sprouts, and sliced tomato on a wheat Tumaro’s Soy Full tortilla

    And on the side, an entire can of cut green beans 🙂

    The afternoon consisted of my sisters and I assembling a gingerbread house.

    Alright, I’m lying.  It was already assembled, but we did a mighty fine job decorating it! 

    I think we will go with the already assembled from now on…if you remember last year, we had a rough time keeping the one with all the pieces together! 

    This year, it was already but together and the icing was already mixed, too!  It was super easy and much less stressful.  After all, isn’t decorating the most fun part of the experience anyway?


    You mean it’s more fun to let your Momma hold your little sister down while you smear icing on and decorate her face instead?

    🙂  Love you, Morgs.  Thanks for being such a good sport.

    Even after the icing war, I was pretty pleased with the way our little ginger house turned out. 

    We made a gumdrop roof, icing icicles, a candy wreath, and a little Christmas tree our front for all the neighbors to enjoy 😀

     After all the excitement, Momma and I went to visit Bran, Jare, and Baby Bowman at their apartment.  I went grocery shopping when I got home, and then made dinner as well.

     Roasted butternut squash fries, sliced zukes, shroomies, broccoli, and yellow pepper with light Ragu for more dippage.

    Don’t ask me why, but lately, nothing tastes better to me than roasted veggies with a little salt & pepper.  Some people commented asking how I make them.  I just spray the whole sheet with Pam, slice up the goods, spray them with Pam, sprinkle with salt & peppa, and roast in the oven at about 375-400º until crispy. 


    The rest of the night I enjoyed some relaxing vocals from Michael Buble.  Another Christmas gift 🙂 

    I also ordered basketball sneakers, since I have been playing in running shoes (probably not the best for my ankles or my sneaks!)

    Pretty basic, but that’s what I like.  They’re And1 incase you can’t tell.

    I obviously ate more than was pictured, because let’s face it.  That wasn’t a lot of food for as much as I ran this morning.  I also had two apples, some NewTree chocolate, a protein shake (more on that tomorrow!), and some slices of bread with hummus/fat free strawberry cream cheese!