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Confessions of a [Foodie] Shopaholic.

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Things have not quite been running smoothly in my world as of lately. That’s not to say that I’m not happy, but there seem to be some bumps in the road, literally and figuratively…

Daddy FF came to my rescue within minutes of this deflated tire, but it still ran me 45 minutes late for work, and cost me $500.00 that I would’ve much rather spent on other things.  Who knew two tires and a realignment would cost so much?

Between paying for tuition and books out of pocket, rent, and this tire malfunction, my spending is going to have to come to a halt pretty immediately.  Granted, I should have been saving money while I was living at home rent free, but I think at one point I could technically classify myself as a shopaholic.  I think it made things worse that I was too busy to actually go shopping, which made me take advantage of every opportunity to buy things online when I saw free shipping deals and huge sales.


Being a fan of nutritious foods, I find myself spending money on groceries from Amazon, too.  The convenience of things like pre-made quinoa and cases of unsweetened almond milk are luxuries that I may have to give up pretty quickly. 

I guess I’m going to have to find the time to become more economical about my food spending.  I can see why people resort to the 99¢ menu at the drive-thru.  So much quicker and cheaper than the time & effort it takes to put together a nutritious meal.  I just can’t bring myself to that, though, and my body appreciates it, I’m sure.

Sometimes it’s even a team effort…like the other day when I text Momma FF asking her to pick me up some organic baby spinach so I had some to add to my protein shakes, along with some frozen veggies that I could quickly steam in the microwave and add to tupperware for some veggie power on the go.

The good news is, I won’t be running out of peanut flour for quite some time, which means you’ll continue to see snacks like these on the blog.  Not that they’re pretty, but they sure are delicious. 

It isn’t always feasible to pack up my lunches AND dinners, but I try to limit myself to ONE bought lunch/dinner per week.  $7.00 for a salad like this isn’t all that impressive.  I can make myself much cheaper meals that I enjoy a whole lot more.

I’ve even been keeping shelf stable things at work like soup, bread, 100 cal kettle corn, and canned meat & fruits at work for those days when it’s just impossible for me to pull together a chopped, fresh salad from home.

On another note, entirely seperate from the things previously mentioned in this post, can I just say that it is completely unfair to be staring at this for 3 straight hours, while your boyfriend gets to enjoy a baseball game with your family?

Do you see who Jarid is holding?!  YES, it’s Bowman and YES, I was really jealous when I got the picture 😉  Just kidding…kind of.  I’m thrilled that J got to go to the Senator’s game to watch Steven Strausburg, a major leaguer from the Washington Nationals, who was there as a step back into the game from an injury.

The whole night I was getting texts from the family.  Talk about rubbing it in! 😉  I almost wish I had skipped class to go.  I suppose there will be other games!

Who is ready to get this weekend started?!

The Labor Day Monday off is  MUCH needed for this chick.  I can’t wait.

Are you a shopaholic?  Foodie or otherwise?






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There are days when I feel like so much of my life revolves around the wrong things…you know, worldy things that in the end won’t matter at all

Overnight quinoa: 1/3 C. cooked organic quinoa, 1/3 C. unsweet vanilla almond milk, 1/2 C. fat free cottage cheese, cinnamon, & Splenda

Granted, focusing on healthy, wholesome foods isn’t a bad thing.  I am by no means saying that we shouldn’t take care of the bodies God gave us…

In fact, I’m quite proud of my bulging biceps…all for His glory, of course 😛  I like to think that God is pretty proud of the fact that I’m “honoring my body as my temple” (-1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

Spaghetti squash, fat-free cottage cheese mixed with 1 tsp. Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning, cherry tomatoes, & peas

What I am saying is that we shouldn’t fixate on any one thingexcept HIM (: Easy to say, not so easy to do. 

Red beet & cucumber salad with apple cider vinegar + Splenda

There are SO many GRABBERS out there that steal away our attention.  Boyfriends, gym time, families, work, blogging, etc.!

Peanut flour paste (1/4 C. peanut flour, 1 Splenda packet, & salt) + baby carrots

Anything and everything can become an idol in our lives if we allow it.  

Smoothie in a bowl: AtLarge Nutrition Vanilla protein powder, 1 1/2 handfuls of baby spinach, 1 C. frozen strawberries, xanthan gum, liquid stevia, and topped with Fiber One cereal

 What brought this to my attention, you might ask?  This devotional that I read today:

Heart United with God

Read Psalms 86:1 through 88:18; Acts 27:21–44

Like a flea on caffeine, our minds jump from one distraction to another: cell phones, the news, a shiny sports car, or mind-numbing TV shows. Should we shut ourselves away in a dark closet to focus on God? Maybe. But, what about the light under the door, that curious noise, or our own random thoughts?

Teach me your way, O Lord, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name (Psalm 86:11).

How our enemy loves to draw us away from God and His truth. Little thoughts creep onto our minds. What if I fail? What if terrorists strike our country? What if I have spinach in my teeth? Where our thoughts go, our hearts follow if we are not vigilant. It is hazardous to live life with one eye on the world and one on God. Serving God requires deliberate choice and the Holy Spirit’s power to keep our hearts united with God, despite life’s daily attention grabbers.



Bring On The Sunshine.

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The best days start with award-winning bread.

If you don’t believe me, you’ve probably never tried Rudi’s Organic Bakery products for breakfast.  Trust me on this one, if you’re not a morning person, you will be after fixing a breakfast treat on one of their Multi-grain English Muffins with Flax.

Try them with some sliced banana and sugar-free strawberry preserves.  You’ll thank me later 😉

I had an eye-opening devotional this morning, too…

I couldn’t agree more!  It’s easy to run to God when things are going wrong to ask for help, but how many times do we spend time with him when things are going well?  Definitely something I need to work on…

My walking buddy and I took a gorgeous stroll in the sunshine down by the river today…two, actually, on our breaks at work.  I’m so thankful to be out of this rainy weather phase!

Lunch was eaten in four courses.

Course  #1: sweet potato steamed in the microwave and mashed with sugar-free vanilla Torani syrup + cinnamon

Course #2: romaine based salad with avocado, sliced baby bell peppers, and cucumber + free zesty italian dressing


Course #3: a few slices of Oscar Meyer Cajun Seasoned Deli Chicken

Course #4: Dessert!  Sugar-free orange jello cup

Yes, it’s a lot of food 🙂 On my way home from work, I stopped at the Farmer’s Market to replenish my vegetable stock that was slowly diminishing over the week’s time.

Big bag of baby spinach, bananas, spaghetti squash, kiwi, avocado, broccoli, turnips, apples (gala & fuji), and snap peas

I do my best to support local farmers when I can! Alll of this fresh produce for $13.81. 


I had a snack at the office around 4PM before heading to basketball open gym

Peanut flour paste (1/4 C. peanut flour, salt, Splenda, water to thin) + a gala apple

I’m sorry if you’re tired of seeing this snack, but it’s a favorite!  Speaking of which, I should probably order more peanut flour soon…

Anywho, basketball was fantastic.

In a matter of two hours, I burned 1,007 caloriesIncredibleee.  Best.workout.ever.  I did miss my workout buddy, though…

I was feeling rather lazy, so instead of cooking, chinese food saved the day.

Steamed shrimp and vegetables with light sauce on the side

I literally have this meal at least once a week and have yet to get tired of it.

I knew my muscles would thank me in the morning if I downed a bit of casein rather than having a glass of milk before bed, so I opted for a KEY LIME protein shake for my dessert.

Yummmmm-oooo; in the words of Rachel Ray.

Here’s what went into the blender bottle:

  • 1 scant scoop of cookies n’ cream casein protein powder
  • 5 ice cubes
  • 1 handful baby spinach
  • 4 tbsp. 100% lime juice
  • 2 Splenda packets
  • 1/4 C. fiber one cereal
  • 1/2-3/4 C. water for blendability

You’ve gotta try this…I think next time I’ll add some unsweetened coconut, too!  So refreshing!

I may or may not have downed a Rudi’s Sweet Wheat bagel at 11Pm, too…those 1,000 calories that left my body on the court were calling out for carbs! 🙂

1. What’s your favorite smoothie combination? Depends what I’m in the mood for, but some of my addicitons as of lately are mocha mint and key lime.  I love to add fiber one cereal to my shakes!  It’s like those ice creams that have graham crackers mixed in.

2. Any exciting weekend plans? Jarid and I are going to the gym together today after work and then the drive-in’s tonight!  I’m excited…We’re seeing Insideous & Thor!


Well Hey There, Summer.

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Verse of the Day:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second is: Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.” –Mark 12:30-31 

As with the transition from Fall to Winter, I feel like Spring has been skipped over (with the exception of the weeks of straight rain that we’ve had!).  There was no middle ground.  It went from torrential downpours to weather in the 90’s in a matter of hours, in my mind.  Welcome to Summer 2011, everyone.

Breakfasts during summer couldn’t get more refreshing than a cool, sweet protein shake.  This one consisted of a handful of baby spinach, some iced coffee, a Mocha Mint About Time protein packet, a handful of ice, a frozen banana, and some unsweet vanilla almond milk.

In honor of the weather changes, I’ve also changed the nail polish to a “barbie” color, as Julie would call it.

Hot pinkk with matching toes!

To me, bright colorful pinks, oranges, and yellows scream SUMMERTIME.

Snackage at the desk once I got to work was two slices of multi-grain light fiber one toast & forty spices hummus (only 50 calories a pop).



And as I mentioned yesterday, the perfect light lunch is necessary for these humid afternoons.

Shredded romaine, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, purple cabbage, and grilled chicken breast.

I felt kinda tropical once I added the peach-mango salsa (from Costco).

I enjoyed two brisk walks throughout the day (each about 20 minutes) with my girl friends at work. 

And I just had to show you my little pineapple air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror of my car.

Afternoon snacking took place around 3pm and was a classic favorite.

Gala apple + baby carrots dipped in peanut flour paste

Crisp, juicy apples are one of the many fruits that I crave when it’s hot out, along with cantaloupe and watermelon!

When I arrived home, I brewed some more iced coffee to replenish the stash I keep in the fridge.  This time, there was nothing more appropriate than Campfire S’mores roast by Cafteá.

 Can you guess what took place next?  As if I’m not totally predictable in my scheduling…

Is it just me, or do you wear less makeup when you’ve got a bit of color, too?  I tend to stay away from the “perfected face” look and go more natural in the warm months.  Funny faces in the gym mirror are obvious and necessary.

494 calories; max hr 164

Here’s what I did:

  • 10 min. on the dreadmill (warm up – intervals between 6-9mph)
  •  1 hr. on the Cross Ramp
  • Ab work (planks, crunches, v-ups, in-and-outs, etc)
  • Hip adductor/abductor machine (3 sets of 15 each)
  • 3 sets of 15 pushups

Thennn, Jarid showed up and we went to grab a bite to eat at Subway.

I got my go-to turkey sub on whole wheat with lettuce, tomato, mustard, green pepper, cucumber, and sweet peppers

Jarid got the chicken-bacon ranch with all kinds of stuffings.

After we dined at the park, we went back to the YMCA for a little walk around the development close-by.  It was a beautiful night ❤

I can’t believe it’s already Friday tomorrow!  Don’t you just love short work weeks?!

1. Do you have a “regular” sandwich that you ALWAYS opt for at places like Subway, or do you try something new each time? I’m a faithful turkey sandwich lover.

2. What is your favorite flavored coffee and who makes it? My all-time favorite summer flavor is Green Mountain brand Island Coconut coffee.



Party Yourself Into Shape.

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Fast Food Beliefs 

Wait for the LORD; be courageous and let your heart be strong. Wait for the LORD.”
Psalm 27:14


Every time I hear about a coach who has been fired after a year or two at a school, it breaks my heart. I once told an athletic director that it would take four years to turn a program around to contend for a league championship. That was not what he wanted to hear, so I did not get the job.

 In our society we want everything right now. Actually, we wanted it yesterday. A great example is in the fact that we actually drive through places to get our food. At most fast food places they don’t even hold the cup to fill your drink anymore; they put it on a belt, it goes under a fountain, they push a button, and the drink comes out. I suppose it’s faster. I’m not sure it’s better, but it’s faster.

Sports are no different. It’s almost rare to watch one morning of SportsCenter without hearing about performance-enhancing substances or some other method an athlete or a coach has tried in order to get to the top faster. But, that is not what sports were meant to be.

A few years ago I read Coach John Heisman’s book on football. You might know Coach Heisman by the little award named after him. In his book, Coach Heisman never once uses the word “win.” He talks about character and building young men into quality men. Isn’t that what sports should be about?

When we compare sports to our walk with God, the same is true. There are no short cuts. We can’t take a shot or a pill and grow closer to God faster. We have to put in the time and the effort. It doesn’t happen overnight, and there are tests and trials, but, in the end, those hard times are what make the good times that much sweeter. They also build our faith and make us stronger.

Today, I challenge you to invest more time and effort into your relationship with Jesus. After all, that’s the most important relationship you have. If you’re married, think about what your marriage would look like if you were always looking for short cuts. What would your friendships look like if you never invested any time in them? Athletically, what would your skill level be if you never practiced? Our relationship with Jesus is the same way. We have to grow it like any other relationship or pursuit, and that takes time. Be willing to dig in with Him and watch Him transform your life day by day.

1/3 C. oat bran + 1 mashed banana, water to thin, 1 Splenda +fiber packet, and 1.5 tbsp. unsweet Hershey’s dark chocolate cocoa powder

Even more than my chocolate-covered banana oat bran, I love the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ devotional that arrives in my inbox every morning.

The other night, Toni invited me to join her at my first ever ZUMBA class.  She actually held the position that I’m currently in, before she got promoted.   She is a sweetheart, and was kind enough to offer me her guest pass for the night! Since it was my first time, it took me awhile to get into the swing of things…I felt like each time I got the hang of the booty shaking in a particular song, it was time to move on.  Haha. 

It was a blast, though!  I only burnt about 200 calories, but it felt effortless!  Not the hardcore workouts I’m used to, which was a really nice change for once.  I got a little impatient with myself, wishing that I could’ve picked up on it more quickly, but Toni reassured me that I did great and that it’s even more fun if you go on a regular basis, because you start to remember the steps!


Anyway, back to bring things back into focus, I had a quite colorful lunch consisting of a green leaf lettuce salad sprinkled with purple cabbage, cherry tomatoes, yellow peppers, and 1 Tyson grilled chicken breast.  Of course the entire thing was covered in a balsamic glaze for dressing.

 Have I ever showed you guys this cute bracelet I got while in Disney?

I pointed them out while we were there, and my sisters pointed out that they would be cute for us to all get!  Each of us chose a different color…Mine, black

Also!  I know it’s been awhile since you’ve seen peanut flour on the blog…such a shame!  Don’t worry, I was out of it for a little while, but I just received my shipment of 4-2lb. bags in the mail yesterday 😀

I have discovered the most brilliant use of it to date…

Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

1 serving: 130 calories, 5g fat (.5g saturated), 17 g protein

-1/4 C. Peanut flour

-2 Tbsp. Unsweet Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa powder

-1 Splenda packet (or other sweetener)

-Water to thin

Combine all of the ingredients in a container, mix well, and freeze! Simple as that!  It makes a HUGE bar, too.

  After snacktime, there was a brief sweat sesh.

Complete with a nice, easy calorie burn of about 400 🙂

Then, I got started on dinner.  I made a lazy girl’s grilled cheese sammie with faux tomato soup.

2 slices Nature’s Own high fiber bread toasted with fat-free swiss cheese and dipped in Light Ragu (since I didn’t have any tomato soup!)

Plus a bigggg batch of kale chips roasted and sprinkled with nutritional yeast powder.

 I’ve got to address something, now.  I’ve done it before on the blog, but some of the newer readers may not be aware.  I got a comment the other day concerning my calorie intake vs. calorie burn.  The reader was genuinely worried that I was not eating nearly enough calories in a day to maintain my body’s structure.  As much as I appreciate her caring nature, I feel the need to tell you all that there is no way I photograph EVERYthing I eat, therefore not everything is posted. 

For example, here’s a list of things that you DIDN’T see from today:

1 handful cocoa roasted almonds
-1 HUGE fuji apple
-1 big glass of unsweet almond milk
-1 peach Chobani

among other things, probably…Being a Nutrition major, I’m very aware of my body’s needs and requirements.  Please understand, if I’m hungry, I eat.  Restrictive eating is not my thing 😉


Anything exciting on your agendas this weekend?!


Wow, God.

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Daily Devotional:

Yet another peanut flour & banana breakfast was on the menu this morning.  This time, Kashi took part in the meal, providing seven whole grains from these waffles 🙂

23g of whole grains, 6g fiber and 560mg of beneficial ALA Omega-3

Wafflewich, anyone?  Common, I know Holly and I aren’t the only ones obsessed with this combo. 

When I went outside to leave for work, I had a “WOW, God” moment.  Sometimes, His creations just astound me and stop me dead in my tracks.  Don’t you love moments like that?  From this second, I knew today was going to be a good day.  I was going to MAKE it one.  Life is too short not to be joyous 🙂

I did forget my gloves for the walk to work, so my fingers were icicles by the time I arrived at my building, but they thawed quickly.  *Note to self: Paint your fingernails.

Around 10am on our morning break, a girl at my office and I decided that the sun was shining enough to take a walk.  We took a lap around the Capitol building into downtown Strawberry Square and headed back.  It was great to get some fresh air.  Spring is soon here!

Not sure what exactly inspired this lunch today, but it was good, never-the-less.

Of course, the mix of greens was fabulous, but my favorite part was the spaghetti squash that I topped the romaine with!  It meshed well with the Balsamic Glaze that I used for dressing.

Shredded romaine, cucumbers, snap peas, lima beans, sketti squash, and orange pepper drizzled with raspberry balsamic glaze

For protein and carbs, I incorporated a new-to-me snack.

They’re kind of like rice cakes, only lighter.  I got the “Apple Cinnamon” flavor and crumbled a few up.  Into my bowl of fat-free cottage cheese & cinnamon they went. 

3/4 C. fat free cottage cheese + cinnamon & 3 crumbled Crispy Wheats

Again, the sunshine through the windows teased Amber and I all afternoon, so guess what we did on our 3PM break?

Yep, another lap around the Capitol building.

When I got back to my desk, I had a note from my “work hubby” haha.  One of my guy friends that actually started working for the State at the same time I did, always jokes that “if he wasn’t married”…

Completely innocent, I can assure you.  But it was a nice little pick-me-up to get a note from a friend.  The only person I really look forward to hearing from during the day is D, though.  When he first got to Germany, I heard from him about twice a day, which was awesome.  Lately, I feel like I’m lucky to get a message.  I know it should be expected…and it is, it’s just hard because I’m constantly wondering what he’s doing and how he is.  Funny how one of D’s messages can make or break my day…I don’t know that it’s such a good thing

 I had a juicy, fuji apple for an afternoon snack.

Work stayed busy, and at 4pm, I hurried out the door to get to a basketball meeting that coach had called.  It was really good to see all the girls again.  We haven’t gotten together since our State Championship game, and I’ve missed them.  I found out lots of things: A- There is going to be a formal awards banquet in May; B- We are going to start having open gyms again (thank God!); C- We get to participate in a summer league!; and D- At the request of someone at Fort Indian Town Gap, we will be scrimmaging an Army team of girls from all around the country on March 19th!

When I got home, I had a taco-themed sandwich for dinner.

2 slices whole wheat bread, 1/4 smashed avocado, 1/4 C. fat free refried beans and 2 tbsp. Pace salsa

I’m not a fan of “light” breads, like this stuff which was only 45 calories per slice, but it was on its last leg, so I used it up…toasted, of course, to avoid the staleness. 

The rest of dinner was a veggie feast.  Roasted broccoli, squash, zucchini, mushrooms, and parsnips with light Ragu and Cedar’s tzatiki dippers.

After dinner, I got to working on my fitness in the comfort of my basement.  First up, Shaun T and insane abs and then some biking and elliptical.  I guess I should probably change up my routine.  Any suggestions?


Biggest Loser was the entertainment of choice on this particular night.  Totally inspirational the frame of mind changes that these people go through.  On this episode, the contestants got to go home for 2 weeks and when they came back, they had to run a 5k.  Hulu rocks, by the way.

346 calories, 1:36:10, max HR 155

I cut it kinda short tonight.  I was just tired and wasn’t feeling it, so I stopped, got a shower, ate an orange, and watched American Idol with my Dad.  I only saw one person sing, but she was definitely the best. 

She was given a standing ovation and completely deserved it.  I knew bootcamp at 5am would come early, so I got to bed at a reasonable hour…probably around 11ish, but beforehand, I had a green monster.

3/4 C. Unsweetend Vanilla Almond Breeze, sugar-free vanilla syrup, huge handful baby spinach, 1/4 C. canned pumpkin and a dash of peanut flour

It was a good, good day.  I hate that I feel like I’m on a constant emotional roller coaster, even though I’m pretty good at hiding it and acting like I’ve got it all together when I interact with people.  I get frustrated with the fact that I don’t always feel appreciative for the hand I’ve been dealt and for the people I love in life.  Maybe it’s a fault of mine that I keep myself so busy in order to avoid dealing with those feelings?  Can anyone relate?

In other news, check out Blyss’s awesome SHOT GLASS giveaway!  She’s got an ETSY shop, too! 🙂



Dynamic Duos.

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I’ll bet you’ve missed seeing pictures of my routine breakfast while I was gone.  I know I missed telling you about how utterly delicious this combo of peanut flour & banana.

1/3 C. raw oats, 1 smashed banana, 1/4 C. peanut flour, pinch of salt, & sugar free vanilla syrup

Or maybe you’ve missed my devotional sharing?  I’ve certainly missed feeding you all my food for thought on each one.

Denying God is something that I struggle with.  Not necessarily in the same way that Peter did, because I’ll tell anyone and everyone that I’m a believer…more so, in the fashion that I don’t trust everything to Him.  I have trouble giving up “control” in certain areas of life.

I got soaked on my walk to work yesterday, if anyone cares.  It was raining cats and dogs with a relentless wind that blew the precipitation right up under my umbrella. 

Salad of mixed greens, orange pepper, snap peas, and cucumber with Peach Balsamic Glaze to accompany my Annie Chun’s Organic Chicken & Vegetable Potstickers with Bragg’s Liquid Aminos

By lunchtime, I was just “soggy”…it’s amazing how slowly a tiny space heater dries pants.

These cuties were pretty yummy! I found them in the frozen organic section of the grocery store and was craving something different than my typical packed lunches.

The stats and ingredients were pretty impressive, so I went for it.  Bragg’s Liquid Aminos were the perfect dipping compliment…another dynamic duo!

 Work was super busy, which I enjoyed, because it meant that the day flew by.  Mondays tend to do that in our office.  Call me crazy, but I’m not a Monday hater…are you?

Mid-afternoon, I had a snack that was more like dessert.  Dynamic duo #3, Udi’s gluten-free granola & fage greek yogurt.  Diced fuji apple was just like icing on the cake.

 I pretty much changed right into my gym clothes when I got home from work.  Shaun T and I really look forward to our dates after work 🙂  You know the routine by now…It was Insane Abs and then some biking & elliptical work.  It was a quick workout.  I had to finish up my FAFSA and get ready to host girls’ night, so I cut it a little short. 363 calories burned.

Dinner was next on the agenda. 

1 bag steamed broccoli slaw, fat free cottage cheese, light ragu, Cedar’s garlic lovers hummus, and lima beans

Another DD…Light Ragu and broccoli slaw…or, actually, Light Ragu and…ANYTHING.  I think it’s my favorite sauce/condiment ever.  I got a quick shower and before I knew it, guests were arriving for our weekly Bachelor ritual!

Betcha can’t guess the next dynamic duo 🙂


Yesss, that’s right.  Brad Womack and Emily 🙂  I think it’s funny that I’m so completely morally opposed to the show, yet I’m totally hooked on it.  It is a totally unrealistic way to fall in love with someone…I mean, who goes on a date in Africa for a safari ride?!  That isn’t real life, peeps.

Dessert was courtesy of Conscious Nosh…their Chili Maple Vanilla cocoroons happen to be MY other half, and I happily enjoyed it while watching Ashley get shipped home.  She’s a sweet girl, but something about her really annoyed me.  It was like she had ADHD when she spoke…very abrupt and in your face constantly.  Anyone else feel me on that?

Anyway, cheers to Emily & Brad.  Can’t wait to watch you get engaged 🙂



Be A Top 10.

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Thanks everyone, for your encouraging words about my situation at home.  I never realized how many of you guys actually find yourselves feeling the SAME way I do. 

My devotional this morning was a definite good reminder.

One thing that I always pray about, is the fact that I want God to help me make a positive impact on the lives of anyone I come in contact with, but especially my teammates and coaches.  I want them to see Him shining through me…that there’s something different in my life than most.

Breakfast is easily my favorite meal of the day.   From egg white omeletttes to oatmeal, some of what I consider to be the tastiest foods ever are comsumed at breakfast time.    Another fave of mine used to be bagels…that was before I realized exactly how many calories I was taking in with each and every one…not to mention, toppings.

Those Bagelthins just didn’t do it for me…the whole bagel taste just wasn’t there.  It was too much like a sandwich thin…I’d rather have toast.  Then I was sent these awesome little guys from Kim’s Light Foods to try out!

(1 Kim’s Light Wheat Bagel + 1 smashed nanner + peanut flour paste: 1/4 C. peanut flour, sugar-free vanilla syrup, pinch of salt, and water to thin)

Bagels and I rekindled our old flame 🙂

Things are definitely looking up around here.  The weather, for starters, is absolutely fantastic!  I am so excited that Spring is around the bend!

Check out the temperature reading from my car yesterday!  That’s almost shorts weather! Thank you, Lord for the sunshine!

I discovered yet another bruise at work today.  Haha.  Just had to share.

Lunch was eaten at my desk.  I’ve been really into eating eggs lately…they’re cheap, convenient, delicious, and nutritious.

(A side of snap peas accompanied by a kale salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, yellow pepper, and a microwaved egg + 1 white all tossed in peach balsamic glaze)

The money shot 😉

Not that I didn’t know this already, but my Nutrition class and MyPyramid Diet Analysis confirmed the fact that I consistently eat quite a bit more vegetables than the daily recommended value.  Can’t hurt, right?

Snacktime was another Kim’s Light Bagels’ treat.  PB&J before my gym workout and basketball practice!  It would be our last practice this season on our home court.  We’ll be having one more practice down in WV at the court we will be playing on for the Championship Saturday!

I took it easy because I didn’t want to have tired legs.  A good practice was necessary to calm my nerves about the upcoming event!  Before practice, however, I was interviewed by a man from The Patriot News about our season so far!

Here’s a link to the article if you’re interested 😉

2:29:15; 757 calories; 205 max hr

After practice, I scurried home to get a shower, pack for the weekend, eat some dinner, and get some good rest.

Momma FF emailed me earlier in the day and asked if I would like Chinese for supper…does she really have to ask?! 🙂 hehe.  She’s the sweetest!  She picked it up for us on the way home from her softball open gym.

To hold myself over until she got home (which ended up not being until about 8:15!), I made a green monster and had a light wheat bagel with sonoma jack’s pepperjack cheese + splenda.

And thennnn came the entreee 🙂

Steamed shrimp and chinese vegetables with lite garlic sauce, you know…the usual.

It took awhile for me to get in my head what exactly I wanted to bring with me for the roadtrip.  Obviously, I’m hoping for a Skype date with D on Saturday morning, but he has to be able to find Wi-fi first.  I packed the webcam, just incase 🙂

Just before bed, I had a cup of unsweet almond milk with some Newtree belgian biscuit chocolate.   Does anyone else know where to find this stuff in stores?  The only place I’ve seen it is at Target!


Who are the most influential people in your life?  What’s one thing you’ve learned today?


First Day Alone.

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Pretty soon, you’re going to be tired of seeing the same old combination for breakfast.  I’ll apologize ahead of time, because I just can’t foresee anything looking more appealing to me in the morning than this combination.

(1/3 C. oats, 1 mashed banana, sugar-free vanilla Torani, cinnamon, pinch of salt, and 1/4 C. peanut flour)

The thing is, I learned something.  You MUST add a hint of salt to the peanut butter mix.  It takes things to a whole new level, which makes sense, since the best peanut butters I’ve ever tasted have a little added salt.  I used my Nutrasalt, which was the perfect addition.

I ate 1/2 of the mix at home and saved 1/2 for when I got to work…kind of glad I did since the lighting is so much better 🙂

I got a text from D with a timestamp of 7:43AM:

“Hey gorgeous, I’m at the airport, all settled in to wait.  I’ll text when I get to my connection. 🙂  Thanks for coming over last night”

It’s amazing what kind of comfort a text message can provide.  A little while later, around 10:30, I got a message from him again letting me know he made it to Charlotte.

4 meatless Quorn meatballs, 1 tbsp. Cedar’s garlic lovers hummus, & light ragu.  The huge side salad had a base of steamed kale, sliced yellow peppers, snap peas, and cherry tomatoes and peach balsamic glaze for dressing

Digging into lunch around 12PM was the only thing keeping me sane.  While in Germany, D won’t be able to use his phone, so communication will be limited.  He will, however have his computer.  I’m hoping for a Skype date this weekend…I’d like to see him on Valentine’s Day, but I don’t know how that will work, if at all, since the time difference is six hours.

1 slice Arnold 10 grain bread + 1 sonoma jack’s light pepperjack cheese wedge & sugar free apricot jam

Work dragged on as usual, and by the time 4PM rolled around, I was more than ready to get my butt in gear to hit the gym. 

Exercise is such a release for me, so I was really looking forward to meeting up with a girl on my team in the fitness center before practice at 5PM.

Dethawed, frozen pineapple pre-gym was necessary for a little natural sugar boost.  I also picked up some cherries walking back to my car from work since I go right past the farmers’ market.

Just as I finished up my 20 minute quickie on the Cross Ramp, my phone lit up…not that I was staring at it the entire time…:)  At 4:45PM, I got a text that read:

“Hey baby, I’m gonna get on the plane to Germany in a minute.  I’ll talk to you as soon as I can, honey.  I miss you already! Good luck this week with your games!”

My heart totally melted and I felt a sense of total peace after I said a prayer asking God to keep him safe.  He just has a way with me… I don’t know how else to describe it.

By the time practice was over, I’m pretty sure I had the whole team saying a prayer for his trip 🙂  Oh yeah, and I had burned 870 calories.  As soon as I got home, I was craving something cool and refreshing.

(1 handful frozen spinach, 2/3 C. almond breeze, 3/4 C. canned pumpkin, sugar-free vanilla Torani, 1 scoop vanilla whey)

You see, dinners for me consist of a mish-mosh of different cravings.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  While my veggies were roasting in the oven, I nuked a little cheesecake oat muffin.

(1/3 C. oats, 1 tbsp. fat-free cream cheese +1 tsp. peanut flour+sugar-free vanilla Torani)

I actually ate a spoonful of fat-free chocolate fro-yo with this and it was like chocolate cheesecake!  It held me over quite nicely until the rest of my meal was ready to eat!  One thing I realized, is that I can really make a mess in the kitchen.  I re-use as many dishes as I can while I’m preparing things, but I ended up with a lot of clean-up!

Totally worth it, though, am I right?!

2 Parsnips, green beans, baby bella mushrooms, sliced zucchini, and broccoli with a little dipping trio on the side of light ragu, Cedar’s cucumber & garlic Tzatziki, and Cedar’s garlic lovers hummus

A good old veggie roast was just what the doctor ordered to replenish my body …in fact, a food baby was born.

Don’t worry, though, there’s still room for dessert…especially on my first night alone :-/  Chocolate was definitely in order.

Now that I was aware of how vital salt is in my peanut butter creations with peanut flour, I couldn’t wait to try out some more.  It makes a WORLD of difference, I’m telling you.

I made little peanut butter/chocolate sammies, which were divinee ❤  Check out the little flax seeds in the chocolate!  Outstanding.  Newtree Belgian Biscuit chocolate + Peanut flour paste (made the same way as in my breakfast bowl) is my favorite dessert.  It even overrides Arctic Zero ice cream.

I think my first night on my own wasn’t too bad.  I was happy with the way we left things.  We had an awesome night together before he left.  I completely adore his family and cannot wait to visit them again…oh yeah…and to visit him!  Only a couple of months and I’ll be on a plane to Denmark!

Thanks so much for all of your supportive comments and prayers for D.  I appreciate them more than you can imagine!  Blog friends are best friends, and I love each and every one of you 🙂


Sweet Success.

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First off, thank all of you for your supportive and sweet comments on my post yesterday.  It’s going to be tough, but I think we’ll be fine 🙂  You blog friends are truly a blessing in my life.

[This photo was from a Superbowl party that we attended this weekend – isn’t he handsome?! I know, I’m a lucky girl]

Breakfast on gamedays usually consists of oats.  I’m a sucker for a good carb-protein ratio, such as the combo I’ve been noshing on lately.

1/4 C. peanut flour + sugar free vanilla Torani + water to thin,  1/3 C. oats ,  1 mashed banana, & 1/2 pack of raisins soaked in the fridge overnight.

Overnight oats are a beautiful thing.  The flavors really have time to blend together for a perfectly sweet beginning to my day. 

Lunch was eaten at my desk around 12PM, as usual.

2 slices 10 grain Arnold bread, oven roasted Oscar Meyer turkey breast, 1 Sonoma Jack’s light pepperjack cheese wedge, 1 tbsp. sugar free apricot jam

Veggies on the side were a sliced yellow pepper and some cucumbers

I really like to end my meal with something sweet and those peppers did the trick.

I knew I wouldn’t feel like eating anything before my game, so mid-afternoon, I had a new favorite snack.

Baby carrots with homemade cinnamon raisin peanut paste for dippage: 1/4 C. peanut flour, sugar free vanilla Torani syrup, cinnamon, and 1/2 pack raisins.

I’m pretty sure I’ll never buy a jar of peanut, almond, or any other nut butter again for that matter.  Peanut flour ROCKS.  And you can mix it up everyday with different ingredients!

After work, it was time to get ready for the big game!  A whole lot was riding on it…you know…like the LEAGUE championship

Have I mentioned how much I loveeee my team?! They are the sweetest group of girls I could’ve ever asked for.  We really enjoy playing together.

I prayed during the national anthem, and soon it was time for tip-off.

I get super focused and serious during games, paying no attention to anything around me except what’s going on, on the court.  There was a news crew there and everything!

We were actually down by 12 at half-time, which had us really worried.  My shot was really off and I couldn’t manage to find my groove.  We stuck it out and went on a good run starting in the third quarter with a full-court press. 

Eventually, we made a comeback and I actually ended up with 33 points.  I’m not sure how that’s possible, but I’m thinking a lot of them came from breakaway layups off of steals.  Our team put up an awesome fight and really came alive at just the right time.

After the game, I spoke with a newpaper reporter, gulped down this Isopure shake (which was yummy, btw!-review soon), and sped home to spend time with D.  I got a shower and we hung out the rest of the night.  I’m making sure I get the most time I can out of these next two days before he leaves, even if it means staying up until 2am and being exhausted the next day…the trade off is totally worth it 🙂

 What’s your favorite type of protein shake on the go?  I like the EAS chocolate ones the best, so far!