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Already Hump Day?!

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 Where did the first two weekdays go?! I’m not complaining, that’s for sure!

Verse of the Day:

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”- Romans 6:23

I love starting my days off with Bible verses.  It helps me keep my outlook somewhat positive the rest of the day.  No matter what happens or goes wrong, we can find comfort in the fact that we’re not going to be on this Earth forever.  It’s hard to keep things in perspective sometimes because the world tells us that THIS is life, but in the scheme of things, this is only the beginning 🙂

Drizzled with sugar free honey & sprinkled with cinnamon.

Last night upon my arrival home from work, I made myself a sweet potato baked in the microwave for some complex carbs to fuel my bike workout.  I also had a banana for a snack.

I'm loving the natural lighting!

After I biked off about 500 calories, I did a little ab work and took a break to eat dinner with the family.  My Dad made chili, so I figured I’d make my own version 🙂

Broccoli slaw, light ragu, & fat free cottage cheese.

Not exactly the most photogenic meal, but it’s beautifully colorful!  The taste of this dish reminds me of the sweet lasagna that my Aunt Sandy used to make when we came to her house.  It was AWESOME. 

Close up.

You’d be surprised how well the textures come together, too.  The process is pretty quick to make.  Just steam the bag of broccoli slaw in the microwave, combine 1/2 C. Light Ragu with 1/2 C. fat free cottage cheese, and pour over the slaw when finished steaming.  It’s really yummy because the cheese gets a lil’ bit melty.  Kind of the way it does in stuffed shells!

I also had a Flat Out Light wrap with Sonoma Jack’s cheese & Splenda to round out my meal and add some whole grains.

Flat out.

These Flat Outs are so doughy!  I can’t get enough.

After dinner, I packed my lunch for today

Strawberry Oikos with Fiber One topping and broccoli slaw with Sonoma Jack's and mustard.

The broccoli slaw may look nasty to you, but I promise it’s good!  I steam the broccoli slaw, mash in a cheese wedge, mix in a little mustard, top with salt, pepper, & a little bit of minced garlic.  Holy flavorful.  If you’re a savory fan, you should try it!

Nom, nom.

After the lunch packing was finished, I showered up and brewed some more coffee for refrigeration and iced coffee making.  For my dessert last night, I had an apple with cinnamon & raspberry peanut butter, topped with some more Fiber One! YUM.  Sorry it went unpictured.  It was down the hatch before I could snap a photo 😉

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Sunland Inc. Peanut Butter

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Sweeeet LORDDD.  This Peanut Butter is in a league all its own.  Thank you so much to Brittany for hooking me up with some Sunland Inc. Peanut Butters to try & feature on the blog.  Let me just preface by saying, never in my life have I tried a peanut butter as decadent.  It tastes completely sinful.

The flavor infused lineup.


Sunland Inc. I was sent four of the following infused peanut butter flavors:  Banana, Dark Chocolate, Raspberry, and Cranberry Vanilla.  Sunland Inc. also makes Almond Butter, Natural Peanut Butter, along with other flavor infused versions including Cinnamon Currant, Spicy Soutwestern, Sweet Molasses, Thai Ginger & Red Pepper, Caramel, Cinnamon, Onion Parsley, and Hickory Smoked!

They also hooked me up with a little bag of their Roasted In-Shell Valencia Peanuts!


They were absolutely fantastic and totally unique.  Different than any other peanut I’ve ever tasted.  These little gems have a sweet, intense flavor that really distinguishes their roasted taste!

The flavor infused peanut butters were simple indescribable, but for readers’ sake, I’ll do my best.  Ooh. Eem. Gee.  Seriously the best peanut butter I’ve ever had.  I think the Banana and the Dark Chocolate were tie for my favorites.  They were each VERYYY creamy and spreadable.  Phenomonal melted as well. 

I used them for everything!  I think I might’ve become a little obsessed.  Anything and everything you can imagine tastes good with this peanut butter.  Apples, carrots, wraps, oatmeal, cereal, bagels, celery, cucumbers, turkey, and the list goes on!  Love, love, love this stuff.  I even ate it straight from the jar.  My will power has NEVER been so tested.

Made from All-Natural Roasted Valencia Peanuts, the nutritional facts for each 2 tbsp. serving of these peanut butters varied from 170-180 calories, 13-16g of fat, 2-3.5g saturated, 6-7g protein, and 2g of fiber

Do yourself a favor and check out there online store where you can order your own jar of heavenly peanut butter!  I swear you will NOT regret it.  Just one taste and you’ll be convinced!  Thanks again, Brittany!