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Fabulous [FOUR] Flats

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In honor of  “hug a carb” celebrations (yes, I’m a little late), this post is dedicated to Fabulous Flats, one of my NEWEST favorite ways to consume some hearty whole-grains 😉


There are SEVERAL reasons why this company is SO bomb.

Numero Uno.  “The Clean Rule”.

Numero Dos.  Two words.  Tandoori Naan.

You heard me right.  Hand-stretched, all-natural, traditionally made, Tandoori Naan.

Whole Grain Naan.

I got to try two varieties of the delicious, doughy Naan, including the Whole Wheat & the Garlic varieties.  Both of which were fresh, fluffy, and delightfully flavored.

Garlic Naan.

No “iffy” ingredients.  ALL things I can totally pronounce & identify!  These babes were even voted one of the 125 BEST packaged foods for women in 2009 by Women’s Health Magazine!

Naan, for me is a total treat food.  So, when this nutrition label told me that I could eat an entire HALF of the Naan for just 160(Wheat)/170(Garlic) calories, you can imagine my excitement.  They’re totally wholesome and you can feel good about fueling your body with them!

Numero Tres. Sandwich Flats.


These wholesome flats are perfect for sanwiches or snacks.  I love that they’re pre-sliced, and that you can have two treats in one!  For example, spreading Sonoma Jack’s light cheese on one side & sf jelly on the other!

Two in one!

Orrr you can go ahead & get crazy, just piling one ontop of the other 😉 

They come in Whole Grain White & Multi-grain.  I think I liked the multi-grain just a tad better, due to the crunchy-ish texture thanks to the flax and sunflower seeds!  You get 6 in each package!

The stats are pretty great!  Just 170 & 180 calories, low in fat, and high in fiber!  They’re very versatile, too!  You can use them for mini pizzas, for stacking up a veggie burger, as part of a deli sandwich, or topped with nut butter, honey, light cheese, or jam!  I think I’d like to try making french toast with them next! 🙂

Numero Quatro.  Stone-baked PIZZA crusts!

This hand-stretched, Italian style crust will have you BEGGING for more with its all-natural ingredients, enhanced texture (due to the stone-baking), and authentic homemade taste

Multi-grain Pizza Crust

This makes for an ideal meal for families without the time or energy to prepare & bake their own crust.  Simple ingredients with endless possibilities!  I can’t wait to get creative with mine!!  I’m seeing some FRUIT pizza in my future!! And possibly some bruschetta or cinnamon sugar sticks?!  Stay tuned!

You can find out where to get these FABULOUS FLATS by checking out this page on their site, which lists stores by state!  They’ve also got a neat page of recipes that I’m excited to try out!  Thanks so much, Nicole!